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Derp Ssundee x Hyper!reader

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Y/n pov

"Guess who's home!?!?" I screamed, running into the house. "I BROUGHT CAKE!!!" I held up the (Fav flave) cake. "CAKE!?!?" Ian screeched and ran into the room, a wide smile on his face. I smiled, "It's (Fav flave)!!" He smiled even more. I tossed it on the table and grabbed to plates and spoons. Wait what? I grabbed two forks. "I challenge you too a cake eating contest!!" Ian yelled. "You're going down!" I said, giving both off us two pieces. We sat down, "Go!" We both yelled, smashing our faces into it. (No hands e3e) "DONE!" I screamed, holding my empty plate up. "Nooo!" Ian yelled, "I was almost done!" There was literally ONE bite left. He had cake all over his face, same with me. I laughed and did my victory dance. "DONE!" I turned around and the WHOLE cake was gone. "...." He stood up and mimicked my victory dance. I fake pouted, "No far! You cheated!" I covered my face and made fake crying sounds. Ian stopped, "Yn, don't cry!" He stood beside me, "I'm sorry!" I started giggling. "Y/n?" I laughed and looked up. "Hey! I actually felt sorry for you!" He said, fake glaring at me. He tried to keep a mad face, but seeing me laugh made him join in. After our fit of giggling, Ian fell asleep on the couch. I sat next to him, "Aww! You look so cute!" I whispered. "Heard that." I yelped as he grabbed me and pulled me against his chest. Now we were both laying on the couch, me against his chest. I smiled and snuggled against him, a little nap couldn't hurt right?

Requested by dragongirl121

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