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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.13

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Warning! Drama! Mikey's gonna have a breakdown and shouting with Calum will occur

Not kidding when I say I nearly cried at one part, I'm a wuss but still

{1002 words}
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Michael looked through a wedding book his parents gave it, smiling at the pictures. "Excited much Mike?" Calum smirked as he walked up behind Michael and the 19 year old jumped, "Fucking hell Hood, never do that again." He laughed. "And yes, I'm very excited." Michael smiled as he leaned back into the couch, "There's few things I'm nervous about though." Michael mumbled, "Like what?" Calum asked as he put his feet on the table, "Well, I could burp anytime and embarrass myself." He shrugged, "I could be late somehow." He closed the book, "Something could be go wrong." He played with his fingers, "Or she could.....leave me at the altar." Michael whispered the last one. "Oh my god, what if she bails on me?" Michael gasped, now beginning to panic as he stood. "Mikey, you know she won't." Calum cooed, "What if she does?!" Michael snapped, tugging on his dark hair and beginning to pace around the room. "Michael, she said yes for a reason." Calum retorted, "It's called second thoughts Calum!" Michael shot back. "Mike, she's been your best friend for almost 20 years, your girlfriend for 5 years, and you're fiancé for 6 damn months!" Calum exclaimed, "But Calum, things can change between us! My disorder can get a million times worse and she may leave! She can realize that she deserves better and leaves! She can fucking leave me!" Michael cried and then felt a stinging in his cheek, "Get a hold of yourself Clifford!" Calum snapped and Michael took a deep breath, "S-sorry, I-I just worry that sh-she'll leave." Michael mumbled and then started crying, Calum pulling him in for a hug. "Calm down Mike, it's all okay." Calum cooed, letting Michael sob into his shoulder. "Wh-what if it doesn't turn out ok-okay?" He sobbed and Calum sat him down on the coffee table, "Mikey, she loves with her entire heart and soul. She would die if it meant you were okay." Calum cooed, Michael sniffled and nodded, wiping his tears. "I just worry sometimes." He mumbled. "That's reasonable." Calum cooed, "Everyone worries Mikey, but you honestly have nothing to worry about right now." Calum cooed and hugged Michael, Michael hugged back but then moved back and burped a couple times, "Sorry, nerves." He chuckled, "It's alright Mikey." Calum smiled, "And here comes the cramps, ooooooow." Michael groaned. "C'mon, I'll help you to bed." Calum cooed and helped Michael to bed, laying him down and putting the heating pad on his tummy to help, "Get some sleep Mike."
Calum smiled before leaving the room, knowing Rachel would be home from work soon and she would comfort Michael a lot better than he could, being his fiancé and all. Calum left and no more than 5 minutes after he drove away, Rachel pulled up and went inside, smiling when she saw the wedding book on the table and went upstairs, "Miiiiiiiikey?" She cooed and walked inside the I bedroom, seeing him fast asleep with the heating bad on his bare tummy. She laid next to him and kissed his cheek, seeing a small smile spread on his face and he played with his hair, noticing him begin to squirm a little in his sleep, but then giggle. He was mumbling incoherent things but he was smiling the whole, then he puckered his lips and she smirked, pressing her lips onto his and he woke up, smiling into the kiss before she pulled away. "Perfect way to wake up." Michael smiled and held her hand, "Oh and what is this beautiful thing?" He smirked as he sat up on his knees, holding her hand up and looking at the engagement ring, "Well, I believe it's the ring my beautiful fiancé gave me." Rachel smirked, "Damn right it is." He smiled and kissed her again, but just in a love filled way. He looked at her and smiled, but then he faded away and he looked like he was deep in thought, "Rachel, I have a question." He mumbled and she nodded, "I'm really nervous about our wedding." He admitted, "That's not a question." She smirked, "Then me finish you dork." He laughed. "I'm nervous that maybe you'll bail on me and leave me at the altar. I know it's stupid, but....what if my disorder gets worse and you leave me? Or if you realize that you can find someone better than me at the last minute and then fucking climb out the bathroom window and I'm standing at the altar waiting for you?" Michael asked and tears welled in his eyes just at the thought, soon pouring down his cheeks. "I-I-I don't want that to happen." He sobbed and she hugged him tight, letting him sob into her shoulder. "Baby, I promise, that will never happen." Rachel cooed, "You could always break that promise." He sniffled, "But I won't." She cooed as she pulled away, "Michael, I said yes for a fucking reason, Mikey if I thought it was too soon, I would've said no, if I thought this wasn't right, I would've said no, but did I? No, because I fucking love you and I think this is the best thing for us right now." She cooed, "And if your disorder does get worse, I won't care, I'll love you with all my heart and soul." She smiled and he kissed her softly, a smiled spreading across his face and she wiped the stray tears off his cheeks. "I love you too the moon and back Mikey." Rachel smiled, "To the moon and back." He agreed and she kissed her once again, pulling her closer to his chest and stroking her cheek with his thumb.

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