The big day

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.17

Here it is!!!!!!!


*throws confetti and streamers and blows that little tooting thing again*

Rachel's wedding dress on the top / side

This oneshot is based off of the episode in Friends where Phoebe married Mike, so imagine that :)

Anyways hope you like it :)

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"I'm getting married today! Woohoo!" Michael cheered as he ran downstairs, seeing Rachel downstairs and he picked her up from behind, making her shriek as he spun them around. "We're getting married today! Woooohooooooo!" Michael exclaimed and kissed her neck, "Babe, calm down." Rachel laughed, "No I won't calm down because I am getting married to the prettiest and the bestest woman in the entire world." Michael smiled and kissed her cheek, before taking out his phone and texting the boys, "Me and the guys are gonna go get our suits and stuff, then come back here and get ready." He smiled, "Me and the girls are doing the same thing so we'll meet here." She smiled and she pecked his lips, but then he pulled her closer and kissed her as hard as possible, pulling away when he was out of breath. There was a couple bangs on the door and Michael opened it, seeing his 3 best friends, "Nice Pokémon boxers Clifford." Calum laughed and Michael blushed, realizing he was in just a white tshirt and his Pokémon boxers, "I'm gonna go put some pants on before we go." He mumbled and rushed upstairs, quickly putting his jeans on and sandals before rushing back downstairs, then leaving after giving Rachel a kiss. "It looks like it's gonna be kinda cold today." Luke commented on the gray sky, "We're in New York in January, of course it's gonna be cold." Michael smiled, ""No, it looks like snow." Luke mumbled as they got out of the car, getting all the stuff they need from the shop before getting in the car, driving back. "Well, that only took 6 hours." Luke laughed, "I wanted to make sure it was perfect!" Michael exclaimed as they walked inside and one of Rachel's friends, Bryanna, pushed Mikey into the living room, "What's going on?" Michael laughed, "You can't see Rachel." She stated, "I need to go upstairs to get ready Bry." Michael chuckled, "Don't go in your bedroom because we're using it." She stated and Michael nodded, going upstairs and going to the guest bedroom to get ready, he got the tux on super quick and then started doing his hair, he was probably more excited than anyone else, he had wanted to get married to Rachel ever since they moved in together, he didn't wanna wait, that's why he freaked out that day and proposed as well. He wanted to have a family with her. He finished his hair and went downstairs, "I'm getting married in 5 hours! Woooohooooooo!" Michael exclaimed and hugged Calum from behind, "I'm getting fucking married today." He smiled. "I know Mikey, you gotta calm down." Calum laughed, "I fucking can't, I'm gonna be with Rachel for the rest of my life and we're gonna be a family, we'll have a little baby girl that'll look just like her and be so pretty." Michael rambled on, "Dude, chill." Ashton laughed. "I already told you I can't!" Michael exclaimed, "Rachel has to hurry up, it's a 2 hour drive to the venue, the musicians are coming in from Queens and the caterers and bartender are coming from Delaware." Michael mumbled, "Um, Mike, I don't think they are." Luke sighed, "What do you mean?" Michael asked and Luke opened the curtains, showing the crazy blizzard and Michael's heart sank, "All the roads are being shut down." Calum mumbled. "No, this can't be happening." Michael mumbled as he sat down, "What's wrong?" Rachel asked as she came downstairs, "Our wedding, i-its ruined." Michael mumbled in disbelief. Rachel walked over and sat next to him on the couch, not in her wedding dress yet. "Mikey, it's okay. Don't worry." She cooed, "B-but, we-we were g-gonna get m-married today." Michael sniffled, shaking because he was holding in tears, Rachel hugged him tight and he started crying slightly into her shoulder, "Babe, calm down. It's okay." She cooed and wiped Michael's tears as he looked at her, "But, today was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives." Michael sniffled, "Honey, don't worry about it." Rachel cooed and pulled Michael closer, so he was now laying on top of her and cuddling her. They laid like that for what seemed like hours, occasionally kissing and watching the snow fall onto the New York street from the honeymoon suite window, Michael had to admit that the snow was actually making the city look prettier. "Guys, you've always wanted to get married outside right?" Ashton asked and Michael sat up, "Yeah." Michael mumbled, "Well, it's hardly snowing anymore, I bet we could just get a few lights from the coffee shop downstairs and set up some chairs outside, we can just wear a coat or two and you can get married outside right now." He smiled and Michael's face lit up, "Oh my god that's fucking perfect!" He beamed as he jumped up. "Rachel, what do you think?" Michael asked, "I think I wanna get married to you today." She smiled as she stood up and kissed him, making Michael smile into the kiss. "Let's get this show on the damn road people!" Michael exclaimed as he pulled away, clapping his hands together and doing a little happy dance, making Rachel giggle. "We're going downstairs and going to the coffee shop to get those lights!" Michael cheered as he grabbed his black coat, the 4 boys running out of the hotel room and downstairs to the coffee shop. "Hey, sorry we need help with a few things." Luke smiled to the lady at the counter, "What can I get you?" She grinned, "Um, Christmas lights, all the chairs, and the two stereos." Michael smiled. About an hour later, Michael was standing infront of rows of chairs, seeing most of his and Rachel's family, the Christmas lights lighting up the somewhat dark night, Human by Christina Perri playing through the speakers, a wide smile on Michael's pale face and a little rosy tint to his cheeks from the cold. He looked down the aisle and his heart skipped skipped a beat as he saw Rachel in her wedding dress, she was fucking stunning. The lights were making her skin glow just as bright as her smile, her hair was tied up in a beautiful bun, and fuck she was just gorgeous. "W-wow." Michael smiled as she stood in front of him, intertwining their hands and looked into her eyes. "Do you have your vows?" Ashton asked and they both nodded, then they took out a piece of paper each. "You start." Rachel smiled and Michael unfolded the paper, "Rachel, I'm so fucking glad I met you because there is no way any girl would deal with me besides you. And I don't want any other girl, I only want you. I'm terrible with words, but I only need to know these 3. I love you." Michael smiled and put the paper back in his coat pocket, Rachel unfolded her paper and smiled. "Michael, words can't describe how much I adore you. I could talk for days just about your laugh. Everything about you is perfection in my eyes, the way you smile, the way you speak, the way you laugh, the way you walk, the way you style your hair, everything stands out as perfect piece of a puzzle that I have been trying to find my entire life, you were my missing puzzle piece and now I'm complete." She smiled and Michael wiped his eyes, "Do you take each other?" Ashton asked and they nodded, "I do." They smiled in unison. Calum handed Michael his ring and Bryanna handed Rachel hers, Michael slid the ring on her finger and Rachel slid the ring onto his. ""You may kiss the bride." Ashton smiled and Michael cupped her cheeks, crashing their lips together and everyone cheered, they pulled away and smiled. "We did it." Michael smiled and kissed her forehead, "We're finally married." She grinned and kissing him again.

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