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Haven't updated this in a while, Might as well do it while I can! Half of this was done at/in school :3

Y/n pov

I walked out of my house, making my way down to the woods. It was getting dark, but I have a few hours. Three at the most. I made my way down a small hill at the entrance of the thick forest. A lot of people told me not to go in there. Something about a 'Winged Demon', as they spoke of it. I never really believed in the strange tale. Nothing ever happened while I was in there, so I was never really scared. Sure, there is always the strange feeling of being watched, but that's it. I read newspaper articles, 'Winged Demon attacks, many killed', stuff like that. Reports of dead people ripped open, people being attacked, even some Amber alerts. It was strange. It did scare me a little. But it wasn't real. There was a logical explanation for a 'Winged Demon'. Maybe a bird? Or a bear attacking people? I was so lost in thought, I realized how deep in the woods I was. Startled, I looked around my surroundings. Large claw marks were gashed deep into a tree. I starred at it for a while. My mind went blank for an explanation. There were four, maybe five cuts. I kept walking, an unnerved feeling raising in my chest. It was getting darker; the forest had a grey tint to it now. I loud pain filled screech came from my left. I yelped and jumped. It didn't sound human, maybe an animal got hurt? I followed the sound. The squeal sounded close...a big-ish. I pushed a small tree out of the way, I gasped and held down a scream from the sight. A full grown adult male deer lay in the grass. It's stomach was ripped open, guts and organs dragged out. I gagged as the smell wafted in. Its eyes were wide with horror and its mouth was open, as if it was killed mid scream. What did this? I realized something, just as the sun went down. A few things. One, it was dark. Two, I'm lost. Three, This...thing is still around the area. I stumbled backwards, a low growl fueled my fear. I knew it was here. It was right in front of me. It was there since I first saw the buck. i never realized it. The creatures pure white glowing eyes starred into mine. It stalked out of the undercover. It looked human, but had large...wings...and a tail, blood covered claws, and a large wicked grin on his face. His wings were feathered, the tops black, bottoms white. His tail, also feathered, was black, the tip had more of the feathers, kinda poofed out in a way, they were the same color of his hair, brown. His hair covered one eye. His blood splattered shirt was a white V neck, black trimming. He had grey pants and black shoes with purple laces.
The rumors were completely true. I was starring at the...Winged Demon. The monster that killed all those people. Torturing them. Ripping them apart. And....I was next

This first part was completed at school, I'm proud of myself c: Part two shall come soon!
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