Yandere!Antisepticeye x Demon!Popular!Reader

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I don't want to explain whhat he looks like so just look at the picture above, if it's there. I don't own ANtisepticeye or the art used. (May or may not be by Kannibalismus on devientart, idk for sure.)

Y/n pov

I was the most popular girl in school. I achieved this by basically mind control. Making everyone think I'm the hottest person in the world, making everyone love me. It was fun. Being a demon had its perks. But, I wasn't the only one. A boy, named Jack. He just liked to kill everything, and occasionally make a rude comment towards me. Speaking of that, he stopped by my desk. -We were in class-. "You know," He grinned, showing off sharpened teeth, "If everyone knew what you truly were, they'd all hate you." I rolled my eyes, "Like you?" He chuckled, "Yeah, like me." I glared at him, "Go away, I'm busy." "Busy!?" He laughed, "Busy doing what exactly? Planning on how to get me to sleep with you, I have to say, it's not working." I wanted to gouge his eyes out, "You wish!" He grinned, "Maybe." "Hey!" Someone interrupted, "Stay away from her, shes mine!" Jack chuckled darkly, turning around to look at the other boy, "What was that?" He opened his mouth to speak, but just as quickly, a knife stabbed threw his chest. Jack grinned, ripping it out. Everyone screamed. In a matter of seconds, everyone was dead. I sat there, slightly dazed, watching him casually wipe the blood off the knife on some girls shirt, than walk away with a 'No witnesses'. I had to admit, that was kinda hot.

That night, I was alone in my bedroom, when there was a knock at my window. I looked up in confusion. Being in a two story house, on the second floor, no one would just climb up and do that. Besides, no one knew where I lived. Except- "Jack.." I muttered, seeing his pupiless blue eyes. So, setting down the book I was reading, getting up and opening the window. "What are you doing?" I asked, watching him crawl in. He grinned, "Oh you know, just stopping by to see you!" I looked at him as if he just ate a huge cockroach,  "To see...me!?" He nodded, casually examining my room. "Why?" Jack smiled, "What? I can't visit my friend?" My eyebrows raised, "I didn't know we were 'friends'." Suddenly, he pinned me against the wall, speaking in a slightly husky voice, "That's why I came. Even if we were friends, this is gonna change." He pressed his lips against mine. It surprised me, of course, but I kissed back. He grinned in slight victory, slipping his arms to my waist, deepening the kiss. I wrapped mine around his neck. When he pulled away, he was smirking. "I expected a slap." He murmured. "I kinda like you." I blushed slightly. "I know." He laughed, "And I like you, too."

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