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Michael woke up and whimpered a bit, the pain in his tummy had intensified from earlier that evening, he could barely sleep because of the bubbling pain in his belly. The red head felt bad because, well aside from the nauseating pains he was dealing with, Rachel and him had made plans for that day. They were gonna do some Christmas shopping and have just a little day to themselves....he didn't wanna have to cancel. Michael put his hands on his belly, feeling it gurgling and groaning underneath his fingers, making him moan in pain and he got up, going to the bathroom and sitting down on the floor in the corner of the room, taking deep breaths and he leaned back, closing his eyes and rubbing his tummy, trying to ease the cramping. He moaned and leaned forward, wanting it to be over with and for the pain to end, he curled into a ball and burped a bit, closing his eyes and falling back asleep curled up on the bathroom floor. "Mikey, Mikey." He heard Rachel coo and he opened his eyes, seeing her smiling at him and rubbing his cheek, the red head still on the bathroom floor. "Hi baby." She cooed, "Hey." Michael smiled and yawned, "Why are you in here?" She asked and he sat up with a bit of difficulty as his belly was a bit swollen. "I don't feel very good." Michael mumbled and Rachel frowned, "But we had a whole day planned." She mumbled and Michael nodded, "I know babe, but I just really feel terrible." Michael huffed as he put his hand on his belly, but his heart basically melted when he saw the sad look on Rachel's face. "I don't feel too bad, I'll be fine later so we can drill go if you really wanna." Michael mumbled and she smiled, pecking his lips and rushing to get dressed, making Michael chuckle and he turned on the bath, getting clothes and then making the water warm, hoping the water will help with the cramping and it did somewhat, but did cause whatever air bubbles were in his tummy to expand and also make his tummyache worse, he quickly got out and changed, seeing Rachel was already waiting for him. "What took so long?" She asked as she stood up, he just shrugged at the question, not wanting to tell her his tummyache had gotten worse. "Let's go!" She exclaimed and they left, Michael kinda shuffled along instead of actually walking fast, not really keeping up with Rachel as she went from store to store. Michael's burping was growing constant as all the air bubbles kept rolling around inside of him, his poor tummy just would not want to calm down. "Oh my gosh Michael stop." Rachel huffed as Michael had burped once again whilst they were sitting down and eating. "I'm sorry, it hurts." Michael frowned and he scrunched his face up, rubbing his swollen tummy. "You just ate too much dinner yesterday." Rachel mumbled, "I didn't even eat dinner." Michael whispered, a frown on his face. "I guess we can go home now, we've done enough shopping." Rachel sighed and Michael felt bad, knowing he is the reason she's upset and he hated knowing that. He got up and felt his tummy turn, but he forced himself to ignore the pain and carried the bags to the car, then driving home with Rachel and he rushed to the bathroom once they got home, hovering over the toilet as he panted heavily. "Oooooooooh." Michael groaned and burped again, sitting down on the floor and holding his twisting belly. "Michael?" Rachel asked as she walked in and he looked up at her, his eyes watering as tears of pain appeared. "I-i-it h-hurts Rachel." Michael sobbed and she walked over, hugging him softly and he cried into her chest. "I'm so sorry honey, I'm such a shitty girlfriend." Rachel cooed as she called an ambulance to come get them. "D-don't be sorry." Michael whimpered out and he clutched his belly, crying harder at the pain. Rachel helped him stand as paramedics came in, taking him on a gurney and Rachel right by his side the whole time, holding his hand and she even rubbed his poor little belly as they waited for results in his hospital room. "R-Rachel?" Michael stammered and his belly gurgled quietly, "I-I feel s-sick." Michael mumbled and she put a bucket under his quivering chin, watching as he brought up everything he had eaten in the past 24 hours, burping several times as he did so. "It hurts!" Michael wailed as the 4th round of vomit came shooting out of his mouth and he finally collapsed onto the bed, taking deep breaths and Rachel put the bin down, rubbing his tummy softly. A nurse walked in and explained how Michael had some bad gas bubbles and cramps as well as a tummy bug, Michael not really paying attention as he grew sleepy although Rachel paid close attention, "We just wanna come him here until we feel that all the air bubbles are out and he's well enough to be home." The nurse explained and Rachel smiled at her, the nurse taking the sick bin as she left. Michael had fallen asleep and Rachel got up, going to the bathroom and beginning to cry, feeling awful for how she behaved earlier. Although she didn't know how bad he was actually feeling, she was aware that he was unwell and she whined so they would go out shopping, she felt like an ass for it. He wasn't feeling well and she was being so rude to him, she felt like a shitty girlfriend. She heard the door to Mikey's room open and his bandmates talking, she knew he was awake but she didn't wanna disturb them right now. "Where is Rachel?" She heard Calum ask, "She's in the bathroom I think." Michael mumbled and burped rather loudly, groaning after doing so. "Do they, uh, hurt?" Luke asked awkwardly, "A bit, but when it really does hurt, Rachel massages my tummy and stuff." Michael smiled and Rachel smiled a bit. "Does Mikey like getting his belly rubbed?" Ashton mocked and she could hear Michael smack him. "She's being the lovely girlfriend she is." Michael smiled and Rachel's heart fluttered, a smile on her face and she washed her face, drying her tears and walking out, Michael immediately making grabby hands to her and she laid next to him, wrapping her arms around his waist and being the big spoon. "We're gonna go mate." Luke mumbled and Michael waved as they left, snuggling into Rachel. "Sleepy?" She giggled and he nodded, falling asleep in seconds as he cuddled up to her. The next day, Michael was well enough to leave, his tummy feeling loads better than before and Rachel giving him extra love.

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