Insane Truemu x Shy!reader

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I just wont to say a thing about the pictures, 1. My phone is still messed up. 2. can't get the pictures off of my computer. 3. i'm lazy /) .^. /)

(y/n) pov

I sat on a park bench, it was dark out and no one was here. Just the way I liked it. I pulled out my favorite book and started reading. The bench was a nice wooden one that was under a beautiful oak tree. I was almost done with the chapter when something red dripped on my page. I stopped reading and watched the pure red liquid slid down the page another one dropped and another! I looked up slowly and screamed. A bloody body was in the tree over me. I dropped my book and and jumped up, still looking at the body, I walked backwards. I jumped as I ran into something, someone. I slowly turned around and tried not to scream, I stepped back and shook in terror. A boy my age stood there holding a bloody knife. He wore a blue astronaut suit without a helmet, he had brown hair and his left eye was blue, the I gasped and jumped backwards, away from him. He laughed, "What? Never seen an insane man?" I said nothing, still shaking in terror. He laughed again and walked towards me, I couldn't do anything, I was frozen with fear. He smirked and stopped in front of me, "I've been watching you for awhile now...(y/n)." 'HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME!? I, uh, mean, creepy.' "Do you know who I am?" He asked, still smirking. I managed to shake my head. "I'm Insane Truemu, but you can call me Jason." 'Jason' said with an evil smile. I managed to talk, "W-what d-do you w-want?" His smile became less evil, "Oh you know, I just want to talk to you~" "Talk?" His smile wasn't evil anymore, "Just talk." "I don't believe you just want to 'talk'." I don't trust him. "Oh ok. I can stab you instead." His evil smile came back and he held up his knife. "O-OK W-we can talk." I said quickly. He giggled, "Good~ Why don't we talk at my house?" "O-ok?" It came out more as a question then an answer. 


He opened the door and I hesitantly walked in. "Sit here." He sat on the couch and patted the spot next to him, "Come on, I don't bite." 'But you stab' I sat next to him and scooted over. Jason sighed, "I'm not gonna hurt you." "You threatened to stab me." I pointed out. He growled, "Oh, just get over here." He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. I blushed and let out an 'eep'. Jason giggled and spoke, "So your a quiet girl, right?" I nodded, "And you like be alone?" Another nod, "Ok, and you like to read mystery's?"(If you don't, change it) another nod, "Do you ever talk?" He asked a little annoyed. "I guess not." I said quietly, looking away. I am a quiet girl, I rarely talk, and I prefer to be alone. "Ok, What's your favourite color?" I were still looking away, and said a simple, "(f/a)." "Favorite color?" "(F/c)." He continued to ask questions and I either nodded/shook my head or answered them. "Why won't you look at me?" He wined. The whole time I avoided eye contact. "I don't know.." Was all I said. "Will you look at me?" I looked back at him. 'He's actually kinda cute..Wait what?' "Do you like turtles?" (If you said turtles as your fav animal, then ignore the fav animal question.) He asked out of no where. "I, uh, guess. Why?" I said a little confused. Jason giggled with a smile, "I just wanted to see you confused." Still confused, "Why would you like to see confused?" I asked him. "Because you look cute when your confused. Actually, you look cute all the time." I blushed and looked away, only to have Jason make me look at him, "Aww~ Is someone blushing~?" My blush darkened and I tried to look away again. "Nope. Eyes are up here~" I looked away, but I still couldn't hide my blush. Jason giggled again, "You look so adorable blushing!" He finally let go of me and I instantly hid my face in my hands. Once I stopped blushing I looked back at the smirking Jason. "What?" "You like me don't you?" I blushed and looked away (again) "What? N-no I-I don't." I stuttered out. Jason laughed, "Then why are you blushing~?" I said nothing just blushed harder. Jason gripped my chin and made me look at him, "You do,~" He got closer to my face, "And I like you to.~" I didn't have anytime to react when he kissed me. I blushed a bright red, and managed to kiss back in my shocked state. Jason wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, I wrapped mine around his neck. He pulled back with a smirk, "So you do like me~?" I smiled, "Fine. You win, I do like you." I said with a smile. 'Mabye he's not so bad after all.'

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