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Withermu x Invisible!reader

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(y/n) pov

I never noticed. I don't have any friends, no one to talk to, sit at lunch with, just hang out. My own family dosn't notice me. The only good thing was that i'm never bullied, so that something. Right? I walked into the kitchen. My mom was buttering toast. "Hello." I tried to talk to her but she ignored me, "Hello?" I stretched the 'o'. She sill didn't talk to me. I sighed and grabbed some bread and popped it in the toaster. She never makes me food. I heard the 'ding' of the toaster. I glared at my mom and grabbed my toast and the butter. "I'm going for a walk," no reply, "GOOD BYE!" I yelled and slammed the door. I stomped down the stairs. I walked on the side walk going down the street. I didn't really have a destination, just walking. 'I'm never noticed, i'm ignored, ignored.' I thought sadly. I was so deep in thought I bumped into someone. "I'm sorry." I mumbled out beginning to walk away. "Wait, it's okay. Whats your name?" I looked at him then looked around. Yup no one else is here. I stupidly pointed at myself, "M-me?" He smiled, "Well yah." I was bewildered, he was talking to me? "(y-y/n)" He was talking. TO ME?! "I'm Withermu." I can understand the name. He was a wither hybrid, he had wight eyes and two bat helmet things flying beside him. "Um.. Why are you, uh, talking to me?" I asked. "Oh sorry, I'll leave you alone." He said turning away. "NO. It's just that no one ever talks to me." I explained quickly. "Oh. I'll talk to you." He said with a smile. "Why? Why do you want to talk to me?" I said with a frown. "Well, you look like a nice girl, and everyone needs someone to talk to." I slightly smiled. "You'd really talk to me?" He nodded. "Wanna go to the park?" He asked still smiling. "Sure." I smiled bigger. 'I think I made a friend.' I thought happily. 


We sat under a tree and talked about random stuff. "Do penguins have knees?" I asked him randomly. "I don't know."(They do I looked it up ;D) He replied. I felt a rain drop land on my nose. "Is it raining?" I already knew the answer. "I think so." He said looking at the dark sky. It then turned from a little sprinkle to a huge thunder storm. "Come on. My house is close." He said grabbing my hand. He lead me into the woods and soon a house came into view. It started to rain harder when we reached the door. He opened it and let me go in first. We walked in and he turned to me, "Well, I guess your staying here?" "yah.." He started walking down a hall, "I'll get you some dry cloths." I hummed in response. I picked up a picture, it had withermu, and  two others I didn't know. One wore an amulet and had golden herobrine eyes. The other was an ender dragon hybrid, his hair covered one eye. I heard Withermu come back and I put the picture down. "Here you go." He handed me a dark grey t-shirt, black jamie pants and a towel. "Thank you." I said with a smile. "Welcome. I'm gonna go change." "Ok, wheres the bathroom." I asked him. "First door on the left." He pointed at the hall way. I said thank you again and walked to the bathroom. I shut the door and got undressed. I toweled myself down and got dressed. I wrapped my wet hair in the towel and walked out. Withermu was sitting on the couch in new cloths. I sat beside him,"Thank you for letting me stay." He smiled, "Your welcome." We sat in silence and I started to think about how I was ignored ALL the time. I started to tear up at the thought of my mom ignoring me every single day. As soon as the first tear fell Withermu had me in his arms. "Whats wrong?" He asked quietly. I tried to talk but instead ended up crying more. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I started to calm down and tried to talk, "I-I-I" I started to cry again. "Shh, take your time." He said rubbing my back. I took a few deep breaths and stopped crying. "Please tell me why you were crying." He asked me calmly. "N-no one ever talks to m-me," I started, "My own mother won't even talk to me." He hugged me and said softly, "Then stay here. I won't ignore you." I looked at him, "Why? Why are you doing this?" He thought for a minute then answered slowly, "Because I...love you." I was shocked, "Y-you d-do?" He nodded. I started crying again but not because I was sad. He wiped them away and kissed me. I instantly kissed back. I was the first to pull away. "I love you to." He smiled and picked me up, "Come on it's getting late." I held on to him as he carried me to his room. He gently sat me under the covers and got in on the  other side. He turned of the lamp beside the bed and pulled me into his warm embrace. I smiled once more and listened to his heart beat.

*wipes tear away* Soo beautiful! Requested by Sparkleshe-catwolf

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