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Okay, I was watching the interview from the gif above ^^^^

And they were talking about the RS cover and the lady was like "You look great naked" and I was like "Well duh, my baby boy got the cutest chubs!"

Well, then Michael was like "We were told we were gonna be naked on the cover and I was like 'Oh okay', then I looked down and I was kinda like...."

And he fucking cupped or grabbed or pushed in or whatever the fuck he did to his tummy in this insecure way and the only thing I could think was

"If you do that again, I will have to pound on you sir"

Idk if he was like 'Oh god I'm huge' and pushing it in

Or doing that motion to show how fat he felt



So yeah

I'm sorry, this is long over due

I might be ending this book soon, too much stress from them I guess. Idk what it is, I'm just loosing motivation for my WG oneshots all of the sudden. I'm not saying it's a for sure thing, I'll probably continue it until it's completed, but idk rn.


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"Michael5sos: oh yeah I cut a lot of my hair off you'll see it tomorrow lol"

"Michael5sos: n it's blue"

When Rachel read those tweets, you bet your ass she went straight to her contacts and called her boyfriend. "Hey ba-" Michael began, cut off by the Spanish girl. "What do you mean we'll see tommorow?!" She snapped and Michael chuckled dryly, "It means what I said babe, I'll show you my hair tommorow." Michael smirked and Rachel whined, "Buuuuut, I wanna see it nowwwww!" She groaned and Michael rolled his eyes ate her although she couldn't see it, but of course smiling because his girlfriend was a dork. "I'm your girlfriend, you can show meeeee." She whined, "You'll be the first one to see it, I promise." Michael grinned, "Besides, I may or may not have found a flight home." The pale boy mumbled and she froze, "YOU DID WHAT?!" She screamed and Michael flicnhed from the sudden shouting, "First of all, ow my ear. Secondly, I'm on the plane as we speak." The 20 year old smiled, "Mikey, I'm shaking!" Rachel beamed, "Princess, breatheee." He giggled, "YOU'RE FUCKING COMING HOME! I CAN'T FUCKING BREATHE!" She screamed and he flicnhed again, "Stop screaming, it hurts my ear!" Michael laughed. "And if you don't breathe, you die, so you have to be breathing." He smirked, "You fucking smart ass." She snickered and he chuckled, "Well, I should go before I get motion sick from the phone, I'll see you in a few hours muffin."  He grinned, "Later waffle." She smiled and put her phone down, letting out a sigh as she rested her heavy head on her pillow, falling asleep in seconds as she was too tired to keep her eyes open any longer. When she woke up, she felt fingers running through her hair and she opened her eyes, seeing her tattooed boyfriend wearing the NBS beanie to cover his hair and standing over her with a wide smile, this caused her to jump up and tackle him in a koala hug, making him let out a small "oof" from the impact. "I missed you so much!" She beamed and he smiled wide, hugging her tightly and kissing her all over. "I missed you more." Michael smirked and she pulled away slightly, "Let me seeeee." She giggled and began pulling off the black beanie with her eyes closed, opening them when she pulled the beanie off and she gawked, sliding out of his arms and now standing on the ground. His hair was cut above his ear with small side burns and a longer fringe, it was a turquoise green-ish color on top and a dark blue on the sides. "You like it?" Michael grinned, "No, I don't." Rachel mumbled and those words hit Michael like a truck, "You-you don't like it?" He stammered, "No, you changed so fucking much."  She mumbled and Michael swallowed thickly, burping a tiny bit and she mentally rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming. "I just changed my hair, I thought you'd like it." He tried, "You changed your hair, that's the point!" She retorted and Michael bit his lip, "It's just my hair babe and I thought you liked the blue colors."  He smiled, "It's too fucking diffrent!" She snapped and Michael burped loudly, covering his mouth and frowning, seeing small tears run down her cheeks. "It's my hair, sorry." Michael shrugged and left the room, his heart aching as he laid on the couch, not wanting to have come home to that. Rachel acted childish and rather rude to Michael the rest of the day, not being able to take her eyes off his hair though when they were in the same room. She didn't like it, yet she did, she was fucking confused at this point. She was just surprised to see it that diffrent, she didn't know how to feel, letting her emotions get the best of her and piss Michael off. He was burping often amd she knew it was from nerves, knowing she caused him to be sad, amgry, and frightened all at once. She was sat down on the couch next to him, both of them staring at each other and not bothering to speak up, not even looking away from one another for a split second. Suddenly, Rachel lunged forward and tackled Michael on a hug, making him grunt and giggle as he hugged him tight. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." She mumbled and reached up to play with his short hair, "You actually look really handsome." She grinned and Michael kissed her softly, smiling wide. Michael pulled away and muffled a burp, "Ewwww." Rachel teased and Michael giggled, kissing her nose and he went to kiss her, but she moved away. "Don't kiss me with your burp breath." She mumbled and he immediately got up, going upstairs without another word and Rachel put her face in her hands, feeling so bad for making him feel like he was now. She sighed and slept on the couch that night, waking up before Michael and making the blue haired boy breakfast, then going upstairs and seeing Michael just begin to wake up. "Hey, what's all this?" He grinned as he sat up and saw the breakfast tray being placed infront of him. "Me trying to apoligize for acting like a 5 year old." Rachel mumbled and Michael pulled her in for a kiss, smiling when their lips connected and he pulled away. "You're too precious." He giggled and she sat next to him, kissing his cheek and snuggling into him. "I love you." Michael mumbled, "Love you too."

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