Intoxicated Seto x Artist!reader

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there's some, uh, strange pictures of Intoxicated Seto out there...

Y/n pov

It was a normal day, I was taking a walk through the woods, sketch book clutched in my arms. When suddenly, out of no where, a figure appeared in front of me. I yelped, falling backwards. The person, a boy, snarled, looking down at me. When I looked up, I gasped slightly. The boy had normal brown hair...but the rest of him. His skin was pale, it had an almost green tint to it. And his eyes were a pure green color. He wore what looked like a cloak, black with green parts here and there. Without thinking, I said, "Can I draw you?" Confusion crossed the boys face, and he hesitated, "What?" I blushed in embarrassment, "I-I mean, uh.." "Okay, I wasn't expecting that." He said, "I really not used to people asking random questions like that, just the usual scream and run." It was my turn to be confused, "Scream and run? Why?" He looked confused again, "Because...I look scary?" I gave him a soft smile, "I don't think you're scary." He cocked an eyebrow, "Really?" I nodded. "Huh." He sat down in front of me, "So, do you like, always ask creepy strangers if you can draw them?" I giggled slightly, "Only the special kind." He smiled slightly, "Then sure, go for it, I've got nothing better to do." I smiled, grabbing my sketch pad and starting the picture. He took the time, whilst I was drawing, to study me. After a while, I smiled, "Done!" and handed it to him. He smiled slightly, "You're a good artist." I blushed slightly, "Th-thanks, what;s your name anyway?" "Seto, yours?" "Y/n." I smiled once again, "So, back to the whole 'scream and run' thing, I'm guessing you don't have that many friends?" He nodded, a sad expression crossing his features for a split second. "Well, wanna be friends?" Almost instantly, he gasped out a yes. I don't think I ever saw anyone so happy, or cute.

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