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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Mike-matter Pt.3!!!!!!!

The pic is supposed to look like a comic book okay!

{1762 words}
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"Mike! Get the fuck off me!" Luke laughed as Michael laid on top of him, his pizza filled belly squishing against Luke's back, "Nope, I'm comfy." Michael smiled, "You're gonna kill me." Luke grunted, "Hey, I know I'm heavy, but I'm not that heavy." Michael pouted and got off him, laying on the floor and swallowed a piece of pizza whole. "You already have a beach ball gut, how can you eat more?" Calum asked, "Okay, are you forgetting the reason I fight crime?" Michael laughed and tried getting another slice, "I can't reach it." He pouted, "Calum, can I have some help." He gave Calum a puppy face and Calum stretched his arm, putting the last piece in his mouth. Whilst this was all going on, Louis was watching them from a secret camera he had put inside the house, "HE'S NEVER FULL!" Louis cursed as he kicked a wall, "Boss, calm down. You've stuffed him past his limit before." Niall shrugged, "I've only stretched his gut more." Louis huffed and sat down in his arm chair, "I need to beat him once and for all!" Louis cursed and they looked at the screen, seeing all 4 boys now looking into the camera directly before they all flipped them off and Ashton crushed it with his hand. Louis sighed and rested his head on the table, "How are we gonna defeat him?" Louis huffed, "Kill him?" Liam suggested. "What?! No!" Niall exclaimed, "Then how? Let's hear your brilliant plan." Liam shot back, "It's simple, you make him come to the dark side." Niall smirked. "That's brilliant!" Louis exclaimed, "But how do we do it?" He thought, "I can build a ray gun to brainwash him." Niall smiled. "Excellent!" Louis smirked and Niall ran off to build it, getting it done rather quickly and bringing it back. "Shall we go use it?" Louis smirked and then nodded, rushing to the car and speeding to their house, Louis smirked when he saw all the lights were out, signaling the super heroes were all asleep. They all snuck in through Michael's window, seeing the platinum blonde sleeping peacefully, his huge beach ball gut pointing to the ceiling. "He looks so sweet and innocent. Awwwww." Louis cooed, "It'd be terrible if something were to change that." He smirked and pushed him off the bed, making Michael wake up and he groaned. "Ow that hurt." He groaned and held his belly, looking about and he immediately jumped up. "What the hell are you doing here!?" He snapped, "Just a little evil." Liam smirked, "You 3 are dead meat." He smirked and he lunged at Louis, pushing him to the floor and sucking in some air to make him inflate a little more, but Louis point the gun at Michael at pulled the trigger, a red laser hitting Michael right in between the eyes, "Woah, I don't feel so good." He mumbled and the platinum blonde fell to the side, "Did you kill him?" Liam smiled, "No, he just gets knocked out for a bit." Niall retorted and Michael groaned, sitting up he rubbed his eyes, they were now blood red. "How do you feel about being a hero now?" Louis asked as he helped Michael stand, "Not my thing." He shrugged and they all went wide eyed, "I'd rather steal stuff with you guys." Michael smiled. "Wanna steal stuff now?" Niall asked and Michael yawned, "Too tired right now." He mumbled, "Let's get you to your new lair." Liam smirked and carried Michael to the car, the bloated boy already fast asleep when they got in the car and Louis high fived Niall, "Nice work." He whispered and they got to the lair, laying Michael down on the couch since he didn't have his own room. When Michael woke up, his gut growled loudly and he sat up, "Hey, you're awake." Niall smiled and handed Michael is costume, "You ready to do some evil?" He asked, "Do you even have to ask?" Michael chuckled and quickly put on the costume, then they ran out to the car and drove to the nearest bank, "You know how this works right?" Niall asked, "It's not that hard, you just eat the lock off." Michael smirked and went inside through the back door, seeing a vault and he did an evil chuckle, walking over to it and he grabbed the lock, biting into it and eating it, then Niall opened it and they're eyes widened at all the money inside, they shoved it all into their bags and ran out, laughing the whole time as a robbery alarm went off, but they were already halfway down the street. Suddenly the car stopped at Michael groaned, they got out of the car and saw about 5 cops and 3 cop cars, "Oh, this is too easy." Michael chuckled and inhaled a ton of air, inflating into a huge ball and he fell backwards, "Niall, give me a push." He mumbled and Niall pushed him towards the cars, making Michael roll over all of them and he crushed them all with his large girth, Niall quickly took their guns and ate them, smirking and Michael rolled infront of them, letting out a super burp that blew them away and he deflated, with a little bloating of course. "Let's get out of here." Michael smiled and they got in the car, speeding off. "SUCKERS!" Michael laughed to the cops as they sped away, this was only one of the many banks they had robbed that day, the cops failing to arrest them every time thanks to Michael's inflating and burping abilities as well as Niall's eating habits, the two had similar powers, Mikey just had an upgrade I guess you could say. It was now around midnight and Michael and Niall came in with their what seemed like millionth bag of money and added the bags to the pile, Michael flopped onto the couch and his gut did a shake, "It's good to be bad." Michael smirked, "You enjoy it so far?" Louis grinned, "Ooooooh yeah." He smirked and patted his bloated gut from all the locks he's eaten and some air he inhaled. "Shall we all hit one last place before we call it a day?" Liam asked and everyone nodded, they rushed to the car and drove out to the town's biggest pizzeria, Michael and Niall sneaking in through a window in the big, Niall got in but Michael had a bit of an issue. He tried squeezing in, but his gut was a bit too big, "Niall, a little help here?" Michael whispered and Niall pulled him through, Michael falling to the floor and a couple pans crashed to the floor, making Michael and Niall go wide eyed, thankfully no one came in and Michael let out a sigh of relief, "Let's grab the cash and go." Niall mumbled and Michael nodded, they went to the back safe where all the money was stored and Michael bit through the lock, pulling open the safe and they put all the money in the bags, then going back out through the window and Niall pulled Michael through, he fell to the floor and rubbed his forehead, then he heard Louis scream and they ran back, seeing Cal-Pap, Smash, and Dr.Fluke. Michael groaned at them, "What are you doing here?" He huffed, "Michael! Oh my god we've been trying to find you everywhere!" Ashton exclaimed, "Well, you do an excellent job." He scoffed and threw the bag of money into the car. "What happened to being good? Isn't that who you are? A superhero." Calum asked and Michael burst out laughing, "Oh god, thanks for the joke man. Me being good, ha that a nice one." Michael laughed. "What happened to our Mikey?" Ashton whispered, "Your Mikey isn't yours anymore." Michael smirked and slung his arms over his partners shoulders, "I'm their Mikey." He smirked. "Let's get 'em." Luke grumbled and they all lunged towards them, but Michael sucked in all this air and his gut ballooned up, his former partners bounced off and he laughed, burping and he deflated. "Oh, you're gonna get it Michael." Ashton laughed and ran back to Michael, "Niall give me the pizza you stole." Michael mumbled and Niall handed him the pizza, then he threw it at Ashton and he fell to the ground, "YUCK!" He shouted and the villains laughed, "It's so much easier to defeat someone when your now they're weakness." Michael smirked. He then went over to the car and tore off a review mirror, smashing the glass and then Luke tried throwing a rock at him with telekinesis but Michael pointed the mirror at him, his powers reversed and the rock hit his forehead. When Calum tried stretching to get Michael, the platinum blonde ran over to him and took his phone from his pocket, then getting chased around until Calum got it back. They threw things at them but Michael kept jumping i front of his partmers amd eating everything that was thrown, Ashton threw a boulder and Michael extended his jaw, swalloaing it whole and his gut puffed up extremely, making him groan from the sidden stretch. They all ran after each of them and Michael sucked in air, inflating into a huge ball and Niall pushed him towards Ashton, but Ashton caught him and lifted him up, Calum wrapping his arms to keep Michael still. "Put me down!" Michael snapped, "Never!" The super heroes all shouted in unison, "Put down our partner!" Liam snapped and punched Ashton and Calum, the two falling to the ground as well as Michael but he roll back to them, "Fine, Michael if you wanna be bad go ahead. You'll be fighting your former bandmates, your bestfriend, Good vs Bad, but if that's the way you want it, then fine. But think about it." Ashton shot back, "I've thought about it and I wanna stick to the bad side, it's good to be bad!" Michael smirked and his former friends sighed, "Until next time Mike-matter." Ashton grumbled, "Wait, you forgot something." Michael called and they all turned around, he burped a super big burp and they all blew away into a cement wall. Michael laughed and they got into the car, "SEE YOU SUCKERS LATER!" Michael shouted all ways they drove off, the villains laughing. "He'll come back......I hope." Ashton sighed.

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