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The boys of 5sos had decided to take a part time job as cops recently, well it was their first day and they were super excited, especially Michael. The black haired boy was ecstatic about pigging out on donuts and coffee when he wasn't chasing criminals. "I can't wait to try this on!" Michael exclaimed as he picked up a cop uniform with a badge on it that had "Officer Clifford" on it. They all changed into them and when Mikey came out of the bathroom, the others noticed his uniform was a little tight around his midsection. Michael wasn't the fittest guy out there, he was at a healthy 180 pounds and had pudge here and there, mostly on his tummy. Michael's belly was sticking out over the belt a bit and the buttons were straining a bit from his belly, "How do I look?" He smirked and his bandmates laughed, "Kinda flabby." Ashton laughed and Michael blushed, "It is a bit snug." Michael mumbled as he poked his belly, "A bit?" Calum smirked, "Shut up." He mumbled, "Hey you asked and we gave you an honest opinion on this gut." Ashton smirked and tickled Michael's pudgy tummy, making him burst out laughing as the black haired boy was really ticklish. Michael turned away and wrapped his arms around his waist, "Let's just go eat some donuts." He chuckled, "Okay officer." Luke smirked and Michael flipped him off, sitting down at the desk they had given him and he put his feet up, leaning back in his chair and eating a cream donut from the box on the desk, getting crumbs all over him. Michael just kept shoving donuts in his mouth and washing the pastries down with coffee, this making his tummy bloat up. "Michael, you've eaten 3 boxes." Ashton mumbled as he took a glazed donut out of Michael's hand just as he was about to eat it, "That's enough." He smiled, "Ash, just one more." Michael whined and pouted at his older bandmate, "You said that a donut box ago." Luke laughed and Michael frowned, "But I want my donut." Michael pouted and crossed his arms over his chest like a child. "First of all, you're 19 not 2, second, I think there is enough donuts for 3 families in your belly right now." Calum smirked and poked Michael's soccer ball shaped belly, making Michael blush and wrap his arms around his waist. "I didn't have that many." He mumbled as he stood up, "You like you're 6 months pregnant Mike." Luke laughed, "Fuck off." Michael mumbled as they walked out to their car, getting in and Mikey realized eating all those donuts might not have been the greatest idea ever, but it was worth it to him. As they continued their jobs, Michael continued pigging out on cream and jelly filled donuts, as well as coffee to wash them down, they didn't get many crimes considering they were "newbies" at this, so Michael had a lot more time then he should to be eating donuts, all the doughy cream filled pastries making him pack on the pounds. They only had this job for about 2 weeks and Michael already had a flabby belly, huge love handles, chipmunk cheeks, thick thighs, double chin, bubble butt, chubby hands, mini moobs and all of these were visible in his too tight uniform, it was tight from when he was 180 and now he was at around 400, the buttons looked like they were gonna pop if you breathed on them. Nonetheless, he still ate them, even though he really needs to stop if he wants to keep both of his jobs, chasing criminals and jumping around onstage isn't exactly easy when you're over 400 pounds. Michael was sitting at his desk, a gallon of coffee next to him and he was munching on donuts, having eaten about 5 dozen so far, the buttons were creaking and struggling to stay together. Michael swallowed the last donut in the box and that's when the buttons gave up, popping off and exposing his round belly, "Oops." He chuckled, his exposed pale tummy making him blush a little and he sat up, his belly hidden under the desk, but he grabbed yet another donut. "Michael, you seriously should stop." Ashton sighed, "You're not my mother." He shot back and ate his donuts happily, chugging the coffee down when he was done with his 6th box. Michael got up and went into the bathroom, coming back out in a larger size uniform where the buttons could actually stay closed, of course the size was XL. "Boys, we've got a guy for you." The captain of the presinct stated as he put a file down on Ashton's desk, Michael picked it up and looked through it, seeing a mugshot of of a blonde boy with icy blue eyes. "Niall Horan, arrested for robbery, accused of murder, and assault." Michael read and his eyes went wide, "He's a tough one, but he is known for robbing high end jewelry stores and stuff, but lately he's been stealing donuts from bakeries." The captain declared, "Are you sure Mikey isn't behind that?" Calum smirked and Michael flicked his nose before reading more into the boy. He was a little older than the black haired boy, only 23 years old at that, he was kinda pale, like Luke's skin tone, he was an average height, but Michael noticed something specific, that this boy was smirking evilly in every mugshot of him, either that or showing off his tongue. "He knows how to pose for a picture." Michael scoffed, "He's just a rebellious jerk-off what can I say?" Ashton shrugged and Michael chuckled, "Where was he last seen?" Calum asked, "The bakery on 5th street." Michael nodded at the captain's words, "Let's go!" Luke exclaimed and they all rushed to the car, Michael of course slower than the others. They drove to the bakery just in time to see Niall exit the building with a huge paper bag filled with donuts, the four boy's jumped out of the car and ran after him, well Mikey didn't get to so far before he lost his breath and sat down on some cement steps, panting and sweating. Suddenly, a cloth was put over his eyes and mouth, causing him to be unable to see or speak, then he felt himself get handcuffed and he froze, then was pushed into a car and he was driven somewhere. When the clothes were taken off, he saw his was in an apartment, handcuffed to a chair and he was now shirtless, gut firmly resting on his lap and it honestly looked like a ball of dough. Michael then noticed the room was filled with boxes and boxes of donuts, "Getting so fat that you can't even chase and free criminals anymore, what a pity?" He heard someone say, a thick Irish accident. Then, Michael saw Niall step infront of him, the smuggest look on his face, "You have the right to remain silent Horan." Michael growled and then a cream filled donut was shoved in his mouth, of course he ate it out of habit. "Silent my ass fatty." Niall scoffed, "It's Officer Clifford to you! And I'm not fat!" Michael snapped, "No you're fat, you just can't resist these delicious donuts can you?" Niall smirked and shoved another donut in Michael's mouth, the pale boy eating it as he felt he had no other choice. Niall shook Michel gut, "You're already a whale, but....let's fatten you up more shall we?" He chuckled and Michael rapidly shook his head, but another doughy pastry was shoved in his mouth as he was being force fed by the criminal. "Since you like these so much, why don't you eat them all huh? You don't have a choice though, you're gonna eat whatever I shoved in that fat face of yours." Niall scolded and Michael gulped, getting nervous. Donut after donut made its way into Michael's gut, coffee keeping his mouth from becoming dry, but it caused his belly to grow out fast. More donuts then Michael could count were being put into his mouth, but he couldn't fight it, he was handcuffed to a chair that he had a feeling was gonna give out soon to his massive weight, he was beginning to look like a sphere. Michael struggled to swallow the last donut and he let out a massive burp, then coffee being poured down his throat before the chair fell out from beneath him, the sphere bodied boy now lying on the floor, groaning from how stuffed his gut was. The door burst open and Michael's mate stood in the door way, Luke began arresting Niall and Michael smirked, "Caught red-handed." Michael smirked, then groaned from how full he was and Ashton freed him from the handcuffs. "You alright man?" He asked, "Do I look like I'm alright?" Michael huffed, "I can't fucking move." Ashton rolled Michael to the car and when they tried getting him inside, boy was that a struggle, he got stuck in the door frame. "Suck in it Mikey." Ashton instructed, "I can't!" Michael snapped and then they finally pushed him inside, a loud groan coming from him. Calum took out a walkie talkie am turned it on, "Officer down, I repeat officer down." He mumbled into it. "I don't feel too good." Michael groaned and rubbed his torso, his mates took him to the hospital and they received strange but bad news. Michael was laid on a hospital table, well actually 2 since his sphere body was too large for just one, a doctor was looking at a screen that showed a blurry black picture. "He's overdosed on donuts." She declared and Michael looked at her strangely, "Which means?" Calum asked. "He has to eat healthy for a week because he's had far too many donuts than any human being should consume in a lifetime, let alone 5 hours. If he doesn't, he'll be addicted to them for the rest of his life." She explained and Michael groaned, "But....I can't quit donuts!" He exclaimed and tried to get up and waddle away, but his mates laid him back down. "You can and you will." Ashton scolded and Michael groaned, "Fine." He grumbled. Michael did what the doctor told him to do and after a week, his body was back to normal from when he first got the job, well he had 10 extra pounds but he didn't mind, he liked the extra pudge on him. They did eventually quit because it was hard to do the band and be a cop at the same time and they were staying as far away from Niall as possible, not wanting to go through that again.

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