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For this story, SkyBrine is your brother. 

Y/n pov

Call me what you want. Monster. Demon. Evil spirit that needs to be burned. But, I'm not any of that. At least, Mitch didn't think so. He was like me. Sorta. I didn't murder people. I'm just a normal girl with unnaturally powers. Back to the Mitch guy. He was introduced to me by my brother, Skybrine. The first thing Sky said was," He's hot date him." I, in return, slapped him, then sat beside the new boy. It was awkward at first, with Sky in the background chanting 'kiss'. Then, tired of his wicked chant, I invited Mitch into my room. "OOOOOOOH!!" Sky hollered. "Not like that!" I snapped, walking away. Mitch happily followed. And now, we both sat awkwardly on the bed. "Sooo." I mumbled, "How's life?" "Wonderful, yours?" "Eh, same." After that, we just started chatting. "Why was he even saying that?" I asked, wanting to slap Sky again. Mitch laughed awkwardly, "C--can I tell you something?" "Mhm!" "I....kinda like you..." "Wait what!?" I was shocked, "How can you like me when we just met? This is like, the first time you've seen me....right?" He laughed awkwardly again. "Oh my god, You stalker!" I hit him with a pillow. "I'm not a stalker! I was just...waiting for the right time to talk to you, but any time I see you, I just....freeze up. I'm no brave enough to even approach someone as cute as you." I smiled, putting a hand over my heart, "That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard! AND you ARE kinda cute. But you're still a stalker." "I know." He smiled, "Even when I kill people every day without a bit of remorse, I can't even talk to one girl." "Hey, you're talking to one right now." "That is true." A few seconds passed, we both starred at each other, slowly moving closer. Then, we kissed. An actual, love filled kiss. It was nice. He smiled when we parted, "I think I love you." I giggled, "I think I love you too." He smiled, running a hand threw his hair, "I'm going to have to thank Sky." "YOU'RE WELCOME!!" Came from the other side of the door. "How about we slap in instead?" "Best idea ever."

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