Greek Gods

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.


Rebellious 5sos in the beginning

-alchol (basically wine tho)

I googled the names fyi so I'm pretty sure they are correct

Mikey- Dionysis, god of wine and feasting

Ashton- Zeus, god of the skies

Calum- Hades, god of the Underworld

Luke- Poseidon, god of the seas

Harry- Ares, god of war

Niall- Apollo, god of music

Louis- Helios, god of the sun

Zayn- Hermes, messenger of the gods

Liam- Selene, goddess of the moon

Pretend Mikey is drinking wine okay? Okay

I made them younger fyi, but it's not exactly fetus


{1617 words}
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Michael was sitting on the couch in the tiny apartment, leaning against Calum as he drank straight from a wine bottle, the red alchol burning his throat in a good way, Ashton and Luke drinking wine from bottles as well. The 4 boys were not all that matured for their age, the oldest being Ashton at 19 and the youngest being Michael at 16, they had dropped out of school last year and had all moved into Michael's apartment, his parents had left him to live on his own and he honestly didn't care, they showed no love to him anyways. They drank quite a lot and were care free, basically just a group of rebellious teens, they thought they weren't gonna get anywhere and that's what it looked like for them, but were they ever so wrong. Billions of feet above them, above the clouds and sitting on thrones, staring into a globe, stood the Greek gods, watching the 4. "You can't possibly be thinking they are fit to be the new gods." Louis scoffed, "They are basically alcholics for fucksake!" He exclaimed and Niall stood up from his throne, "Once they get here, of course drinking wine like they are but not nearly as much." Niall interjected, the 5 watching as Michael left the room and came back with his arms full of food. "He's a perfect Dionysis! Look how much he eats!" Liam beamed and Louis sighed at his mates, "If you say they are fit for the job, then fine. But, if they fuck up, don't come complaining to me!" Louis scolded and they all nodded, Zayn quickly leaving and going to the boy's in disguise as an ordinary civilian. Meanwhile, Michael chugged the last of the wine in the bottle, putting it down and he hiccuped, putting his hand on his tummy. "W-woah." Michael mumbled, "You okay mate?" Calum asked and the pale boy shook his head, then jumping up and dashing to the bathroom, slamming the door behind him and throwing up everything he had eaten that day, making the clear toilet water turning a gross red-ish color. "Mike, can we come in?" Calum asked, "No, I'm a mess." Michael groaned out, then puking again and his mates didn't obey his orders, opening the door and going by him, rubbing his back and holding the long fringe he had back, "Wine and cookies don't stay down well." Michael moaned, holding his tummy and resting his head on the toilet, "You really can't handle your liquor can you?" Ashton tutted, "Yes I fucking can-oh fuck." Michael snapped, stopping to vomit once again and they heard a knock on the door, Luke leaving to get the door and he opened it, seeing a boy with black hair and stubble. "Are Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood here?" The boy asked, "I am Luke Hemmings, Ashton and Calum are with Michael who is.....a little sick right now. He can't keep liquor down too well." Luke smiled, "I'm Zayn and I'm here to take you to Olympus." He smiled and Luke chuckled, "Okay man, whatever you say." Luke mumbled and the 3 others walked in, Michael looking rather pale but fine. "Follow me." Zayn stated and they followed him outside, the boys being blinded by this white light and screwing their eyes shut, opening them again and seeing they were in the clouds, surrounded by 4 men sitting on thrones and seeing 4 more empty ones. One of the empty thrones was made of dark onix instead of gold, another made out of food instead of a metal. "Wh-where are we?" Michael stammered, "Olympus." Harry stated, Zayn stepped forward and handed each boy a small cylinder, then they started glowing white and the 4 teens shut their eyes, feeling themselves change infront of the gods' eyes. They opened their eyes and noticed their changes, Michael had a pudgier frame and a white robe on, Calum's hair was longer and his robe was black, Luke had a blue robe and a short beard, Ashton was wearing a white robe like Michael and had a medium length white beard, all of the more muscular aside from Mikey. The 5 older men bowed down infront of Ashton as a lightning bolt appeared in his hand, "Ashton, now god of the skies." Niall stated. "Calum, now god of the Underworld." Harry stated, "Luke, now god of the seas." Liam stated, "Michael, now god of wine and feasting." Louis stated, "Is that why I'm fat and they all have muscles?" Michael asked, "Precisely." Liam nodded and Michael sighed. "Calum, I am sad to say this, but since you are the ruler of the Underworld, you must remain there unless brought up to Olympus for a meeting among the gods and goddesses." Harry mumbled and Calum frowned, "But before he goes, we can have a feast to celebrate our new gods." Liam smiled and Michael's face lit up, "But, we must discuss some rules before we do so." Louis scolded, a little rough with the younger gods as he still didn't think they fit the job. "Okay." Michael mumbled and they sat down on their thrones, the 4 teens listening to them go on and on about rules of being a god, Michael getting hungrier and hungrier by the second, he was rubbing his belly as it gurgled quietly in hungry, he noticed that no one seemed to be paying attention to him and he quietly slid of his throne, quietly rushing out of the room and going into the dining hall, seeing the long table filled with food and he almost fainted at the glorious sight, rushing over to the table and devouring the mouth watering meal, getting food all over his face as he stuffed his belly but he didn't care, just eating everything in sight because he wasn't able to stop. Meanwhile, the 7 others were in a deep conversation, Calum having asked about his powers as god and being told them, "Wait, where's Michael?" Louis chimed in and they all stopped talking, then rushing to the dining hall and seeing the long table covered with now dirty dishes, all the food gone, and a very stuffed Michael laying on the floor, his gargantuan belly pointing towards the ceiling and blocking them from seeing his face. "Did you eat everything?" Liam asked as he stood over Michael, the pale boy nodded with his eyes closed and put his hands on his gut, rubbing it through the tight robe and Liam stood him up, the younger boy leaning on him for support. "And that is why he's the god of feasting." Calum smirked and Liam helped Michael out of the room, "I'm stuffed." Michael groaned as Liam laid him down on a large bed in the Olympus palace, "Just get some sleep Mikey. It'll help." Liam cooed and Michael fell asleep, Liam leaving the room and seeing Louis looking beyond pissed. "HE'S A PIG!" Louis shouted, "Shut it Lou." Liam shot back at his brother, the other gods leaving the room for the siblings to have some privacy. "He ate an entire feast to himself!" Louis exclaimed, "Stop screaming." Liam snapped and Louis huffed, "He needs to learn Liam." Louis mumbled, "He will, trust me." Liam smiled. After about 2 years of the teens being gods, Michael had grown out a lot, his weight going from 210 to 1,000 over the time period, not able to move and having to sit in his throne 24/7. Louis had arranged a meeting about the heavy boy's weight, not wanting to tolerate it and they were all sitting at their thrones, Michael sitting up the best he could and rubbing his bulging belly with his chubby hands. "Michael, your weight has increased drastically in these past 2 years." Ashton began, "Yes, I'm aware of this." Michael smiled and proudly patted is gut, "Well, we are just concerned for you. Aren't you malls ware little embarrassed about how big you are?" Liam cooed, "No, I'm not. I'm the god of feasting and I feel like I should be this size." Michael shrugged, "You can't move!" Louis snapped and Michael waved his arms around a bit, "There, I just moved. I'm fine this way and you aren't gonna make me loose the weight I worked hard to gain." Michael retorted and slumped in his throne, the others giving up on arguing. Liam walked over to Michael and stood him up, guiding him to a door and Michael was really out of breath by the time they got there, "I had some little helpers make this room for you." Liam smiled and opened the door, Michael gasping as he saw the room fit for him. Food everywhere, an XL king sized bed for him, and anything he needed was in the room. Liam sat him on the bed and Michael Liam tight, "Thank you so much, oh my gods you are the best." Michael smiled, "You're welcome Mikey." Liam smiled and kissed his head.

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