Big red dog

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For I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, Hybrid Puppy Mikey, Hybrid Puppy Niall. Michael is like 5'2 in this story btw. Warning! Mikey cries a few times!
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Michael wasn't an ordinary hybrid, well, hybrids aren't ordinary anyway but Mikey was diffrent. He had a red tail and red puppy ears to match his bright red hair, he was unique and his owners loved that about him, Luke, Calum, and Ashton. The hybrid was rather chubby, a little pudgy tummy, meaty thighs, small double chin, bubble butt, chipmunk cheeks, and squishy love handles that spilled over his jeans. He obtained this from his owners over feeding him a lot, him begging for food at the dinner table, and he was bit lazy, but he did enjoy the occasional walk or visit to the hybrid park. Today was one of those days where Michael was bored of being inside, the hybrid laying on the white carpet-covered floor at Ashton's feet, his red tail swaying behind him, Michael sat up and put his chin and hands on Ashton's knees, whimpering and whining. "You wanna go for a walk buddy?" He asked and Michael rapidly nodded, "Mikey wanna walk!" He exclaimed, his grammar not the best it could be. "Let's get you into something more cozy." Ashton cooed and lifted Michael up, knowing he the red haired boy liked to be carried. Ashton helped Michael change into jeans, a flannel, combat boots, and a black coat as it was December and it may rain. "Hurries Mikey's owner hurries!" Michael whined as he sat by the door, his tail wagging with excitement. The boy hadn't learned to call his owners by their real names, he just called them his owners, or humans if he was really pissed off at them. Luke and Calum were out buying more food for their little puppy, so he was with Ashton alone and of course it may have been weird to some to see a boy with blood red hair, dog ears and tail to match, walking on all four down the road with a dirty blonde haired boy with fringe, but the two didn't care, they were happy. Ashton giggled as he saw Michael chase after a butterfly, barking at the flying bug and then suddenly Michael stopped and his ears perked up as heard whimpering and whining. He darted down and alleyway and followed the noise, his heart shattering as he saw a blonde hybrid in a tattered box, shaking terribly. Michael crawled over to him and whimpered, getting the hybrid's attention and he whined. Michael took off his coat and wrapped it around the shaking puppy, howling for Ashton as he cuddled him. Ashton ran down the alleyway and knelt down infront of Michael, "He's a hybrid like you Mikey." He cooed, "Puppy scared." Michael whimpered and held the boy close, scratching his ears. "He's too skinny, the poor thing must be starving." Ashton frowned, "Take puppy home?" Michael asked, his hair flattened to his head from the rain, "He's gonna need a name." Ashton chuckled, "Niall." Michael smiled and gave him a tight hug. "Let's get him some food." Ashton cooed and picked Niall up, carrying him to the house as Mikey walked alongside him. "Awww, who's this little guy?" Calum cooed as they entered the house, "Puppy name is Niall, him is Mikey new friend!" Michael exclaimed, "Niall needs food." Ashton commented. "I'll get dinner started." Luke smiled and Michael made grabby hands to Niall, "Cuddle with Mikey?" He asked and Niall nodded, being placed on the floor and Michael took him infront of the fireplace, cuddling him so he could get warm. "H-humans m-mean?" Niall asked as Michael took off the wet coat and put a fluffy towel around him. "No! Humans are Mikey's owners, they really nice to Mikey and they nice to Niall too!" Michael exclaimed, "Niall's o-owner h-hurt Niall lots." Niall mumbled and Michael's heart shattered, "Mean human h-hit Niall with b-belt and he t-took off his belt, then he h-hurt Niall's bum." He finished and Michael was in tears at the hybrid's words. "No mean human hurt Niall no more. Mikey protect Niall." Michael sniffled and hugged Niall really tight, "Niall is Mikey friend." Michael smiled. Luke called them in for dinner and Michael rushed in with Niall right behind him, they got huge bowls full of pasta and they dug in immediately, Niall practically inhaling his food and kept asking for more. Michael didn't eat too much, leaving more for Niall as he knew his was hungry but the red haired boy still ate a decent amount, his tummy puffing out a bit. Niall was stuffed as he laid on the floor, big bellied and burping, Mikey giggled but then his smile soon disappeared as his owners paid all their attention to Niall, giving him all of their cuddles and love, leaving Michael alone. Michael frowned and whimpered, trying to get there attention because he wanted his tummy rubbed too, it was one of his favorite things, but his owners ignored him. Michael crawled away and left the house, "Owners no love Mikey no more." He cried as he crawled around, getting soaked from the rain and some people kicked him around, calling him a freak because he had ears and a tail, this only causing more tears to fall down his face. Michael went onto some random porch, trying to hide from the rain as curled up on someone's doorstep, shivering and soaking wet. The door opened and a boy who looked like he was in his early 20's bent down next to Michael, "Let's get you inside the house little guy." He cooed and Michael whimpered as he was carried inside a house, then laid down on the floor by the fireplace and the boy took Michael's soaked flannel and jeans off, leaving him in just pink boxers and he dried him off with a fluffy towel, putting him in a large hoodie that went past his knees. Michael saw 2 other puppy hybrids walk into the room, one with curly brown hair and the other with brown hair that reminded him of Calum, making him frown. "New friend?" The curly haired one smiled and the boy nodded, Michael was suddenly tackled to the ground in a hug and was being licked, making him giggle like mad. "Harry and Louis new friend!" He beamed, Mikey guessed he was Harry and the other hybrid was Louis. "What is red puppy name?" Harry asked, "Mikey." The red haired boy smiled, "Mikey love it here, Liam take care of Louis and Harry! He take care of Mikey too!" Louis smiled and Michael smiled wide, fiddling with his sweater paws and Liam came over with some mashed potatoes and gravy for him, which Michael gladly excepted as he was actually quite hungry. Michael went to sleep that night with a full tummy and cuddled up to Harry and Louis infront of the fireplace. After a month, Mikey's owners were still oblivious to his disappearance, but Michael was happy now, Liam fed him loads of food every day and he always went to bed with a stuffed belly, of course Michael had gained more weight. His belly was rounder and really soft, which Liam rubbed a lot because it made Michael really happy, his love handles tripled in size, his bum was plumper, his thighs were thicker, and his cheeks were much rounder. Liam had put up "Found puppy hybrid" posters with a picture of Michael on them weeks ago, but he hadn't gotten any calls yet and assumed his owners had forgotten about him. Michael was fast asleep on Harry's lap, his belly being rubbed as he slept, the phone rang and Liam picked it up. "Do you have our puppy?" Calum asked, "Red ears, red tail, red hair, kinda chubby?" Liam asked, "Yes! That's him!" He beamed, "Well, I wouldn't come over, he's upset at you for forgetting about him and he's moved on, sorry mate." Liam explained and then hung up, "Liam! Mikey's hungry!" Louis called and Liam came over with a bag of Mikey's favorite treats, feeding some to him and Michael thanked him with a little lick on the cheek. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Liam opened it, 3 boys stood there and Michael almost cried when he saw them, remembering they forgot him. "We're Mikey's owner." Ashton mumbled, "Humans not Mikey's owners, he Mikey owner." Michael Shor back and pointed to Liam, "He love Mikey and don't forget about him." Michael sniffled as he held back tears. "Mikey, sweetie-" Luke began, "Don't call Mikey sweetie, he not your sweetie!" Michael growled. The 3 boys walked in and Harry and Louis growled at them, "Humans forgot Mikey." He cried and clung to Harry, "Mikey, we're really really sorry. We didn't mean it, we love you." Calum cooed, "Human lie." Michael sniffled and then Ashton offered him some of his treats, "Will you come back?" He asked and Michael tried to not eat them, but his tummy won the fight and he grabbed the treats, gobbling them up. "Will you come back Mikey?" Calum asked, "Niall misses you." Luke frowned, "Niall miss Mikey?" Michael asked and they nodded, "Mikey go see him! Mikey go cuddle him!" Michael exclaimed as he jumped up, his belly jiggling violently. They took Mikey home and he saw Niall by the fireplace, cuddling the jacket Mikey wore that day he left. Michael ran over to him and jumped onto him, tackling him to the floor and licking his face, making Niall laugh. "Mikey miss Niall too!" Michael exclaimed and hugged him, Niall hugging back. "Mikey got squishy!" Niall giggled and poked his belly, making Michael giggle. "You hungry Mikey?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, rubbing his belly and Niall held him close, licking him back. Ashton came in with a big bowl of pasta and Michael crawled over to him, eating what he was fed, which was a lot. They stuffed Mikey with pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, and Michael's favorite cheesecake and when they were done, Michael was stuffed past his limit. He was full after the pizza but they kept feeding him and feeding him, making his belly drum tight and have a dull ache, Niall cuddled with Mikey and rubbed his stuffed tummy for him, "Mikey love Niall?" He asked, "To the moon and back." Mikey smiled.

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