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It was pretty obvious Michael gained weight, he had let himself go after he started dating Luke and it showed. His belly was round like a basketball, his thighs were thicker, his butt was plump, he had a small double chin, his love handles were squishy, and he had small moobs. Michael wasn't insecure about most of it, except for his moobs, he hated them so much, but his boyfriend thought otherwise, Luke thought they were the hottest thing he had ever seen (besides Michael face of course). Michael was in the kitchen, eating some chocolate cake that Luke had gotten him from the store, he felt Luke wrap his arms around him and then run his all over his torso, feelings his soft edges and pinching the little rolls, then Luke squeezes Michael's moobs, making him blush. "These are so squishy." Luke mumbled and kissed Michael's cheek, Michael just eats his cake silently and blushes like mad, Luke pecks his frosting covered lips and walks away. Michael put his empty dish in the sink and went upstairs, taking off his shirt and examining his reflection. He ran a hand over his big belly, groping it and then pinching his love handles, then he looked at his chest, frowning at his little moobs. He was in his own little self hating world and didn't even notice the blonde boy walk in, then feeling Luke hug him from behind and kissed his cheek. "What's wrong kitten?" He cooed, "Boys aren't supposed to have boobs." Michael frowned, Luke sighed and turned him around. "Michael, it doesn't matter if you have moobs." Luke mumbled, "It matters to me." Michael mumbled sadly and Luke hugged him. "Everything about you is perfect, you're soft edges and folds that I love to run my hand over." Luke ran his hand over Michael's side, "Your round belly that I love to rub." He rubbed Michael's belly, "Your plump ass that I love to squeeze." Luke squeezed Michael's bum and Michael blushed. Luke pulled away and stroked Michael's fuller cheek, "I love your round cheeks that I love to kiss." Luke pecked his cheek, "I love your little moobs, they're really hot and I love to pinch them." Luke pinched his moobs, "And overall, I love you." Luke finished and pecked Michael's plump pink lips, "I love you too." Michael smiled.

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