Enderlox x Ghost!Dragon!reader

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Y/n pov

I was born a ghost. I can touch people and things, and go threw walls, it's complicated how it works. Anyways, I was born a ghost dragon, to be specific. With W/c wings that had holes here and there. With a sigh, I sat by a grave. It was an unnamed one. It was sad, this person was alive at one point, and now, that they were dead, no one came forward to tell who they were. Poor thing. A sudden crack of a branch made me jump up, my hair whipping around as I turned. A loud crash sounded around twenty feet off as something hit the ground. I ran towards it. I stopped dead (Huuurhuuurhuuuur) in my tracks, seeing a boy collapsed on the ground, large purple wings flopped on either side. He looked knocked out! I gasped and ran to him,he was heavily bleeding! I picked him up, well...tried. In the end, I had to drag back to the small, broken down house. It was burned half way down, the other side was safe though. I dragged him threw a hole in the wall, and managed to get him in a bed, it survived the fire and was left behind. I grabbed a few rags and tied up the wounds, stopping the blood flow. I dressed the wound, cleaned them, etc. Once it was done, i examined everything else about him. He had brown hair that draped over one eye. He had a torn up white V neck and grey jeans. The poor guy. He suddenly groaned and stirred. His eyes snapped open and he screeched, tackling me instantly. I yelped as I was slammed against the floor, him on top of me. He growled glaring at me with blazing purple eyes. He was definitely very strong! It didn't take much to hold me there, wounded or not. "What are you doing?" He hissed threw gritted teeth, his tail wrapping tightly around my waist. "U-um....h-helping you?" I murmured. He glanced at his bandaged wounds. Then got off me, not loosening his grip on my waist though. "Why?" He snarled. "....Y-you looked pretty badly h-hurt...so..." He glanced at my wings and tail, "Dragon?" I nodded. He huffed and nipped at the bandages around his wrist. "Hey! Stop that! You'll make it worse!" he growled, but stopped. "So..what's your name? I'm y/n." I said with a smile. He starred at me for a moment, "Enderlox..." I glanced at his neck, seeing a pretty nasty bite wound. It must have been hidden by his shirt. "Um..you want me to..bandage that up?" I asked, pointing at it. "No." He hissed, turning his head away, instantly grunting in pain. I sighed, "Sit on the bed, i'll fix it." He reluctantly did. "c-could you take your shirt off?" I asked with a small blush. It would be easier. he hissed lowly and took it off, setting it in his lap. Oh my god....he had a six pack! He...was honestly hot! I forced myself to look away, grabbing my make shift first ad kit. I put cleaned it with a wet rag, getting a growl or two from Enderlox. Then wrapped it up, getting another snarl. "There you go!" I smiled. He starred at me again for a while. "Why did you do it? help me?" He asked. I shrugged, "It's the nice thing to do." He looked around the room, looking at the huge collapsed other half, "This where you live?" I nodded. He sighed, "Thank you.." I nodded again, "of course." He smiled a little, "How could I repay you?" I thought for a moment, "...Be my friend?" He smiled a little more, "Sure." I smiled more as well, "It'll be nice, you know, not talking to graves or yourself anymore." He brought me in a warm hug, "You wont have to worry about that anymore."
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