Scooby-Doo Pt.2

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, the pic is supposed to be a melted ice cream monster. Ashton is Fred, Calum is Velma, Luke is Daphne, Michael is Shaggy, and Niall is Scooby.
{1136 words}
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"Where are we going now?" Michael asked as he leaned over the front seat to where Luke, Calum, and Ashton sat, "The ice cream factory." Calum smiled as he pushed his glasses up his face, "What did me and Niall do to deserve this?" Michael grinned, "There's an ice cream monster and we have to catch it." Ashton explained and Michael groaned, sitting behind the front seat and Niall crawled onto his lap, his tail wagging behind him. Michael scratched his blonde ear and Niall smiled wide, closing his eyes in pleasure and Michael chuckled, giving the puppy hybrid a little kiss on the forehead. Michael's belly growls and he pouts, "I'm hungryyy." He whined, Niall nodded in agreement as he was hungry too. "You ate not even 3 minutes ago." Luke laughed, "But I only had 10 pizzas. I'm starving." Michael groaned and rubbed his tummy. The car stopped and they all got out, except for Michael Niall who were sitting in the back, legs crossed and arms folded over their chests. "C'mon guys, it's a freaking ice cream factory." Luke smiled, the two stubborn boys shook their heads rapidly. "Not even for some Nandos." Calum smirked and the boys thought about it for a moment, shaking their heads again, "Not even for a truckload?" Calum smirked, "Wait what?" Niall asked and slowly got out of the car, "Get back here, we are not gonna give in to-" Michael began but once he saw the truckload of Nandos come, he stopped immediately and his belly growled extremely loud, "Okay, just give us about 5 minutes." Michael smiled and the pair ran to the pile of food, jumping into it and then devouring it. After about 5 minutes, the food was gone and now in their tummies, sauce all over their faces and fingers, "Okay, we'll go in now." Michael huffed, rubbing his slightly bloated tummy, licking the sauce off his fingers as him and Niall followed the others inside. Niall started whimpering and whining in fear, Michael taking a hold of the blonde's hand, they heard gurgling and growling noises, making Niall jump into Michael's arms in fear, the two boys shaking in fear. "D-did you hear that?" Michael stammered and Niall rapidly nodded, "Let's get out of here."
Niall whispered to Michael and they started tip toeing out of the factory, then Luke grabbed them by their shirt collars and pulled them back, despite them trying to run away. "Oh no you don't, we're solving this mystery you scaredy cats." Luke laughed, "I'm sorry, dog." Niall smirked and Michael chuckled, then their eyes widened as a loud growl echoed the factory. "Mikey, please tell me that was your belly?" Niall asked, "For once, it wasn't." Michael gulped and then a 15 foot tall purple monster came towards them, it was dripping melted ice cream and it growled at them. They all screamed and ran for it, but Mikey and Niall weren't fast enough and the monster grabbed them by their shirt collars, lifting them up off the ground. "D-don't eat us, we're not tasty." Michael whimpered as the monster started walming, then he opened a freezer door and shoved the two boys in, they slammed against a wall and they both groaned. "Oooh, my head." Michael groaned as he rubbed the back off his head and then heard a loud slam, seeing the monster had locked them in the freezer. "Why do I get the feeling he's not coming back?" Niall gulped and crawled onto Michael's lap as the blue haired boy began shivering, wanting to keep Michael a little warm. "Th-thanks pal." Michael smiled, his teeth chattering from the cold. "Wait, this an ice cream factory right Niall?" Michael asked and the hybrid nodded, "And we're in a freezer right?" Niall nodded again, "And what goes in freezers?" Michael smiled and they jumped up. "ICE CREAM!" They exclaimed and each grabbed a carton off the shelves, Michael dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out 2 spoons, "For occasions like this." Michael smirked and gave Niall a spoon, then they dug into the ice cream, they devoured flavors such as strawberry, rocky road, cookie dough, mint chip, cheesecake, birthday cake, and so much more. As they consumed all this, their bellies were swelling up and making their shirts ride up, their buttons on their jeans snapped open and before they knew it, all the ice cream was gone and they were laying on the floor of the freezer, groaning and burping from the ice cream filled guts. "You stuffed Niall?" Michael asked, rubbing his bulging belly, "I could eat more." Niall shrugged, "Yep." Michael breathed out and the door knob jiggled, then the door swinging open and revealing their friends. "What the hell happened to you guys?!" Luke exclaimed, "Let's just say we're well fed." Michael smirked and burped, licking his ice cream covered lips. "Can you even stand?" Calum laughed and they both tried getting up, but falling back down. "Ugh, we can't move." Michael groaned, Calum and Luke walked inside the freezer and rolled the 2 boys out. "How'd you guys get in there?" Ashton asked, "The monster - BRUUPPPP- caught us." Niall burped and then they heard growling again, "Again, that wasn't my belly." Michael mumbled and then the monster grabbed Luke, Calum and Ashton, "GUYS! HELP US!" Ashton screamed as they were taken away by the monster, "What are we gonna do Mikey?! We can't let them get eaten!" Niall panicked, "We have to get the monster." Michael gulped. "Nuh-uh, no way." Niall stated, "Niall, we don't have a choice." Michael mumbled and Niall sighed, giving in and they rolled after the monster, not able to walk. They finally make it and Michael taps the monster, making it turn around, "Hey Mikey, you hungry?" Niall asked, "Very." Michael smirked and then they pounced onto the monster, eating it and they're waists ballooning up as the ice cream monster filled up their guts. After about 30 minutes of non stop eating, the two boys were laying on the floor, ice cream smearing their faces and their bodies now sphere shaped. "Oh god, I'm stuffed." Michael groaned, "Me too- BRUUPPPP!" Niall agreed, "You guys did it!" Calum exclaimed. "Yeah, but we can't, ugh, move an inch." Michael groaned, Calum and Luke rolled them to the Mystery Machine and take their word for it when they said it was fucking difficult to get Mikey and Niall into the van, the two stuffed boys fell asleep on the car ride, their hands rubbing their midsection as they slept.

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