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(y/n) pov

I was sitting in my apartment watching (horror show). Let me get something straight, any time i watch a horror movie or show, anything scary, i think that the creature, ghost, whatever is coming to kill me. "Why do i watch these?" I asked know one. A really bad scare came up and then, the power went out in my crappy apartment. 'Nope!' I thought and literally ran out the door. Being in a dark place after watching horror movies isn't on my bucket list. It was still some light out. I walked towards the woods,(noooo! Not the woods) even tho the woods are supposed to be scary and creepy i find confert in them, strange for a person like me. It just rained and probably will again. The forest was wet and it was foggy. 'I regret leaving.' Now this looked strait out of a horror film. By now i could barely see in front of me. I felt like i was being watched. I shivered and looked over my shoulder. There was a man. He was about 17 feet away and he was holding something. I blinked and he was gone. 'I'm just paranoid.' I thought and continued my walk. Then i heard breathing. I quickly turned around and saw, nothing. "J-just my imagination." I said nervously. I turned around and walked a little faster. I heard foot steps. 'Not my imagination.' I walked quicker. So did they. I freaked out and broke into a run. Whoever was chasing me ran to. 'NOT MY IMAGINATION!!' I screamed in my head. I ran faster and, being me, i slipped on the wet leaves. I gasped and luckily didn't hit my head. I sat up and turned around. Nothing. There was nothing there. "But it ch-chased me." I whispered put. I looked around and saw nothing but trees and fog. I sighed and got up. 'Something was there, i know their was.' I looked around again and made my way out of the forest. I swore i saw shadows and heard breathing. I could feel its stare.


I sighed shakily. I went to my room and flopped on the bed. I widened my eyes but stayed on the bed when i heard foot steps running up the stairs. I pulled the pillow over my eyes and gritted my teeth. My breath hitched. The door opened. ' n-no just my imagination.' I thought. I turned on my stomach. 'J-just my i-imagination' i froze when a hand rested on my back. I hugged the pillow tightly while squeezing my eyes shut. I heard a someone's giggle, "Come in look at me~" i tried to even my breathing so it would seem like i was asleep. "I know your awake~" well that just went down the drain. I shook my head. "Come on~" he whined. "G-go a-away. Y-your not real-l." I heard him giggle. "I assure you I'm real. I'll prove it~" i was suddenly pulled off the bed and pinned to the wall. "Hehe" i looked at him. He was a furry animal of some sort. He had on a torn suit with blood stains on it. His brown fur had a little blood on it. I gasped, he smirked. "I'm Jerome, whats your name cutie?" I blushed. "(Y/n)." His smirk grew bigger. He leaned in and kissed me roughly. I blushed darker but melted into the kiss. "Is that real enough for you~?" I could only nod in my state of shock.

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