Its not easy....

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Nerdy Mikey

Popular Ash, Cal, and Luke

-eating disorder
-self harm

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Michael sat down next to Ashton at the lunch table, sniffling and pushing his black glasses further up his nose. "Kitten what's wrong?" Calum asked, "P.E, that's what's wrong." Michael whimpered, almost bursting into tears again. Michael was a rather heavy kid, at around 195 and he was only 16, his belly was rather soft and jiggly, his thighs were thick and meaty, his chest was kinda saggy, his arms were beginning to sag as well, his face was round, he had a double chin, and he had a bubble butt. Ashton, Luke, and Calum were his boyfriends, they were rather popular bad boys and Michael was their shy little nerdy boy that they loved to pieces. Ashton pulled Michael onto his lap and wrapped his muscular arms around his soft waist, "They kept teasing me about my belly and one of them even jiggled it." Michael frowned, feeling Ashton's large hand softly stroke his tummy through his tshirt. "Don't listen to them love, you're beautiful in and out." Luke cooed as he kissed Michael's cheek and the black haired boy smiled, his belly growling loudly and Michael blushed as his boyfriends chuckled. Luke began feeding Michael the spaghetti he had brought to give the chubby boy, the curly haired lad rubbing Michael's belly as it got filled with the foods they had brought him. They wanted Mikey to be nice and round so he was even more perfect, they wanted him to plump up. Although, they wished he wasn't as insecure about his beautiful chub as he was. Michael let out a small hiccup as Ashton rubbed his stuffed tummy, it poking out a good 3 inches from the food he was slowly digesting, "You okay kitten?" Ashton cooed and Michael nodded, "Just very full." Michael mumbled and Ashton cradled him, the stuffed boy snuggling into his chest and smiling a bit. "Shall we just skip the rest of the day?" Calum suggested and Michael looked up, "Just cuddle the rest of the day." He smiled and Michael giggled, "I like the sound of that." He smiled and then went to the office, signing Michael out and acting as if he was ill, his bloated belly making it more convincing as if his tummy was upset. They had taken him home and cuddled him until he had fallen asleep, taking that opportunity to make him dinner for when he woke up, which was even more filling than lunch. Michael's boyfriends kept feeding him large amounts of food and fatty foods, causing an accumulation of pudge to go on his frame, the bullying increasing and Michael was not happy about it. The black haired boy was standing in the bathroom, poking and pinching his bulging belly, he was now at 220 pounds, and only 16! He shouldn't be this heavy at this age, that's super damgerous, not to mention gross. Michael found himself breaking his razor and taking out the blades, slicing away at his arms, thighs, and belly, sobbing the entire time. "Fat, worthless, ugly piece of shit." Michael mumbled to himself as he cleaned the wrapping bandages on himself and then putting on sweats and a long sleeve shirt, hiding his cuts. Then, he began purging after every meal, wanting to get the god awful fatty foods out of him before he got fatter, his boyfriends worrying about him as they noticed how baggy his clothes had gotten and how long his sleeves were. It was a month later and the black haired boy was 145 pounds, practically knocking on death's door at this point. It was dinner and Michael barely ate, mainly pushing his food around and causing his boyfriends to worry, "Mikey are you alright?" Ashton asked and Michael nodded, "I'm fine, just not feeling all that well." He mumbled and Calum felt his forehead for a fever, "Nothing baby." Calum cooed, "I'll be right back." Michael rushed out as he stood up, going to the bathroom and sticking his finger down his throat, throwing up the tiny amount of food he had eaten that day. "Michael!" Luke gasped as he opened the door, making Michael freeze as he had forgotten to lock the door. "Baby, baby why?" Ashton asked as he bent sown next to him, "I-I-I was t-too fat, I-I just wanna be sk-skinny." Michael sobbed, "Baby, no you were perfect the way you were, absolutely gorgeous. This isn't good for you baby, you're a skeleton." Calum frowned and Michael sobbed, "We'll get you help baby." Calum smiled, "It's not easy." Michael sniffled, "We can do this." Luke cooed, kissing his boyfriends cheek.

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