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Skybrine x reader -SMUT-

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So...I forgot who requested this...I'm sawy...

Y/n pov

I was reading a book,  when I suddenly felt arms around me. I jumped a little and yelped. "It's just me!" I relaxed when I realized it was just Skybrine. Me and Sky have been dating for a while. "So.." He mumbled. "So?" I echoed.  "...When can we take it too the next level?"  He asked out of no where. "The next level?" I asked, clueless. "Do..'It'." I blushed after that, "O-oh, I-I don't kn-know.." He smiled, "Well..If he ever do-" I cut him off, "We could do it tonight?" I said it quietly. "Hm?" I blushed more and talked louder, "W-we could d-do it tonight..." He went silent for a moment, "Are you sure? I don't want to do anything you're not ready for." I nodded with a small smile. After a while, Sky had to go somewhere...giving me the perfect chance to get ready. I  jumped up, as soon as his car drove away, and ran to the bed room. I opened the door, grabbed the bag which was hidden in the closet, and got dressed. F/c lingerie. I got on the bed just as I heard the door open. I got in a sexy position. (I'M DYING XD HAHAHAHAHAH) The front door opened. "Y/n?" Sky called. "I'm in the bed room!" I called back casually. He started walking to the bedroom, and the door opened. Sky's eyes widened as he seen me, and his mouth fell open. "Hi Babe~" I said seductively, "Welcome home.~" He blushed badly at the sight of me, "I-I..Y-Y/n?" He stuttered. I smiled and slid off the bed, slowly walking up to him. I played with the color of his shirt and looked up at him, "I said we could do 'it' tonight. And I thought you might like a little...present.~" I yelped as I was suddenly slammed against the wall. "I do.~ In fact.." I gasped as he started to grind on me, "I can't wait to tear into it!~" I moaned quietly as he licked my neck, still grinding. He bit and sucked around my neck. I moaned a little louder as he found my sweat spot. He smirked and sucked that area, he kept at it until a huge bruise was clearly visible. He pulled away, still having a smirk on hid face. He kissed me roughly, making me jump a little. I've never seen Sky like this...I loved this side of him. He licked my bottom lip, I opened my mouth quickly. He instantly started to explore, making me moan. Once he was done with that he pulled away. I smiled and tugged on his shirt lightly. He pulled it off and threw it somewhere. I starred at his chest. He had a six pack. Sky chuckled, "Like what you see?~" I blushed a nodded slightly. I broke out of my dazed state and slowly got on my knees, looking up at him. He nodded slightly and I worked quickly to get his belt off. I pulled his pants off and starred, again. I felt nerves all of a sudden. He. Was. Huge! Even with his boxers still on..I'm kinda scared to see how big he actually is. I hesitantly pulled them down and almost chocked on air...is that even possible? (Yes. Idk how...but it is..) I started to have second thoughts about this, but quickly shoved them aside. I wrapped my hands around the base and slowly moved my hand up and down, making him harder the he already was, which wasn't much. I licked the tip, making Sky buck his hips slightly. I bit my lip and took a little in my mouth. He moaned slightly, and tangled his hands in my hair, pulling slightly. I sucked slightly and slowly bobbed my head, taking a little more each time. He thrusted into my mouth once and made me take even more in. I went faster, sucking harder. "Ah~ Y-Y/n.~" I hummed slightly, sending vibrations up his member. I finally got him all in my mouth -didn't think it was possible- and started to deep throat him. He grinned and threw his head back, letting out a loud moan. I bobbed my head faster, closing my eyes slightly. He tugged on my hair slightly. His member twitched. "Y-Y/n, I-I'm close!~" I hummed again and sucked harder, bobbing faster. He moaned loudly and grabbed my hair roughly, thrusting into my mouth. I swallowed it the best I could, but some splattered on my face. I looked up at Sky with a smile. He was panting slightly and beads of sweat rolled off his forehead. He smiled and I stood up. Next thing I knew, I was pinned to the bed. "You did such I good job..I have to repay you~" I blushed and smiled, "Get on with it then.~" He smirked and ripped the top of the lingerie off. I blushed badly and covered my chest slightly. He gently moved my arms down, "Don't hide yourself, you're beautiful, Y/n." I smiled and looked at him, "Th-thank you." He smiled back and gently pecked my lips and then he went down to one (I DUN WANT TO SAY IT XD) breast.(AHHHH I SAID IT!!!) He licked one while messaging the other. I moaned quietly and shifted a little. He chuckled and sucked lightly, rubbing harder. After a while of that he pulled of of me, making me wine a little. "Oh, you want the real fun to happen right?~" I blushed a bright red and nodded. He smirked and in one swift motion, the bottom of the lingerie was on the ground. I crossed my legs and looked down. I was scared. "Y/n. You know I would never hurt you." He said in a serious tone. I nodded, "I-I know...B-but...This is m-my...f-first time." I whispered the last part. He smiled a little, "I'll be gently, I wont hurt you." I smiled slightly, "Extra gentle?" He nodded. He kissed me again and grabbed something from under the bed. He pulled up a bottle of lube (I'm so immature huehuehue). He squeezed some on three of his fingers and pulled me on his lap. I moaned quietly as he slid one finger in suddenly. I bit my lip as he thrusted it in and out. I gasped and grabbed his shoulders has he thrusted in another. It honestly hurt a little. I whimpered slightly, making him stop. "The pain will stop soon." He thrusted a little slower then before and scissored them. I moaned a little, and caused Sky to go faster, he moved another in and thrusted quickly. I moaned in both pleasure and pain. Sky stopped and pulled them out, making me wine once more. He smirked and put a generous amount on his member. He moved me so that I was straddling his waist. He slowly lowered my on his member. I bit my lip and a tear slipped down my face. He wiped it away and stopped when half was in. I bit my lip hard, drawing a bit of blood. He wiped it away, "Tell me when to move." After about three minutes I nodded, "G-go.." He held onto my hips and slowly thrusted up. I whimpered in pain and grabbed his shoulders. He moved slower, trying not to pound into me ruthlessly. He moved a little faster, but not by much. Sky kissed me gently, trying to distract me from the pain.  moaned quietly, making him go slightly faster. "S-Sky.~" I whispered. He smirked and moved faster. I moaned a little louder, the pain slowly being replaced by pleasure. "Hmm~ You're s-so tight!~" I blushed a little. He smirked and thrusted faster, getting a steady pace. "Ahh!~ S-Sky!~" I pushed him back, so that he laid on his back. He stopped, confused for a second. I smirked and leaned foreword a little, putting my hands on his chest. He smirked once he realized what was happening and let go of my hips. I bounced up and down at a slow pace, trying to take more and more each time. Sky moaned slightly, enjoying this as much as I was. I went faster, panting slightly. "Y/n!~" I giggled and took more in. I moaned loudly as I hit my g-spot. Sky took his chance to pin me to the bed and thrust roughly into me. I screamed in pleasure and wrapped my legs around his waist, giving him better leverage.He smirked and slammed into my g-spot. "Ahhhh!~ Sky!~" I screamed. Sky smirked and slowed down. Making me wine loudly. "Beg.~" He whispered. I went silent. He stopped altogether. "..P-please?~" I whispered. "Louder.~" He simply said. I spoke a little louder, "Please??~" He tilted his head to the side, "I can't hear you!~" AT that point, I broke, "PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME, SKY!" He pulled all the way out, leaving only the tip in, and slammed his hips forward...hard. I screamed loudly and dug my nails into at his back. He repeatedly slammed into me, hitting my g-spot dead on every single time. "I-I'm c-close!" I warned. "M-me too." He grunted, going harder. The bed was slamming against the wall...that's how hard he was going (Oh god..). I screamed one more time and came, going limp afterwards. He moaned as my inner walls clenched around him, and he came hard. Filling me to the brim. He pulled out and held me close to his chest. I closed my eyes and listened to his heart beat. "Best night ever." Sky chuckled. I nodded with a smile. And I fell asleep...I was gonna be sore in the morning..

Wooooo! Smut! c:

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