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Y/n pov

I sat alone in an old park. No one liked to talk to me. One, I was blind, making it awkward. Two, I was mute, so people couldn't really understand anything I was saying. Three, I was a hybrid, people thought I was weird and a freak. I had no friends. I never really had friends. I was just left alone. So now, I was alone, holding my notebook and fancy pen. People liked to attack me, any people really. Because I had a cat tail and ears. So, now, I wore a hat and had my tail tucked into a heavy jacket. Anything to make me look normal. So far, it was working. Until I heard someone walking up to me. When they stopped, just inches away, I felt threatened. I couldn't tell what kind of person this was. So, instead of running, I hesitantly wrote down 'Hello?', showing it to whoever it was. A low chuckle was all I got. At least I could tell it was male. Now, I was scared. Writing down, 'Who are you?' With a shaky hand. He finally spoke, "Your disguise isn't very good." I felt the hat be ripped from my head, before I could do anything, my ears popped up. He chuckled again, "How adorable. I never thought I'd get to kill a Neko. Too bad you can't scream." I instantly became alarmed, twisting around to jump off the log I was sitting on. Just as fast, whoever this was slammed me to the ground, easily pinning my hands above my head with one of his. Something cold and sharp was pressed against my neck. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. "My my," He laughed, "Are you blind as well?" I nodded, terrified. He chuckled, sliding the knife slowly across my neck, "What a poor life Blind, mute, and a freak? And now you're gonna die?" I felt tears brim my eyes and I started to shake. The male hesitated, "Well, we could make a deal." I nodded quickly, not  wanting to die. I could feel the smirk laced in his voice, "We have a few things in common, you and I. We're both lonely. We're both freaks. Why not come with me? I can take you away from this madness." I hesitated once again, the same guy who was threatening to slice my neck...was offering to help me? I nodded quickly, agreeing instantly. He giggled, insanity laced in it, "But, you'll be dragged into a whole 'nother madness. And you can't escape."

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