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Rachel woke up to a weird feeling in her stomach, making her let out a huff as a small pain hit her. "You okay princess?" Michael asked as he looked at her with worried eyes, making Rachel's heart melt. "Just a stomachache is all." She smiled and Michael hugged her gently, "Do we have to get up?" The blue haired boy whined into her neck, now basically on top of her. "Yes we do because a certain someone has rehearsals." Rachel smirked and Michael groaned, "I wish I could be paid to cuddle with you." He mumbled as he got up, getting changed into a black sweater, jeans, and putting on a snapback, some blue hair peeking out from under it and Rachel got up, changing and then Michael scooped her up, taking her to the car and then both of them driving to rehearsals. During the car ride, Rachel kept having those weird, mild pains in her stomach, not knowing what they were exactly and she was a little worried, but she didn't pay much attention to it. She was sitting on the couch whilst the boys were rehearsing some songs from the set list, she was trying to keep her pain a secret but of course, Michael noticed her discomfort and he walked over, sitting down infront of her and putting his head in her lap. "What's wrong strawberry?" Michael pouted, "Stomach still hurts." She shrugged, "Maybe we should go home if you aren't feeling well." Michael mumbled, "No baby you need to practice." Rachel cooed, "We're about to finish up anyways baby, I don't want you to be here if you feel ill, I want you to rest." Michael cooed and Rachel sighed, "Fine, we'll go home." Rachel mumbled and Michael smiled sympathetically, putting his stuff away and notifying the boys that he was leaving, then he took Rachel to the car and driving her home, Michael took her inside and laid the back of his hand on her forehead, checking her cheeks as well to see if she had a fever. "No fever......I wonder what it is." Michael mumbled and Rachel shrigged, then suddenly letting out this huge burp and Michael stood in shock for a minute whilst she went beet red from embarrassment. The blue haired boy snickered slightly before going into a giggle fit, his head resting on Rachel's shoulder as he giggled uncontrollably, hiccuping for breath every so often. "Michael it's not that funny!" Rachel huffed loudly, "Yes it is!" Michael giggled and then Rachel went upstairs, drowning in a pool of embarrassment and she laid in bed, the pale boy coming in a few minutes later and laying ontop of her, "Sorry for laughing strawberry." Michael mumbled into her neck, moving off her a little so he wasn't putting all his body weight on her. "It was just silly because you never burp." He cooed and kissed her cheek, hugging her gently as she blushed. Michael lightly tickled her sides, making her squeal and giggle, a smile spreading on his face. Michael hugged her tightly, their chests now touching and he blew a raspberry on her neck, making her laugh and he smiled, pressing his face into her boobs and smirking to himself. "Michael, what are you doing?" She asked, "Being silly." He mumbled as he looked up at her, making her roll her eyes. "You're a dork." She giggled and Michael shrugged, "I know." He mumbled and then backed away a bit, muffling a large burp. "Ewwwwww, Mikey." Rachel teased and Michael rolled his eyes, "Oh come on, yours was worse." Michael smirked and Rachel went redder than a cherry, hiding her fave behind her hands. "C'mon, it's not the first time it's happened." Michael mumbled, "WHAT?!" Rachel exclaimed and Michael jumped, "You've burped infront of me before." He smiled and she sat there, her jaw dropped in shock. "I can tell you the times if you want." Michael shrugged and she nodded.
Rachel had been sick the past couple days, Michael taking care of he the best he could, which was just perfect to her. They laid in bed, Michael close to sleeping as he spooned her from behind, his hand on his tummy as he had been rubbing it to help soothe her stomachache, he closed his eyes and pulled her closer, feeling heat radiate off her boiling skin and he frowned slightly, knowing her fever was still blazing. He kissed her cheek and let out a small sigh, about to fall asleep when he heard a quiet belch and he went wide eyed, but giggling to himself a little as Rachel had burped for the first time ever infront of him, and for some reason, he found it fucking hilarious.
This time, poor Mikey had gotten a bad tummy flu, vomiting everything he had consumed and he was hating it. Currently, him and Rachel were cuddling in bed, the ill boy laying almost on top of Rachel whilst she played with his sweaty red hair with one hand and rubbing his bare back with the other, his skin blazing hot from his fever. Michael was letting out small burps, his illness making his belly produce more air bubbles, which meant more burps, but they were small. Michael closed his eyes and took slow breaths, feeling nauseous again and trying to keep anything that was wanting to come up, stay down. He huffed and tried going to sleep, but just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard Rachel let out a belch, making him bit his lip to keep the smile from forming on his face, knowing she had done it once again.
This time, neither of them were sick, it was just a normal day for the couple. Michael was currently taking a shower, singing to himself. He was washing his hair and he heard a rather loud belch, knowing it was Rachel and he quietly laughed for about an hour, finding it funny for some reason that he couldn't figure out for the life of him
"Oh my god......" Rachel mumbled and hid her face in a pillow, "Why are you still with me?" She laughed and he grabbed her, pulling her onto his lap and kissing her gently. "Because I love you." He smiled.

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