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{1235 words}
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"Oh my god Rachel she is the cutest thing I've ever seen." Michael cooed as he saw Rachel's 4 year old cousin, Leyre, came running up to them. Rachel embraced the little girl in a hug, picking her up and the young girl looked at Michael curiously, "Is this Mikey?" She asked and Rachel chuckled, nodding. "Hi Leyre." The platinum blonde smiled and Leyre reached out to him, Michael gladly took her out of Rachel's arms and hugged her, the 4 year old clinging to him. "What are we gonna do today?" She asked, looking up at Michael and playing with his hair, making him smile. "Well, I thought that I could take these 2 princesses out for some dinner and then we could watch some movies after." Michael smiled and Rachel blushed at him calling her a princess, "Yes! I wanna do that!" Leyre cheered and Michael chuckled, about to put her down but she refused to let go of him, so he ended up carrying her as they walked down the road to McDonald's. "Now can I put you down Leyre?" Michael asked as they walked inside and Leyre finally nodded, letting Michael put her down in a booth before she jumped out and ran to the play area. "Fuck, why?" Michael groaned as he sat down, "Babe, what's wrong?" Rachel asked as she bent down next to Michael, "You know those pains I get every month?" Michael mumbled, "Your period, yes." Rachel smirked and Michael playfully glared at her. Michael had this issue with his belly where every month he would have this day where he had gas build up in his poor tummy and he would burp like crazy, Rachel decided to call it his period since it happened every month, Michael not really liking that she had named it that. "Well, it's happening now." Michael pouted as he held his tummy, grimacing a bit from the air bubbles moving around inside him. "Oh babe, don't worry." Rachel cooed and pecked his lips right before a burp escaped him, making him blush as he didn't muffle it and it was rather loud. "R-Rachel?" Leyre whimpered as she walked over, "I heard a scary noise." She sniffled and Rachel hugged her, "I'm sure it was nothing Leyre, let's eat right now okay?" Rachel cooed and the 4 year old nodded, sitting next to Rachel in the booth as they began to eat and Michael let another burp slip and Leyre jumped into Rachel's lap, frightened. "Scary." She mumbled and Michael snickered, earning a glare from Rachel that he somehow found this amusing that she was scared of him burping. "Just eat dinner honey." Rachel whispered, not really knowing what to tell Leyre about the burping, it was uncontrollable for Michael. Leyre nodded and sat on Rachel's lap, earning her kids meal and whimpering whenever Michael burped, making Michael laugh and neither of them knew why he found it funny, he just did and he couldn't help but laugh a little. "I'm sorry I'm an awful human bean." He pouted as Leyre went to the restroom, "You're laughing at her fear." Rachel mumbled, "I know and I'm so mean." Michael huffed as he slammed his head onto the table, "Owwww." He groaned and rubbed his forehead where a small bruise was forming, now Rachel laughing and Michael cracked a smile at her. Leyre came back and sat down in Rachel's lap, hiding her face in Rachel's chest went Michael let out a rather loud burp and he laughed a little, "Stop Mikey." She whined and Michael bit his lip, "I'm sorry sweetie, I can't help it. I got tummy bubbles." Michael apologized as they began walking home, "Tummy bubbles?" Leyre asked as Rachel carried her. "Yeah, tummy bubbles. I have a fairy in my tummy and every month she likes to blow bubbles in my belly, so I have to burp them out because she makes too many for my tummy to hold." Michael explained and Rachel was biting back laughter. "How'd she get in your tummy?" Leyre asked, suddenly interested in Michael's "tummy bubbles", "I dunno, I think I accidentally ate her." Michael giggled and she gasped, making Rachel giggle as well. "You ate a fairy?!" She exclaimed as they entered the house and when Michael opened his mouth, nothing came out, well words didn't. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched and Leyre hid her face in Rachel's chest, Michael laughing into his hands. "She blew a big one, oh my goodness." He giggled, trying to make Leyre smile a little, which she did. "I didn't mean to eat the fairy, I think she flew into my mouth when I was eating one day and now she's living in my belly." Michael shrugged as they sat on the couch, Leyre still staying put in Rachel's lap. "And she doesn't wanna come out of my tummy so I have to let her live in there." He shrugged as Rachel rested her head on his shoulder, Leyre scooting away from Michael and she yawned slightly. "Oh, I think this little princess is sleepy." Michael cooed and Rachel giggled, "Let's get you to bed okay baby?" Rachel cooed and Leyre nodded, Rachel getting up and carrying her cousin to the guest room, laying her down and tucking her in, the girl fast asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Rachel kissed her forehead and left the room, gasping when she felt Michael grab her from behind and then carry her to their bedroom. "Mike, what the hell are tummy bubbles?" Rachel laughed as he hovered over her in their bed, "I don't know, I don't want her to be afraid of me forever." Michael chuckled, "So, you thought saying a fairy blowing bubbles in your tummy would help the situation?" She smirked, "She's 4 for fucksake, what was I supposed to say?" Michael laughed as he laid next to Rachel, pulling her into his chest and cuddling her, burps slipping out every so often but Rachel not giving two flying fucks about it as she was used to it. At about midnight, Michael felt something, well more like someone jump onto his belly, making him grunt. He opened his eyes and saw Leyre on his tummy, "Hey, Leyre what's wrong?" Michael cooed and Rachel rubbed her eyes as she woke up, "Sc-scary dream." Leyre whimpered as she snuggled into his chest. "Oh, Leyre it's okay. I'll keep the scary dreams away." Michael cooed as he rolled onto his side, holding her close. "The fairy gonna protect me too?" She asked and Rachel giggled, "Yes, the fairy too." Michael chuckled and playing with her hair. "Hey Mikey?" She asked and Michael hummed in response, "Is the fairy why your belly squishy?" Leyre asked and Rachel burst out laughing, making Michael blush. "No, my belly is squishy because I don't like to eat healthy food." Michael mumbled, "So, you just need to eat healthy and your belly won't be squishy?" Leyre asked and Michael nodded, "Go to sleep Leyre." Michael chuckled, the 3 of them falling asleep in minutes.

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