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This sucks and it's short, sowwy


Look at this cute dork

I love him so much

Okay but Malum playing a horror game and Michael being a total wuss the entire time was something I have been wanting FOREVER

He probably had a nightmare and needed to cuddle Calum because he was scared

Aaaaaand I just hit myself in the feels


{1,050 words}
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"SING US A SONG ON THE PIANO MAN! SING US A SONG TONIIIIIIGHT!" Michael sang loudly as he danced along with his bandmates, swaying side to side with a beer in his hand, Rachel giggling as she watched her drunk boyfriend from the couch. Michael had thrown a party to celebrate the kickoff of the tour, inviting a few of his friends, even Crystal. Oh, how Rachel despised that bitch. She hated everything about her, although some of her hatred was towards jealousy, she was rather insecure of herself and thought Crystal was amazingly beautiful, making her fear that Michael would leave her for Crystal. Michael fell onto the floor next to Crystal and giggled loudly, laying almost on top of Crystal and Rachel tensed up, mentally screaming at Michael to get the fuck off. Calum and Luke were now sitting by Rachel, telling her sweet things like "She's nothing compared to you" and "Michael doesn't want a bitch like her, he wants a princess like you" and blah blah. "Is Michael's stomach bottomless?" Luke smirked as he watched Michael eat yet another plate of food and Rachel laughed, "Sometimes I swear it is." She giggled and watched him talk to Crystal, trying to ignore the pit of jealously boiling in her stomach. What made her even more jealous was that Michael knew she hated her, yet he still had the damn nerve to invite her over. Rachel felt their dog, Bunny, a teacup poodle, jump onto her lap and snuggle into her, making Rachel smile and pet her. Soon, the party had died down and everyone went home, Michael closed to be passed out on the couch as he held his round tummy. "Mmmmmm." Michael moaned as he pressed his hands into his belly, "I ate too muuuuch." Michael whined and Rachel rolled her eyes slightly, "Well duh." She giggled and he smiled tiredly, thinking she was joking. Michael started burping and Rachel rolled her eyes, not all that thrilled about him letting out his burps and such, it was not the best thing to hear. Rachel kept cleaning up after the party, Michael being lazy and laying on the couch, rubbing his gurgling and groaning belly, burping every other minute and he wasn't even able to say 2 words without belching, it surprising him and disgusting Rachel. "Mmmmmmmm, oooh." Michael moaned as his tummy really had started to bother him, he even had to unbutton his jeans for more comfort. "Raaaach?" Michael dragged out and Rachel didn't even look up, "What Mike?" She asked and he burped quietly, "Can you help me get the.....air out?" He asked, pausing to let out a burp. She laughed a little, "No." She chuckled, still rather mad at him and he frowned, "Okay..." Michael mumbled and turned the other way, rubbing his tummy and belching every so often. Rachel was honestly getting sick of it. "Oh, you want help baby?" She cooed and Michael weakly nodded, "Okay I'll help you." She mumbled and lightly punched his belly, making him groan and burp loudly, "I'll be back." She grumbled and took Bunny for a walk, leaving Michael curled up on the couch in slightly more pain than before. She sat down on a bench near the park, sighing in annoyance as she stared at the night sky. The Spanish girl remembered the day Michael had flown back to Spain from L.A a few days ago, it being the best day ever because they were finally in each other's arms again after too long. He was sadly only staying for a week since the tour was so close, and tommorow would be there last day together before he left for Nagoya. Remembering this, Rachel rushed back home, holding Bunny whilst she did so the poor puppy wouldn't tire herself out with all the running. Rachel got inside and saw Michael walking downstairs into the room, looking rather pale and she jumped into his arms after putting Bunny down, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you, I'm sorry!" She rambled and Michael smiled weakly, hugging her back tightly. "Don't be sorry baby, it's okay." He cooed and kissed her cheek, Rachel now standing on her own. She noticed that he wasn't looking too good as she looked at his pale face, "You okay kitten?" She cooed, "Kinda threw up a bit." He mumbled and Rachel frowned, knowing she most likely caused that and she hugged him tightly. "I don't want you to go." She mumbled, "Well, I actually have a surprise for you." Michael smiled and led her upstairs, Bunny following then and Michael handed Rachel an envelope, which she ripped open, seeing a two plane tickets to Nagoya inside. 'You're coming with us." Michael grinned and she hugged him tightly, crying slightly into his chest. "You're the best fucking boyfriend ever!" She sobbed joyously, "I try." He smirked and giggled, kissing her head.

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