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Request by michaelsxhair.

Comment ur favorite food emoji (random af but who caressss)

(kinda) Dominant Luke

They both feed each other, but Michael eats more (cuz he's a piggie lol)

Hopefully this is what you wanted


{820 words}
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Luke came home, seeing his chubby boyfriend in the kitchen and sitting on the counter, shirtless. Michael's belly was forming 3 large rolls and his moobs were resting on the top roll, plus he was eating straight out of a large pizza box, barbecue sauce on his lips and around his mouth. Michael was always a rather messy eater, the blonde boy just found it extremely adorable, the black haired boy usually getting sauce of crumbs all over his chubby face. Luke walked over to Michael and took the empty pizza box off his lap, "Were you hungry?" Luke cooed as he played with his boyfriend's hair, "Is it bad that I still am?" Michael blushed as he sat up more, his bloated belly puffing out onto his lap and Luke patted it, then kissed him and Michael smiled. "Close your eyes and open your mouth." Luke smiled and Michael snickered before doing what he was told, "Perv." Luke chuckled as he went into the grocery bag he bought, pulling out a box of brownies and stuffing one into Michael's mouth, the pale boy immediately eating it and moaning at the taste of the warm pastry. Luke shoved another one in his mouth as soon as swallowed the first one, Michael grabbed one and shoved it in Luke's mouth, "I don't wanna be the only piggie." Michael giggled sith a mouthful of brownie, Luke just rolled his eyes and ate the brownie, getting some milk from the fridge and pouring some into Michael's mouth, seeing his belly get bigger from the food entering it. "I want more." Michael pouted, getting a brownie shoved in his mouth and they were of course followed by the rest of the box and the rest of the gallon of milk, stuffing Michael's belly completely and making it almost reach his knees. "Fuck, Luke now more." Michael groaned, leaning back from the pressure in his tummy and rubbed it, "C'mon Mikey, you can eat more." Luke cooed, "No, I can't, I-I'll throw up or something." Michael groaned, "Please Mikey, for me." Luke pouted, "Nooooooooo." Michael groaned and got off the counter, going to their bedroom and leaving a ticked off Luke in the kitchen. Why couldn't Michael just eat, it's not that hard. Luke sighed and threw the trash away, going into the bedroom and seeing Michael fast asleep with his big belly pointing to the ceiling, it rising and falling as he slept. "Well, aren't you in for a surprise in the morning." Luke smirked as he went into the back of the closet, digging through stuff until he found what he needed. He had bought a pump specifically for air inflation, just waiting for a good time to use it and now was as he wanted to punish Michael for not eating more. Luke set the inflation pump on the table and got out some handcuffs they had used in bed one time, okay several times, and he sat on the couch, waiting for his boyfriend to wake up from his little food coma. About 4 hours later, Luke heard a groan and he got up, seeing Michael now awake and still pretty bloated, "Morning sleepyhead." Luke smiled and Michael smiled back, walking over and yawning a 'morning'. Luke took Michael's hands and sat him on the couch, then cuffing his hands behind his back and Michael gasped, "Luke what the fuck?!" Michael exclaimed, the hose getting put into his mouth and he looked at Luke confused, "This is for not eating what I told you." Luke whispered before beginning to squeeze the pump, forcing air into Michael's belly and seeing it immediately begin to balloon up, Luke missing the obvious discomfort on Michael's face as his tummy was feeling tighter and tighter, only about 30 minutes had gone by and Michael's belly looked like an over inflated beach ball, making Luke pull the hose out. "Fuck." Michael grunted and Luke's face softened, "My belly is so tight, f-fuck it hurts." Michael groaned and Luke uncuffed him, standing him up and Michael leaned into him, letting out a tiny burp. "I'm so sorry Mikey, oh god I'm such an idiot." Luke cooed as he put his hand on Michael's rock hard tummy. "I'm gonna pop." Michael huffed, it ironically hard to breathe with all the air bubbles in his belly. "I'll never do that again Mikey, I'm sorry baby." Luke frowned, "I-its okay." Michael mumbled, burping again and Luke took him to bed, being the big spoon and rubbing his drum tight tummy. "I love you baby." Luke cooed, "I love you more." Michael mumbled before falling asleep, making Luke smile.

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