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Insane HuskyMudkip x Blind!reader

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Hope the name's right.

I made my way through the school, clicking my walking stick against the ground. It was an ordinary day. Eventually, I found my classroom, walking in and taking my seat. My friend, sitting beside me, grinned, "I think the teacher said we're getting a new student today! I smiled, "Think he'll join our group?" The 'group' was me and a few friends, all staying together. "We can show them around and stuff!" We talked about it as more kids filled into the room, and then, the teacher smiled, the door opening one last time. "Okay everyone; we have a new student today, as some know." A new sound of footsteps entered the class. I could tell by it that they were big, probably male. "Everyone give a warm welcome to Quinton, treat him nicely. Now," She turned to the newcomer, male, as I predicted, "You can take the empty seat next to Y/n." I instantly felt my face flare up slightly, the new kid, next to me? "Lucky." I heard my friend scoff quietly. He walked to the seat, setting his bag down, and sitting down. I wish I could see him, just a glance. What color were his eyes, His hair, what was he wearing, what did he look like? These were Questions that I'd probably never know. I could ask a few, maybe. But, I was shy, so I'd probably never ask him. Maybe I could ask a friend? Maybe.
=Time Skip=
I clicked my way to the 'group' table. –The table we all sat at-. When I sat down, I could hear my friends talking, then a new voice. Male. "That's a, uh, strange story." "Ha, yeah, Y/n's crazy." "Excuse me?" I cut in. "Oh, you're literally right there...Hey!" I glared at my friend's general direction, "What'd you say?" "(Name an embarrassing story.)" I could feel my eye twitch, "I'm going to kill you." Quinton laughed, "I thought it was cute." I felt my face heat up again, a little darker. "Ooooo!" People around us hollered. Quinton simply shrugged. "QUESTION FOR THE QUINTON!" Someone shouted. "Do you think Y/n's cute?" He paused, "Yes." More hollering exploded threw the table. I felt my cheeks practically burn.
Over the next few weeks, the boy and I became close. I managed to develop a crush on him. A small one; at least, I hope. One night, while walking down a street alone, I turned down into an ally. I was suddenly shoved against the wall. "My, looky at what I found!" An unknown voice hissed the putrid smell alcohol on his breath. I instantly started struggling, trying to push him off. He laughed, roughly pinning my arm arms above my head. "L-let me go!" I yelled, fear sinking in. He chuckled coldly, not answering. His free hand slid down my side, grasping the hem of my shirt. "St-stop!" I shrieked when he ripped it off. I started to shake, tears threatening to burst from my eyes. Just as he reached for my pants, he was suddenly jerked backwards, slammed to the ground. I slid down the wall, vaguely hearing shouts and snarls. I hugged my knees to my chest, shaking violently now. The man suddenly screamed, scrambling on the ground. I didn't know what was happening, but when a thick smell of metallic rose into the air, I got a pretty good idea. Everything went silent, except for my breathing, and someone else's. Whoever saved me knelled beside me, putting a hand on my shoulder. I flinched away, terrified. "Y/n." A soft, familiar voice whispered. I instantly recognized it as Quinton, throwing my arms around him tightly. He hugged me back, just as tight, whispering, "It's alright." I sobbed against his chest, not wanting to ever let go. He gingerly put my shirt back on, picking me up, and walking somewhere. "I won't let anyone ever hurt you again, Y/n. I love you too much, and I can't bear the thought of losing you." I smiled slightly, still hugging him. He smiled, "No one will ever hurt you again." I trusted him. If only I knew of his dark intents. If only I knew what he would do to me. If only I knew what he truly ment.

Please do not ask for a part two, on any story.
Requested by kittendash.

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