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Insane GoldSolace x shy!reader

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(y/n) pov

I sighed and entered the dark house. I was at my friends house. I'm the only one who new his secret, well the only one alive. He was insane, a murderer, but i still loved him. ''B-Brice?" I called looking s the light switch. i walked a little away from the door, still open. ''Hello? Brice?'' I called again. When i found the light switch i flicked it. Nothing. 'I hope everything's fine.' Suddenly the door slammed shut. click. I turned around to be meant by Brice, smiling with his hand on the door nob. ''Brice?'' He smirked and stepped closer, ''hello (y/n).'' He came closer, i stepped back. ''B-Brice?'' I said again. ''whats wrong.'' He tilted his head, ''scared?'' ''I-i-I'm N-not scared.'' I hope he didn't notice my stutter, ''your stuttering.'' DFGDFGFFDXFGHSY!!! ''i-i don't k-know what your talking about.'' He just smiled and came closer. Then he rushed forward and pinned me to the wall. His smile reached ear to ear with his teeth showing. He tilted his head again. ''what? Its just me, your friend.'' I whimpered when he got closer. ''whaaat~?'' he got closer, ''are you scared of me?'' ''i...'' The truth was, i am, I'm terrified of him. But i love him. ''to bad... your mine.'' He whispered and i shivered. He then glanced at my lips, and lent in, i did to. He kissed me. It lasted forever but ended to soon. He let go of me. ''(y/n)/'' ''yeah?'' He paused, ''do you love me?'' I smiled and hugged him, ''yes, i love you.'' He hugged back. ''why? Why do you love an insane person?'' i paused and thought, ''i love you because your you. Insane or not. I live you with all my heart.'' He smiled, ''good. i love you to.'' I smiled and looked at him. ''why do you love me?'' He thought for a minute. ''well, i love your smile, your eyes, your laugh.'' i smiled wider. ''i Love you.'' ''I love you more.''

wow. sorry if it wasn't to shy i only realized when i looked at the comment that it was suppose to be shy =/

requested by: true_rockstar

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