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- mental health issues (all Mikey)
- depression
- schizophrenia (small case)
- bullying
- self harm

This was rushed because I needed to get it down because I felt bad


It's getting so close to the end guys I'm crying



{1101 words}
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Rachel walked around the school, having just transferred from Spain to Sydney due to her mother's job being transferred. She had gotten to school a little late and her classes were all over the place, confusing the Spanish girl extremely. It was now lunch and she was sitting in the cafeteria alone, staring at her nails and she saw someone sit across from her, making her look up and her heart fluttered as she saw him. Sadly blonde hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin with some acne scattered about his cheeks and forehead, a smile plastered on his face. "Hi I'm Michael." He beamed and Rachel couldn't help but smile, "H-hi, I'm Rachel." She mumbled and Michael smiled, "I saw you were lonely and thought I'd sit with you." Michael grinned and she blushed, smiling wide. "Thank you, I just moved here from Spain." She grinned, "I can tell by your gorgeous accent." Michael winked, being a cheeky little shit and Rachel blushed, looking down and smiling, but then looking up as she heard a small belch and she saw Michael with his fist to his lips. "Sorry, my dinner made me a little gassy." Michael mumbled and Rachel bit her lip, looking down as she didn't know how to respond to that. He had just met her and he does that? That's rather rude, isn't it? He even started talking about, thankfully the bell rang and Rachel rushed off to her next and last class, tensing up slightly as she saw Michael was in the same class and he smiled widely at her, a smile she had to return back so she didn't seem like a bitch. A couple of girls waved her over and she sat next to them, Michael's smile dropping and he looked down, looking heartbroken. The class was nearing the end and they started talking, "You were sitting with Michael earlier right?" The red haired girl asked and Rachel nodded, "Oh my god, avoid him." She rushed out and Rachel tilted her head. "Why?" She asked, "He's fucked up in the head big time. I heard he has bipolar and the smallest thing will make him go on a rampage like the Hulk!" She whisper-yelled and Rachel froze, "Someone said he was a schizo too!" A brunette commented and Rachel got scared, what if he hurt her if she said something wrong?! She didn't even know what could set him off, it could be anything, even the smallest thing could do it and she was fucking scared that she could say it. The best choice would be to avoid him, right? Rachel was walking home and she looked behind her, gasping slightly as she saw Michael walking as well, looking rather down and she picked up her pace slightly, not wanting to him to catch up. But, she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and she jumped, looking up and seeing Michael. "S-sorry." Michael rushed out and immediately took his hand off, "I just wanted to explain myself a bit." He mumbled and Rachel turned to him, "Explain what?" She asked, "W-well, I don't know what they t-told you, but I just wanna explain a little. I do have schizophrenia and I'm bipolar, but it's mild cases. I don't lash out at people and hurt them, I just get mad easily, and my schizophrenia does get in the way, but I'm okay most of the time. I have a few problems with my digestive system so I burp a lot." He explained and Rachel's expression fell, her heart going out to him. "Oh Michael." She cooed amd put her hand on his shoulder, seeing tears in his eyes. "Can I walk you home sweetie?" She cooed and he blushed, nodding and she intertwined their hands, making him smile widely and she giggled. He was just a kitten filled with sunshine and rainbows, you just had to get to know him and avoid the rumours bitches made about him. "I was wondering if you'd like to eat dinner with me? I'm home alone and could use some company." She asked and Michael looked at her, a little surprised but he nodded, following her inside her house and Rachel noticed he was rather awkward, not knowing what to do and she giggled. "You can sit down and watch TV if you would like, just chill while I order dinner." She smiled and Michael sat down, looking at his hands with a small blush on his cheeks, making Rachel giggle at how innocent he truly looked. Rachel ordered some pizza before going to the living room, sitting next to Michael and he tugged on his sleeves slightly, causing Rachel to worry. "You okay?" She asked and he nodded, but she could see right through him. "Michael, I'm not blind. What's wrong?" Rachel asked and Michael sniffled, tears pooling in his eyes, "School, depression, anxiety, insecurities, lots of things are around but people don't care because I'm just some cutting schizo with bipolar disorder." Michael rushed out and then fully broke down, sobbing hard and Rachel hugged him tight, letting him cry into her shoulder and he hugged back, sobbing hard and shaking. Rachel rocked him slightly and rubbed his back, comforting him and trying to calm him down, it eventually working and he was just laying in her arms, sniffling occasionally and fiddling with his sweater paws. "You're perfect Mikey." She cooed and the doorbell rang, making Rachel get up and get the pizza, bringing it back and Michael eating immediately, making her chuckle and eat as well, turning on the TV whilst they ate and Michael laid his head on her shoulder, the two of them sharing the pizza. After the meal, Michael had bloated a little, Rachel not taking any notice of it as it didn't really matter. Michael curled up in a ball and rested his head on her lap, snuggling up to her and she smiled, tensing up as she heard him burp and Michael bit his lip. "Sorry." He mumbled and she rubbed his arm, "It's okay Mikey, you can't control it." She smiled and he smiled, falling asleep in her lap.

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