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skybrine x bullied!reader

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(Y/n) pov

I sighed as i walked through the halls of craft high, *random name* then (b/n) walked up to me, "look every one, a gorilla showed up." She said and everybody laughed and giggled. "Why can't you leave me alone,(b/n)?." I asked holding my books. She replied with, "its my duty to make your life miserable (y/n) and if you don't like that then maybe you should end it. Everyone would be so much happier." I almost started crying and walked away, out of school. Half way home i went into the woods and sat on a fallen tree and cried rivers. "Hey are you alright?" A voice said behind me. I turned to see a boy wearing glasses. He had messy brown hair, a light blue shirt, blue jeans and an amulet that was golden with an amethyst in the center. "Y-ya." I lied. "No. No your not, he walked over and sat next to me, "whats wrong?" I sighed and told him about (b/n) and how she ruined your life. "Aww I'm sorry uh..." he paused, "(y/n)" you told him. "(Y/n). Well I'm Sky." He said extending his hand, which i gladly shook. "Hey (y/n)?" "Yah?" Can i show you something?" He.asked i nodded. He then took off his glasses reviling golden herobrine eyes. I got lost in them. "There-" i started but was cut off, "ugly." He snarled looking down. I shook my head, "no, beautiful." He smiled, i smiled back. "Soo, your the, uh, son o-" he cut in, "son of herobrine, ya ya, go ahead and run away." "Now why would i do that?" I questioned. "Your, not scared?" He asked. "No." He smiled and hugged me. "Hey, want to see something cool?" He asked still smiling. "ok?" I said confused. He smiled bigger and grabbed my hand. Suddenly we were surrounded by golden smoke. And when it cleared we were on top of a mountain in a Masai biom * it is minecraft but realistic.* and it was Sunset to. I gasped, "its beautiful, Sky." He smiled, "my full name is Skybrine but i like Sky better." I smiled and put my head on his shoulder. We sat for a moment then he looked at me. He tilted my head up and we just looked into each others eyes, then he Lent in and closed the gap. I instantly kissed back. After what felt like forever, he sadly broke away. "I love you, (y/n)." "I love you to, Sky." He hugged me and i hugged back. "I won't let any off them hurt you again, okay?" He said smiling, i smiled slowly, then tackled him in a hug, "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU." I repeated almost crying. "Of course, anything fir my love. Lets get you home." And with that he teleported me home and we exchanged goodbyes.

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