SoulKeeper Deadlox x Scared!reader -Part Two-

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Y/n pov

The creature suddenly jumped at me; I yelped loudly and scrambled back, almost tripping. He hissed, his grin getting wider. He did it again, this time, he slashed his claws across my face. I screamed as blood dripped into my eyes. I shut them and tried to wipe it away; I lost my footing in the process and fell backwards. the monster took advantage of my weakness and grabbed me roughly. He grasped my arm in one hand, and my shoulder in the other. With a loud, sickening CRACK...he snapped the bone. I screamed even louder, a horrible pain coming from the place. He let go, I fell to the ground, crawling away backwards. The thing chuckled, almost giggled, insanely. His eyes starred into mine, I couldn't look away. Was it fear?  Keeping me locked in his horrific gaze? It had to be. I realized that it seemed like he was waiting for something. An amused expression was plastered on his face, eyes gleaming he knew something. I was still backing up, terrified why he was just...standing there! Something wasn't right. My thoughts were interrupted when my hand...touched something cold and mettle....and in a split second...pain erupted from my wrist, sharp spikes clamping into my skin. I screamed and looked at what happened. A bear trap. That is what it was. The..sick twisted creature w as waiting for me to get trapped in it. And it worked. I screamed louder, trying desperately to get it off, for it was cutting away at my skin. The creature laughed loudly and walked forward. I had no way to escape, because both of my arms were wounded badly. I managed to stop screaming, but my sobs could still be heard. I was never so scared in my entire life. Every step he took, made me more horrified. It felt like an eternity before he stopped in front of me. "Can't get away?" He cooed. He chuckled and walked around me. I managed to shut my eyes tightly, as my life flashed before me. His tail glided across my wrist, the one stuck in the trap. I whimpered, but didn't move. "Want a little help?" He laughed at the end, and stopped in front of me. The creature knelled down, and just starred. I still had my eyes closed, but I could feel his eyes on me. He mumbled something and growled. "You look so pitiful." He hissed, "I could snap your weak neck right now." More fear coursed threw me. He dragged his claws against my leg, barley scratching the skin, but still scaring me horribly. "I could rip you apart as easily as ripping a piece of paper. I could cut your skin off." I cried harder, so bad that I could barley breath. "I could even eat you. I wonder how you taste." My body shaked badly. "I could kill you in such a horrible, painful, gruesome way." He reached forward, and lightly stroked my cheek. "But I wont.." He whispered. I was confused. Really confused. I opened my eyes, looking at him. He was looking at the bear trap, still encasing my bleeding wrist. He grabbed it, one hand gripping one of its 'jaws', his other gripping, well, the other. I cried out slightly in pain as he opened it. The traps sharp teeth ripping from my flesh. He stood up. Practically glaring down at me. He looked around the dark forest. It was dark, very dark. I realized how cold it was, a shiver running down my back. He sighed, his tail slightly wrapping around my waist. I whimpered, not trusting the creature at all. "What's your name?" He growled. His expression wasn't soft and he was still some what angry, and would not hesitate to attack. He glared down at me, waiting for an answer. "U-um..Y-Y/n." I said quietly, my voice wavering. "Just call me Ty..." He muttered. Ty, as I should call him,  closed his eyes, grinding his teeth together, seemingly in thought. His grip tightened around my waist. A small whimper coming from me. His eyes snapped open and he starred at me. I was still terrified. He knelt down once again, "Unless you want to die. I suggest you leave." He stood up again, unwrapped his tail from my waist. He starred down at me, a growl sounding from his throat. I quickly scrambled up, trying not to cry out in pain, and stepped back a little. I was still lost. Completely lost. "Now!" He snapped, making me yelp and take off in a random direction. I ran for what seemed like a while, and stopped, looking around wildly, I was still crying and shaking. My wrist still bled, my arm still broken, both hurt horribly. I was alone, I think anyway. I walked this time, I seemed to be in an endless forest. A loud snarl came from behind me. I yelped loudly and spun around. I expected to see the crea-..Ty. But instead...a large black wolf stood there. Its red eyes glaring at me, its mouth foaming and slightly open, showing rows of sharp, huge, blood stained teeth. I stumbled back, even more fear entering my body. Before I could react, the wolf ran forward, and jumped on me. I screamed as it shoved me down, on top of me, and bit at my arm. It tugged at the bleeding skin. Ripped the skin and mussel off. I screamed louder and managed to yank my arm out of its mouth. It snarled again and attacked my side. The wolf ripped my shirt, getting to the flesh. Blood now bubbled out of my side, making me scream louder in agony. The wolf howled in pain as it was suddenly thrown off of me. Large claw marks went down its side, the wounds bleeding heavily. The winged monster from before jumped at it. Ty. Did he come back to help me? My eyes closed for a minute, I felt light headed. A loud howl came again. It sounded like the wolf was struggling. I didn't want to watch. It seemed like everything was bleeding heavily. I felt so weak....I couldn't even move my hand, the pain was to much. Finally...everything finally went silent. Something dropped, and foot steps creeped towards. My sides heaved and I fought to stay conscious. My eyes opened slightly and I managed to look up at him. His expression looked...almost sorry. I whimpered when he stopped in front of me and reached down. He hesitated, I tried scooting back. Instantly I stopped as more pain came. He knelt down, and looked at me. He gently picked me out, receiving more whimpers from me. "Don't move." He whispered. I did as he said, scared at what would happen if I did. Whether it was from the pain, or him hurting me in anyway. He held me bridal style, but I didn't care at this point. He started walking somewhere, hissing slightly when I would make a sound or move. A chilling wind swept threw the forest, making me shiver. I was still shaking, some from the cold at this point. His body was warm, and very hesitantly...and very slightly...moved closer to his chest. Ty, or course, noticed this. He slowed down slightly, noticing how cold I actually was. I shut my eyes tighter, fearing that he would hurt me. But, much to my surprise, he held me closer, wrapping his feathered wings around both of us. He walked faster. My breathing slowed down, I tried staying awake. Then....I blacked out. My body unable to cope with the pain. 

I woke up on something soft and warm. I managed to open my eyes slightly, I was in a bed. I opened my eyes more. I expected to be in my bedroom...instead...I was in an unknown, very dark room. I tried moving, I instantly stopped as pain entered my body. I remembered everything that happened. A loud creak in the wooden floor. Something was in here. I starred at the darkness, not able too see anything. Whatever it was...came closer. I was once again shaking. Whoever it was, placed its claw on my shoulder, making me stiffen. It sat down and made an...almost purring sound. It leaned down, I could tell it was very close to my face. I could feel its breath on my neck. My body was shaking again. A clawed hand stroked across my cheek, making me flinch. The thing chuckled, and instantly I recognized it. It was Ty. I wasn't any less frightened though. He purred more and...nuzzled my cheek? Yeah, he nuzzled me. Similar like a cat would, along with the purring. Ty's tail wrapped around my leg, and he pressed his forehead against mine. Then..he just starred into my eyes. I think. After a moment he rolled over beside me, propped up on one arm. A loud bang came from out side the door, followed by a shriek. This, of course, scarred me. I involuntarily moved closer to him, burying my face in his chest with a yelp. He held me close, and growled. Another bang. "GIVE IT BACK!" Someone yelled. "NEVER!" Another yelled back. One person was slammed against the door. It was so hard, that it smashed open, and the person fell threw, into the room. I yelped again and moved even closer to Ty. He snarled and got up. I resolved to hide under the covers, shaking. The pain was, thankfully, not as bad at this point. "Sky." He hissed. The man on the floor, presumably Sky, had wings and a tail like him (I'm not explaining his look cause I'm lazy -3-), and the same eyes. "Yes..dear?" He said with a small smile. Ty hissed threateningly. Guess he wasn't his 'dear'. "SKY YOU CHEATER!" Another voice yelled, running in. He to, had wings and a tail. Sky gasped and put a hand over his chest, "YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO FIND OUT!!" I peeked out of the covers. "JASON I'M SORRY!" He yelled. Jason, the other person, pretended to sob. "I LOVE YOOOOU!" Sky yelled. Ty just stood there...watching this happen. "I-I LO-Pffffft." He burst out laughing. Jason did to. Ty growled and pointed at the doorway, "Leave. Both of you. Now." Sky sighed loudly and got up. "K. We gonna go make love now." And with that he dragged the hysterical Jason out of the room. "I don't even know what to say about what just happened." Ty mumbled. I giggled slightly, the whole show was pretty hilarious. A small smile twitched at his lips. He quickly hid it, putting back on his, uh, what could you call it? Hostile look. He turned on a light, and shut the door..locking it. I was, once again, locked in a fearful state. He hissed and stalked over to me, back under the covers. He ripped the blanket off, and before I could even react, he had me pinned to the bed. I yelped loudly and, instead of struggling, I pressed my body as close to the bed as possible. I  closed my eyes tightly and braced myself for any pain that might come. He chuckled, not an evil chuckle or anything, just a small laugh. "Wow, you are really terrified, huh?" He smirked, "I may just like you." Of course...he was 'playing', or whatever you want to call it! "C-could you please get off me?" I asked in a hushed tone. He just smiled and starred at me. Not moving. I do not like this thing at all. He is cute though. Wait....what did I say!? I couldn't possibly thing this...thing...was cute! kinda cute...with his brown hair, his face...and...stuff. (My explaining skills are most extraordinary XD) "Hello? Love strucked?" He smiled more. I snapped back to reality and blushed darkly, looking away. He grinned widely and laughed. "Sh-shut up.." I mumbled. "Best of combats." He replied. I opened my mouth, but closed it again, unable to think of a reply. He got closer to my face. I began to feel uncomfortable, and my red hue darkened. He got closer and closer, until our lips were almost touching. I was completely dark at this point. "You're such a strange girl." He whispered, "Any normal person would be freaking out. You are scared, of course. Come to think of it're the only, uh, ever set foot in here." He paused, grinning widely and giggling insanely, "They all die in the most horrible way." I felt even more terrified, if humanly possible. He went on, "But...You're not like them..." He sighed, "I wont hurt you..anymore then I did." I said nothing. He smiled softly and looked into my E/c eyes. "You eyes are beautiful." He finally got of me...but as soon as he did, I was pulled onto his lap. He purred quietly like he did before and held me close to his chest. I managed to calm down, some fear and uncertainty still there. "I may like you.." He whispered, repeating what he said repeating. He starred at me again, his gaze glanced at my lips slightly. He seemed to be thinking about something. He pressed his against mine suddenly. Before I could stop myself, I found that I was kissing him back. After seconds that felt like hours, he pulled away. Ty smiled softly, "I'll take that as a 'i like you to'." I nodded a little, the blush never leaving. 

2241 words..I think that's a good amount of words :3 I'm sorry this wasn't out sooner, but i think the length makes up for it! Hope you all enjoyed this :)

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