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For those whom don't know, WereJayrome is a weewelf.

Y/n pov

Walking threw the woods dearing a full moon, sounds like a bad idea. Especially living in place where, a giant wolf attacked people. I didn't believe that, I do love animals, all animals. A loud howl, close by, made me stop dead in my tracks. The hair on my neck stood on end. I may still be scared...
Running sounded close by, coming close. I turned around, just in time to see a large beast leap at me. I screamed as I fell backwards, the creature on top of me. It growled, I starred into bright red eyes. It looked similar to a wolf, it was a wolf, but had a humanoid snout. A torn up tie loosely around its neck. It snarled and bared its sharp fangs. I flinched as it neared my neck. Then...it sniffed me, then dragged his long tongue across my face. I shut my eyes, giggling slightly. It's tail wagged as it nuzzled against my neck. Then closed his jaws around the color of my shirt, slightly pulling me forward. It jumped off me and stood on it's hind legs, I stood up as well, having to look up at him, he was a lot taller then me! "H-Hi." I whispered. It let out a 'grr' but not a..mean one? It then softly pushed against my body, pushing me over. Didn't it just make me get up? It, I think it was a he, curled around my body, laying his snout on my lap. I leaned against his back slightly, petting his head. He let out a purr like growl, nuzzling against me again. "My name's Y/n." I mumbled, scratching behind his ear. His leg thumped against the ground as I did, "Jerome." He purred out, stretching it slightly. Licking my cheek again, he purred a little louder, shutting his eyes. 

It was rushed, but oh wale!
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