Separate ways

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

Coke = burps (pic above)

Kinda rude Michael near the end

I have nothing against Harry Styles he is a precious person I was using him as a character

-mentions of self harm


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"MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD GIVE IT BACK!" Rachel screamed as she chased Michael around the cafeteria, the blonde boy holding a bottle of coke she had, refusing to give it to her. Michael stopped and turned around, quickly opening it and chugging it down before it exploded everywhere. "Miiiiiiiikey!" Rachel whined as he gave her the now empty bottle, "What? You asked for it back and I gave it back. You ask, I supply." He smirked and she lightly punched him in the tummy, making him groan and hunch over a bit. "That hurt." Michael pouted as they walked back to the table, "What do you want me to do?" Rachel asked, "Kiss it better." Michael pouted and Rachel pecked his lips, then he muffled a burp with his fist. "Now my tummy hurts." Michael frowned, "You chugged a shaken up soda, I'm not at all surprised." Rachel laughed and he pouted at her, arms wrapped around his puffed out tummy and he burped a few times, "Oooh, ow." Michael groaned. "Mikey, stop overreacting." Rachel smirked and she turned to look at him, her face falling as she saw the pained expression on his face. "Rachel, I'm not fucking kidding." Michael groaned and burped again, Rachel standing up and then standing him up, "Nurse?" She cooed as he hunched over in pain, burping again. "Please." Michael whimpered and she held his hand as she walked him to the nurse's office. "It really hurts Rachel." Michael groaned and the nurse made him sit down on the plastic covered bed, forcing a thermometer in his ear and Michael shuddered, "101.3." The nurse muttered and Michael laid down, his head resting in Rachel's lap. Michael hiccuped and let out a small burp, still clutching his tummy as the nurse called his mother. "It hurts." Michael groaned and burped again, Rachel frowning and playing with his blonde hair. "I'm sorry babe, your mum should be here soon." She cooed and kissed Michael's forehead, helping him sit up and then grab his backpack for him as his mum showed up, kissing his cheek before he shuffled away, burping a few times before he was out of Rachel's earshot. Rachel couldn't help but worry about her boyfriend the rest of the day, worrying even more when he didn't send her a goodnight text with the cute little heart emojis at the end. The next day, Michael walked up to Rachel with a frown on his face, "Oh honey what's wrong?" Rachel cooed, "I-I went to the the doctor yesterday and I have this unknown disorder where sometimes I have a fever, I have bad tummyaches, I get sick, and I can't control my burps." Michael frowned, close to crying as he saw the expression on Rachel's face. "W-wow." Rachel managed and Michael looked down, "How are we gonna keep this relationship going? You know that burps are hard for me to deal with." Rachel frowned and Michael started crying, "I-I-I'm sorry, i-i-its not my f-fault." Michael hiccuped, then hugging Rachel as tight as possible, "I'm sorry for being disgusting." He whispered into her ear before rushing off, locking himself in the janitors closer and refusing to let anyone in, his friends were trying so hard to get him to come out, but he would just sob out a "Go away!" and they had no choice but to wait. Michael finally left the closet at lunch, leaving the campus and Rachel couldn't help but feel guilty, especially since people kept saying Michael was just crying the whole time he walked home. The next month was awful for the 2, Michael was only at school for 4 days out of the 4 weeks, each day his disorder extremely obnoxious and freaking Rachel out to the point she actually cried once, Michael was doing his best to avoid her now because he didn't wanna scare her ever again. Lately, now a month after he told her, Rachel saw Michael wear long sleeves more often, more bracelets, his skin paler, black bags under his sad eyes, she knew exactly what was wrong with him. Whenever the 2 were around one another, Michael's disorder would crazy and she'd always make disgusted remarks and he'd snap at her, acting like they've hated each other since birth, although Michael hated saying what he said to her, just wanting to hold and kiss her again, but now someone else was doing that, this British boy named Harry. Michael despised the boy, just because he was kissing his Rachel and touching his Rachel, the thought of Rachel kissing Harry made him wanna throw up or cry, he didn't know which. Although, Michael had a suspicious feeling about Harry, he noticed Rachel was beginning to eat less, basically throwing half of her lunch away, getting a bit skinnier lately and Michael feared that she was becoming anorexic or something, but he had a feeling Harry was to blame for this and he was not wrong one little bit. Harry was making Rachel eat a lot less, so she could be skinny and perfect instead of fat and ugly, he'd always add something about him and brag about how lucky she is to have him, Rachel not wanting to upset him so she did what she was told. It was lunch time, Michael sat in the corner of the room and was kinda watching Rachel and Harry talking. Okay he was basically staring but he didn't care, wanting to see if Rachel was gonna be alright. Harry decided to open his big mouth and Michael almost punched the boy in the faceface as he spoke, "YOU'RE FATASS IS LUCKY TO HAVE ME! I AM FUCKING PERFECT AND YOU KNOW IT YOU STUPID BITCH, SO DON'T GO AROUND SAYING THAT YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME BECAUSE I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Harry snapped and before Michael could go over ad punch the guy, Rachel snapped. "FUCK YOU HARRY! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE I'VE EVER FUCKING MET AND YOU DON'T DESERVE ANYONE! I'D RATHER DIE THAT CONTINUE THIS RELATIONSHIP! WE'RE FUCKING OVER!" Rachel screamed and then ran off crying, Michael not hesitating to follow her and found her in the janitors closet. He went inside and hugged her as tight as possible, super relieved when she hugged him back. "I'm sorry that my burping is crazy but I love and just keep hugging me." Michael rushed out and Rachel didn't argue, not wanting to let go of the sweater clad boy. Michael pulled away and wiped Rachel's tears, the smaller hands grabbing onto his arms gently because she knew there was cuts on his pale skin. "I'm sorry for being a bitch before, but please go out with me again. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't loose you again." She begged and Michael kissed her, pulling away and burping a bit. Rachel rolled up his sleeves slowly and saw the dozens of fairly new scars, "I'm sorry." Michael frowned and she kissed his scarred skin, then kissing him as she pulled his sleeves back down. "I still love you." She smiled and he smiled wide, never wanting to leave her again.

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