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-hospital visits
-blood (mentioned often)


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Rachel walked off stage, smiling as her fans screamed her name after her performance, but something caught her eye; a poster that read "MIKEY MISSES YOU" in all capital letters. Rachel rushed backstage and took a deep breath as she sat down in her dressing room. Yes, Mikey is the one and only Michael Clifford. Rachel had been in a serious relationship with the red head about a year ago, having broken up with him because of unknown reasons, he had developed a burping disorder and Rachel was having trouble handling it, but she still did for awhile, then ended their relationship and she knew Michael had taken it hard. Everyday for the past year, Michael had been tweeting something deep and emotional, low key showing his love for her still. Rachel felt bad for what she had done of course, feeling bad for having hurt him and she was still in love with him, but it was for the best. They had to end eventually......didn't they? Rachel sighed and she got up, grabbing her phone and pulling her jacket on, going to outside to the car so she could go to her hotel. The teen girl looked on Twitter, replying to a few fans and then she saw a tweet Michael had sent out that made her heart sink. "@Michael5SOS: why she had to go, i don't know, she wouldn't say." Rachel put her hand to her mouth, her jaw had dropped and she had no clue on what to do, should she respond? Should she ignore it? Should she DM him? Should she text him? What the hell does she do? "Fuck it." Rachel mumbled and she went into the comments, figuring out what to write. Rachel couldn't figure out what the fuck to put, just putting "I'm sorry" and then logging off Twitter, not wanting to go back on it for awhile. Rachel sighed as the car stopped, getting out and going up to her hotel room, locking the door and laying on her bed. "Fuuuuuuuck." Rachel sighed and pulled of her clothes, only wearing a sleep shirt and panties to bed. Rachel tried getting some sleep, but her mind was clouded with memories of the past year since the break up, avoiding Michael at award shows, avoiding him at parties, avoiding him in public. She was so sick of doing this, but she couldn't face him, she hurt him too much and she wouldn't be able to handle the guilt, or his disorder for that matter. The disorder did bother her, but not extremely, she didn't break up with him because of it, that would just be selfish of her. The brown haired girl finally fell asleep, waking up early the next morning to go do sound check for the AMAs. She got up, showered, for dressed, and left, then realizing 5sos was performing as well. Oh shit. The teen singer started thinking about running into Michael, maybe it won't be that bad, maybe it will turn out well, maybe they'll get back together! Oh, who was she kidding, Michael wouldn't take her back after that break up......would he? Rachel was feeling empty inside as she thought more and more about it, realizing bow much she fucking needed the red head in her life again, how much she needed his lips on his, how much she needed to hold him again. The car stopped and Rachel was walked inside by her security guards, going over to the stage and she stepped on, putting her ear piece in and singing the song that began. Sound check went well as well as the actual performance, the teen having gone on first and she got a seat backstage to watch the following performances, 5sos was after her and she watched with a small smile on her face, that is until JBH was performed. She watched Michael screaming out the lyrics, passion and sadness lacing his voice as he sang and Rachel burst into tears, her best friend/body guard Amanda hugging her as she cried. Rachel knew she caused that pain and it made her heart break. After they finished performing, Rachel quickly wiped her tears and the people backstage fixed her makeup, then she went to the after party where she knew the boys were gonna be at. "Rachel, I'm keeping you away from Michael tonight. There is no way you to are talking." Amanda scolded as they walked into the club the party was being held, "Maybe I will talk to him." Rachel shot back and they sat at a booth in the back of the club, two other security guards standing outside of the booth to keep Rachel safe and she ordered a beer, drinking it and talking with Amanda. "Woah, you aren't allowed here kiddo." A security guard warned as a certain red head walked over, "Please, I need to talk to Rachel." Michael begged amd the security guards shook their heads, "Please, please ask her, please." Michael begged, basically on his knees and they looked at Rachel, who motioned for him to come over and he did, sitting next to her and Amanda left them alone. "Rachel, holy fuck I've missed you so much." Michael whimpered out, "I've missed you too Mikey." Rachel frowned and Michael looked down, knowing the younger girl was scared. "Fucking hell......I still love you, I will never forget about you no matter how hard I try.......you were my whole world and it wanted to be with you forever.......I need you Rachel." Michael cried, burping in between sentences amd Rachel sniffled, making Michael's drop out of his ass. Tears poured down both of their cheeks as the situation became extremely emotional for them, Rachel started talking finally and they struck up a conversation about them, what had happened the past two years and what they want to happen between them, tears streaming down their faces as they spoke and burps leaving Michael's lips between sentences, making him frustrated and upset. Michael opened his mouth to speak again and instead of words, a huge ass burp came out and he froze, clapping his hand over his mouth and then running off, Rachel immediately following him but stopping as she saw him lock himself in the bathroom. "FUCKING HELL WHY?!" She heard Michael scream before she could hear glass shattering followed by another scream, but this one was of pain. "Fuck!" Michael cried and she began to panic, then the door was swung open and she gasped as she saw Michael's hand, his whole hand covered in blood that was pouring out of the cuts that the shattered glass from a mirror caused, some glass stuck in his hand. "Oh my god Michael, what the hell did you do?" Rachel gasped as she pulled him out of the club, taking him to her car. "Punched a mirror..." Michael trailed off, feeling bad as he cradled his hand. Michael's breathing became quick as they drove to the hospital and Rachel knew what was happening, he was having a panic attack. "Shit! It won't stop bleeding!" Michael cried as the crimson liquid dripped off his finger tips and running down his arm. "Mikey, honey you need to relax, you'll be okay." Rachel cooed as she used her black tshirt to wrap it, thankfully wearing an under shirt. "OW FUCK!" Michael screamed as the cuts stung and the glass went deeper into his skin, "It won't stop!" Michael panicked and started gasping for breath, passing out from the panic attack just as they reached the hospital and Rachel's driving carried Michael into the hospital, he was laid down on a gurney as a nurse took him to a room and letting Rachel follow, a breathing tube in his nose to get his breathing to a regular pace and the nurse fixed his hand, putting it in a heavy bandage and giving him an IV in his arm, Rachel sitting next to him in a chair next to his hospital bed whilst she waited for him to wake up. Michael woke up and immediately started freaking out, screaming as he remembered why he was there and nurses rushed in, having to hold him down as he kicked and thrashed. "LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" Michael cried and Rachel watched as a nurse injected a needle into his arm, making him scream louder from the sudden pain and he almost instantly relaxed, panting for a second as the nurse put a different medecine into the IV to keep him calm and kinda loopy. Rachel sat meet to him and held his good hand, "You know what I felt when Rachel left?" Michael asked, forgetting that he was talking to Rachel. "I felt really sad, I love her." Michael frowned and Rachel frowned, "I-I wanted to be with her......but I guess she didn't wanna be with me anymore." Michael mumbled, "She made me depressed when she left me." He sniffled and Rachel started crying, his eyes closing as he fell asleep from the medicine. Rachel started sobbing, feeling awful for what she did and she leaned forward, kissing his forehead and then sat back down, crying herself to sleep in the plastic chair. Rachel woke up to the sound of Michael letting out a few burps, she looked up and he smiled at her, then the teen rushed over and hugged him as tight as she could, crying into his shoulder and he hugged back just as tight. "I love you too Mikey." Rachel sobbed and Michael smiled, rubbing her back and shushing her, purposely letting out a couple burps as they hugged to test her and to see if she really will stay. Rachel pulled away and kissed him hard, catching him by surprise, but he kissed back. She pulled away and smiled, "I'll never leave again Michael." She smiled and he kissed her softly, smiling.

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