Insane ASF Jerome x shy!reader

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(y/n) pov

I shivered, its so cold. I was walking to an old park that no one ever went to. The slide was broken, the swings rusted, weeds and vines every were. I loved the solitude, no one there to bother you. I hummed along to the song I was listening to. I sat under a large, leafless oak tree. 'It's so quiet. Not even the birds are out.' The park looked strait out of a horror movie. I watched for any sign of life. Nothing. It was to quiet. "Where are the birds?" I asked know one. I got up and walked to one of the swings. What I saw made me gag. There was a dead bird. The eyes sat beside it. It's entrails were pulled out, and blood and feathers were every where. 'No animal did this.' Not a piece was missing. It was just...ripped apart. Now I now why it's so quiet, I took one last look and turned around. I walked back to my oak and sat back down. "what would do that?" I whispered out. "I would." I jumped up and looked around. Nothing was there. I sighed, 'Must be my imagination.' I turned around and slammed into something. someone. I yelped and fell on my butt. "Hehe." I looked up to see a...a furry person? The thing wore a black suit and red tie. There were blood splattered here and there and his tie was ripped. His eyes were pure red. He was smiling showing blood stained fangs. I started shaking slightly. 'Am i going to die?' I thought to my self. The creature was towering over me. "I'm Jerome, the last thing you'll ever see." My eyes widened as he held up a blood covered axe. "You better run." My gasped and scrambled up and took off into the other direction. "HAHAHA!" I heard him run after me. 'I can't die. Not now.' Tears pricked my eyes as heard him catch up. I ran faster and didn't dare turn around. I yelped and tripped on a tree root. and fell on my stomach. I tuned around still on the ground. Jerome had his axe resting on his shoulder. He smiled sowing his teeth. He stepped forward, I whimpered and scooted back. I kept going until I hit a tree. He smiled bigger and stopped in front of me. I was shaking so hard. He laughed and raised his axe above his head. My eyes widened and he swung it down. Then...everything went black. I woke up and stared into a... furry chest? 'I'm not dead?' I looked up at his face. 'He's kinda cut when he's sleeping.' I tried to move away from him but realized his hand was wrapped around my waist. He grunted and pulled me into his chest. I couldn't move so I quietly sighed, his chest was warm. I snuggled against the warm fur and fell asleep.

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