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Deadlox x Carflow

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MKAY I HAVE NO IDEA WHO CARFLOW IS! TO THE INTERNEEEET!! All I now is that his skin is, like, a mix between Attack on Titan and Link XD
And I think his name's Carlo? I looked into it, so, yeah, hope I'm right XD
ALSO: This has no Insane people or whatever in it -v-

Ty's pov

Carlo and I walked into the beautiful restaurant. "How can you afford this!?" I asked in awe, starring at the expensive looking items. "Don't worry about it." He said with a smile. We both sat at a table towards the back, a quiet not so crowded place. "Get what ever you want."

=Time skip of eating ;3=

When we were done, after about five minutes of talking. He got up, and stood in front of me.
I teared up as he got down on one knee.
"Tyler Lox (I dunno hes last name ;3;), I've loved you ever since we first met. We've been dating for three years now. And, will you do the honers of-" he pulled out a ring, "Marrying me?"
I choked back tears, "Y-yes!"

REQUASTED BAI: DayanaraCarrasco

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