Kyufu x reader -Part one ;-;-

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I want to do this before the smut :3
NON OF YOU (Except for a few friends) NO WHO KYUFU IS. He is not a youtuber. He is one of my OCs
Little things to know: Kyufu means Fear in Japanese; Kyufu will be in a book 'Fear Me'; This is Five Nights at Freddy's styled, so he is an anamotronic; This way or may not have spoilers. There are three animatronics, however, only Kyufu will be in this...the others aren't as developed as he is.


I resiliently got a new job. It was some kind of Horror Attraction...Um...'Night of Fear' or something like that. All I know is that there's one animatronic, I forgot the name of it though. I think is was male? I don't really know. I checked the time, 11:58. I ran the rest of the way to the office, not really looking at anything. A recorded message started playing. I blocked most of it out, stuff about not wasting energy, blah blah blah. One thing got my attention though, "Um, Kyufu doesn't like new people...he doesn't like anyone. He might....try to rip you apart. You know..kill you in a brutal way. He likes blood...a lot. And just so happen to be filled with blood! haha...yeah...Okay, what ever you do: Do. Not. Let. Him. In. No matter what he says. Or does." I sat back in my seat...taking it all in. What the hell was this thing? I picked up the tablet and turned it on. Almost screaming at what I saw. The anima-Kyufu, was staring right at the camera with a wide grin. He had grey hair that stopped at his neck. He had a pair of sharp fangs, that almost seemed blood stained. One eye had a data like pattern on it, the other was black with a red dot inside a red diamond shape. Both  were red and glowed. Half of his arms, the right, half of it was ripped off, showing the endo-skeleton, sharp claw like things as his fingers. The other, the middle part was ripped off, but he still had his hand. A large tear in his stomach showed what looked like an endo-skeleton rib cage. He had wings and a tail. His wings looked like they were supposed to be feathered, large grey feather styled things acted as the wing part, the webbed part? And his tail....half was ripped in half, the part that attached to his body (I'm having trouble describing him ;-;) Was feathered, again, like the wings, it was grey. The other half, the endo-skeleton, the end had four large spikes, the two on each side, the inner spikes were slightly longer then the outer. The camera suddenly shut off, I gasped and tapped the screen, when it turned back on...he was gone. I flicked threw the cameras, he was close to the left door. I jumped up and shut it. I looked back at the cameras, seeing he was gone again. I looked threw the cameras, seeing nothing. I frowned and looked threw them again. Seeing something gleam on one. I looked closer and realized it was his tail, barley visible. I laughed a little to myself and shut it off, looking at the time. 3:30, 40% power left. Did I really use that much!? I put the camera down, and just looked out the doors. I looked back at the ca,eras, screamed and dropped the tablet. He was. Right. In the camera, a wicked toothy grin, it was the closest camera to the left. I panted slightly, hearing a dark chuckle down the hall. "Y-YOU ASSHOLE!" I yelled, slamming the button to close it. After a moment I heard scratching on the glass window. I looked to the left. His tail slid across the glass and his face popped in from the darkness. "Hello!" He chimed, the same evil grin still on his face. He looked strait at me, his expression darkened even more, "Oh! What have we here? A girl? And a weak looking one at that. It doesn't look like you can even handle scary things!" I glared at him slightly and looked away, trying to forget he was there. "Why nor open the door, Sweet Heart?"I simply shook my head no. He sighed, "I wont hurt you!" I glanced back at him, the smile still there. "Nice try," I hissed, "But I'm not opening the door. He growled slightly and scratched the glass with his claw, "Okay." His voice seemed darker, "Fine. Lets do this the heard way then." I shuddered. He disappeared, I assumed he left. ....Until a loud bang hit the door. I yelped slightly. The power dropping by ten, 28%
On no
Another bang followed that one.
I starred at the time. He didn't bang against the door, or slam into it...or whatever.
He just let the power tick down.
. . .
The lights shut off, the door opened. It was almost completely black. And movement shot passed me. I held my breath, staying as still as possible. He grabbed the chair and spun me around, facing him. His eyes glowing that unsettling red. His grin was wider and he opened his mouth slightly, a long black tongue slithered out. Fear shot threw me like a bullet, I was completely frozen. He chuckled lowly and stroked my cheek slightly, making me flinch. Something wet slid across my neck. I realized it was his weird tongue. Wait. How does his to-I don't even want to know... I shut my eyes tightly. All I could think about was what this thing would do to me. The appendage moved around my neck, making me shiver. It practically wrapped around my neck, that's how long it was. I gasped slightly and opened my eyes as he nipped at my neck. I struggled slightly, finally managing to move. I pushed slightly on his chest, trying to get him off. He growled and bit harder, drawing blood. I yelped and stopped, visibly shaking at this point. He licked it up roughly, making me whimper. I gripped the chairs arms and shut my eyes again. He began to softly suck, drawing a small, quiet moan from me. I blushed darkly. His cold arm slid in threw the bottom of my shirt, making me gasp. "Did that idiot on the phone say what I do to girls?~" He whispered in my ear. I shook my head no slightly. He chuckled and grabbed my breast, making me moan slightly louder then before.
"You're about to find out.~"

This wasn't supposed to be a smut ;-;

jkjk XD I would probably have to make a smut for this anyway.
That's fucked up XD
Also, if you do not like smut, please don't read it. I'm not forcing you to read it or anything. It's not that hard to just skip over it.

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