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Intoxicated Seto x Bodil666

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Ah, another interesting one! Seto's sub -3- 

Setos pov

I sat on the couch, I was at Bodil666s house. My house 'accidentally' burned down. I'm almost positive he did it. The demon himself walked in. "Seto," He started, the accent I loved so much laced in his voice, "Still mad about the...accident?" I glared at him, sticking my -entire- tongue out at him. He giggled, "It's not polite to stick your, freakishly long, tongue out!" I rolled my eyes, "Whateveh!" "Uh uhI Don't go all Teenage girl on me!" I laughed. "You must need chocolate, dat time of the month?" (I read somewhere that chocolate effects Seto in some way? Idk XD) Ignoring the joke, I starred at him with bright eyes, "Chocolate!?" "I was joking." I huffed, "Back to being mad." A huge chocolate bar appeared in his hands. "Or not!" I yelled, smiling widely. He lifted it out of my reach as I tried grabbing it. "No no! Not without a price!" I hissed, "Fine. what do you want?" He smirked, "A kiss. On the lips!" I starred at him for a while, "Fine." He grinned and instantly pulled me close to his body, slamming our lips together. I kissed back instantly, wrapping my arms around his neck. He seemed surprised slightly by my eagerness, I have liked him for a long time...so...yeah. He wrapped his around my waist, and after a moment, sadly pulled away. We starred into each others eyes. Then I snatched the chocolate and ran. 

Expect stories to be kinda short! Requested by:_penquin_tastic

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