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Y/n pov

I walked threw the dark woods, notebook pressed to my chest. I was lost. In the middle of the woods. At night. And to make matters worse people said some kind of demon that ate people lived here! I din't want to become some kind of mutants lunch! I rushed threw the forest, in the direction I think my home was in. Probably wrong. A branch snapping made me stop. It sounded big, and came from right above me. A single glance was all it took to get me running. Big, purple eyes glared down at me. As I ran, an angry snarl was heard, along with the sound of wings cutting threw the air. I got maybe seven feet away when a heavy weight shoved me to the ground. Whatever it was pressed me hard into the dirt, claws digging into my back. I wanted to scream, but, nothing came out. The creature growled lowly, slowly dragging the sharp claws downwards. Blood bubbled out. it snarled at that fact that I wasn't creaming, begging to be let go. I wish I could. "Why wont you scream!?" It roared, repeatedly ripping at my back, clawing out the flesh, making blood splatter against the ground. I cried silently, struggling in vain. The creature hissed, stopping it's actions. I was flipped over, the mess of my back shoved into the ground. I could see the monster for the first time. It had brown hair that covered one eye. Big, black and purple wings protruded from his back, a black tail angrily flicking back and forth. He snarled, showing his sharp fangs. "Why wont you scream!?" He demanded again. I simply shook my head, not knowing how to explain. "Can you even talk!?" I shook my head again, shaking badly. He let out a frustrated growl, sitting back, off of me. "It's no fun if they're silent." He mumbled to himself, glaring at me with slited eyes. I continued to shake and cry silently, trying to get up only to slump  back down, causing a jolt of pain. He crawled back on top of me, examining how I silently wailed. He frowned, "What a waste of a perfectly fine girl. Should've waited before attacking. Hmmmm..." I smiled slightly, picking me up and standing up. He whispered something, but already, I was blacking out. 
I woke up in a hospital, my back numbed greatly, stitches running up and down it. I sat up slowly, looking around in confusion. Then, I remembered what happened. How did I get here? He picked me up....and then....nothing. I looked around the clean, white room, seeing something stand out on the side of my bed. It looked like a letter and a...rose? I picked both up, opening the neatly made card first. It was written in purple ink, it read,

Sorry for the Inconvenience,
Here's a rose.

I examined the purple peddles, it was only half bloomed, looking stunning in the little light that reflected off it. E? What could 'E' be? the creatures name? But what kind of name was 'E'? Maybe it was an initial? Whatever it was, I pushed the thought aside rereading the card. Below, was a sentence I didn't see before, written lightly, almost invisible:

You should come back to the forest, after all, you forgot your notebook.

More of a short 'cute' one.
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