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-liquid inflation

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Michael walked down the street on a cold London night, wrapping his coat around him tighter as he shivered, having just broken up with his boyfriend after he cheated on him, needing to walk off his anger and sadness, or at least attempt to do so. He sat down on a bench outside of a pub, pulling his knees to his chest and sniffling, trying his hardest not to cry over that dickhead and he began shaking from the cold. "Are you okay?" He heard someone ask and he looked up, seeing 3 boys standing infront of him and he studied their features in the dim lights from the pub sign. The tallest one had blonde hair and a black lip ring, having icy blue eyes that Michael could stare at forever. The brunette had chocolate brown eyes and multiple tattoos, and beautiful tan skin that Michael wanted to touch. Finally, the curly haired one had sandy blonde hair, a couple tattoos on his wrists, hazel eyes, and wasn't too tall, but not that short either. Although, something seemed off about the trio to Michael, but he couldn't exactly pin point what. "Not really." He mumbled sadly, "What's wrong?" The blonde asked and Michael sighed, "My boyfriend cheated on me." Michael whimpered and they sat next to him, "I'm so sorry." The brunette cooed and Michael sniffled, looking up and he swear his eyes were yellow for a seecond, but brushed it off. "Oh, shit sorry. I'm Ashton, that's Luke, and that's Calum." The curly haired one giggled and Michael smiled as he pointed to each boy, "Michael." Michael smiled and they started a conversation, although Michael was rather quiet. He couldn't figure it out, but they all seemed off, Luke's teeth kinda pointy like a vampire, Ashton's eyes looked black sometimes, and Calum was just weird in general. Not that it's a bad thing. "You need a place to stay tonight?" Ashton asked, "Um, I'm okay." Michael smiled, "But, didn't you say you need a place?" Luke asked and Michael tensed up, he didn't wanna go home with them. He was honestly scared to do so. "I-I um-" Michael began, then he saw Ashton's eyes turn jet black, making him jump and fall to the floor. "Liar! You're just afraid!" Ashton growled, "H-how d-do-" Michael stammered, terrified. "Demons can read minds idiot." Ashton smirked and Michael gulped, seeing Luke's eyes turn red and fangs appear, and Calum howled as he grew sharper teeth and his eyes became golden. Before he could do anything, Michael was grabbed by Ashton, causing him to screech and close his eyes, then opening them and seeing he was in a bedroom. "They can also teleport." Ashton whispered in his ear and Michael was laid down on the bed, having ropes wrapped around his belly, legs, and wrists to hold him down. His eyes widened as he saw Calum come over with a machine that had a tank filled with vanilla milkshake, "I hope your thirsty." Luke smirked as they strapped a hose around Michael's mouth so he couldn't spit it out and he went wide eyed as the machine turned on, swallowing as fast as possible so the liquid didn't go all over him and the bed. The creamy liquid was sitting heavy in his belly and causing him to bloat quickly, he bloated really easily so he was getting bigger and bigger by the second. It didn't take long for the ropes around his belly to snap from the tension and they were followed by his belt as well as his button, his rounding belly pushing out further as he was forced to keep filling it up. Michael's belly started to ache from how heavy and stretched it was, he glanced at the tank and saw that it was getting close to empty, making him mentally sigh in relief. Michael gulped down the last of the liquid and the hose was removed from his mouth, pants leaving his lips as his ginormous tummy ached terribly. Calum untied him and sat him up, Luke putting his ear to Michael's tummy and hearing it gurgling and groaning, a smirk spreading on his mouth as Michael let out a long whine and the rest of them listened to his belly struggle to digest everything, it groaning, gurgling, and churning. "I don't feel good." He moaned and laid down, holding his aching belly and they sat next to him. "Just get some rest Mikey, you'll feel better." Luke cooed as he played with Michael's hair and Ashton rubbed his poor tummy, the boy soon falling asleep despite his brain trying to tell him not to.

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