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I have no clue what's inside a spaceship, so I'll probably get everything wrong but, enjoy! :)

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"Okay, so Michael, we need to go over some rules." A woman stated, who was in a NASA uniform as well as Michael. You see, Mikey is kind of an astronaut, he hasn't been on any missions or anything, until now because he was going to the moon! "What rules?" He asked as he sat down, "Well, you've already been through training so we just need to discuss the food supply and intake on this trip." She explained and his 3 friends walked in, "What are you doing here?" He asked. "We're here to make sure you don't screw up." Ashton smirked and Michael jumped up, "WHAT?!" He exclaimed. "Mr.Clifford, sit down." The woman stated, "Not until you trust me!" Michael snapped and glared at her, "Michael Clifford, if you do not sit right now you will be suspended from this mission and Luke will take over for you!" She snapped and Michael immediately sat down, "Sorry miss." Michael mumbled. "Okay, so, during the trip we will give you and the others a supply of 20 food pills each but...." She rambled on and after she said the word 'supply', Michael zoned out and thought about the moon, how delicious it would be since it's made of cheese. He was daydreaming about stuffing himself with the moon, his belly the size of it after he was done. "Are we clear Mr.Clifford?" The lady asked and he snapped out of his thoughts, "Yes." He smiled, not even knowing what she said. "Great! Let's get you on board!" She exclaimed and the 4 boys followed her to the rocket, of course they suited up before hand and they went on the rocket. Michael didn't know whether to be afraid or excited, happy or nervous, he didn't know and when the rocket took off, he screwed his eyes shut and Ashton grabbed his hand, knowing that would help him and it did, "Mikey, you can open your eyes bud." Calum cooed and Michael opened his eyes, realizing that his helmet and suit were now off and he was in his birght blue NASA uniform. "We're in space." Luke smiled and Michael floated, yes floated because there isn't any gravity, to a window, seeing all the stars and his eyes lit up. "WE'RE IN SPACE!" Michael cheered as he did a backflip, "Ash, you got the pills and drinks?" Calum asked as he looked up from the controls, "Yeah, they're in the cabinet over there." Ashton mumbled as he pointed to the wall, Michael's tummy growled and he blushed, going over to the cabinet and grabbing the bottle of bright green pills, just like his hair and they had his name on the bottle. Michael poured about 5 out and they were floating, making him giggle as he plucked them from the air and swallowed them one by one, then putting the pills away and grabbing a tube that could connect to a tank filled with cola for them. Michael connected the tube to it and stuck one end into his mouth turning the nozzle and gulping down the fizzy liquid, turning it off and then taking the hose out of his mouth, burping a bit before he put the tube away. He started flipping around and having fun without gravity, but then he felt weird rumbling in his tummy, "Oh, I think I ate too much." He groaned as put his hands on his belly. "Mikey, how many pills did you take?" Luke asked, "5." He mumbled and they all went wide eyed, "What? Each thing is like a slice of pizza right? And I washed them down with Cola." He shrugged and then his belly rumbled again, it puffing out a bit. "Mikey, you can only eat one pill at a time! The contents our too much for you stomach!" Ashton exclaimed, "What's in them?" Michael asked, burping at the end. Luke went over to the cabinet and pulled out the bottle with Michael's name on it, "5 pizzas, 6 burgers, and 10 triple chocolate cakes." Luke read and Michael's eyes widened, "They gave me that much?!" Michael snapped and then his belly rumbled loudly, it started bloating up like a balloon and it stretched his suit, stopping when it was the size of a beach ball. "F-fuck." He groaned and burped, gas bubbles building up in his gut. "Didn't you hear what the lady said only one pill per meal?" Calum asked and Michael shook his head, "I kinda zoned out, she was so boring." He sighed, "And this is why we came along." Luke mumbled and Michael flipped him off, "Well, what did you hear?" Calum asked, "That we'll be getting 20 pills each for our trip, then you lost me." Michael mumbled. "So, you didn't know that mixing the pills and the soda can make a huge chemical rewction?" Calum asked and Michael shook his head, "You basically ate mentos and coke just now Michael, you're stomach is gonna keep bloating up the whole trip." Ashton explained as they all now surrounded the pale green haired boy, "So, my belly's gonna keep growing?" Michael asked and they all nodded, "Oh god, my suit is gonna burst. I mean, look at it already." Michael sighed and he pointed out how the seams looked like they were gonna break, the sipper on his back the only thing keeping it together really. "You can't do much with this gut now can you?" Calum asked and shook Michael's belly, it bloated up a teensy bit, "Don't shake it!" Michael groaned. "Ugh, I feel huge." He huffed, "Well, duh, you look like you're overdue with twins." Luke laughed and they went back to the controls, Michael going to the back to where the bunks were and he laid down, falling asleep and having to lay on his side since his belly was too big. When he woke up, he gasped, his belly had grown to twice it's size, this trip was not gonna end well for him if his gut was gonna keep growing. Michael groaned and got out of bed, floating to the back and he ignored their chuckling at his swollen gut, "Yes, I know I look I'm about to pop, let's move on." Michael groaned and then the rocket stopped moving, making it "pffffftttttt" noise and Michael practically burst with joy as he realized they landed. He rushed to get his suit on and had a bit of a struggle because of how tight it was, he took one pill and washed it down with a sip of cola before going back out, making sure he was feeling stuffed since the moon was made of cheese, but all that slipped away when they got onto the ground. Michael's mouth watered as he looked at the cheese surrounding him, he walked, he couldn't bounce around because of his new weight, and then thanks to a feeding tube they had inside the suit, he was able to eat, eat, and eat more, devouring handfuls of the cheese and making his belly swell more. "Michael, you really have to stop." Ashton sighed and Michael ignored him as he kept eating and eating, gobbling up more and more cheese. "C'mon Mikey!" Luke called and Michael walked back to the rocket, his gut now the size of a yoga ball and his suit looked like it was gonna burst. "Did you eat the moon?" Calum laughed, "No, I ate half." Michael huffed and rubbed his belly, "WHAT?!" Ashton exclaimed, "See for yourself." Michael groaned and pointed at the now black curve in the moon, "How do you do that?!" Calum exclaimed and Michael shrugged burping and his suit inflated a bit, then they took their journey back home. When they landed, they got off and everyone was shocked at the now 500 pound green haired boy, seeing how huge he had become. He tried walking but then his legs gave out, not used to his new weight with gravity, "You okay mate?" Ashton asked, "I can't walk." Michael mumbled, "Do we have to roll you?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "You just had to eat half the moon didn't you?" Luke sighed, "It was delicious." Michael huffed and just as they reached the car, the press stopped them. "Astronaut Clifford packed on the pounds! Streaming Live!" A camera man shouted and then a woman started speaking, "I'm Stephanie Baltimore and I'm here with Astronaut Clifford. So, tell me, what exactly happened during this trip?" She smiled, "Well, um, I accidentally ate too many food pills and I drank cola afterwards, the chemicals made a reaction in my belly and it caused me to bloat up a ton, I also was definitely well fed on this trip." He smirked, not mentioning that he ate half the moon. "Thank you sir and good luck on the next mission." She smiled before walking away, they pushed Mikey into the car and he groaned, "Uuuuugh, I'm so full." He complained, "We told you so." Luke smirked, "Shut the hell up Hemmings, ugh." Michael groaned and rubbed his belly, "Next time, I'm gonna pay attention."

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