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Pirate!SGCBarbarian x reader

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I've been watching the Pirates minecraft roleplay, and I got this idea! For this, you're apart of Sky's grew thing :3 (Go watch it if chu haven't!) Also, this is where everyone's stranded on the pirate island, after they found the cave, before the ship arrived. (Doesn't follow the plot)

Y/n pov

We all huddled around the small fire in the shelter. Ross was sick, of course, Barney giving him a hard time as usual. Sky was starring out into the rain, and Jin just stayed quiet. I sighed, "I'm gonna go search for more items." Jin nodded, "I could go too." "I'll be fine." I treasured. He nodded, but still didn't want me to go alone. In the end, I did go alone. I hopped down the mini mountain we were on, walked towards the beach. I avoided the bloody bodies, opening one crate after another. I opened a barrel, sugar cane filled it. I sighed and slammed the lid shut, looking up.

I screamed, my eyes wide. 
A ship, a black flagged ship, was heading for the island. I spun around, running back to our base. "PUT THE FIRE OUT!" Even if it was small, it still gave our spot away. Jin jumped up when he seen me, "What happened!?" I panted, stopping beside him, "P-p-PUT IT OUT!" Quickly, everyone put it out. "P..p-pirates!" I gasped out, pointing towards the huge ship. "Oh god.." Sky muttered, "W..we have to go!" "No!" Jin hissed, "We will not run from pirates, we're soldiers! And we'll die with pride!" Everyone went silent. "Uh...." Barney murmured, "That bad idea! They too strong!" Jin glared at him, "Fine, sit here and wat for them to find you! Y/n, Ross, Sky, you're brave enough, right?" Ross looked down, then stepped to  the side, with Barney. "Coward." He growled. "I..I'm not good with f-fighting." Jin rolled his eyes, "Sky?" He shook his head slowl. "Y/n, I know you wont take their sides, will you?" I thought about it for a while, "You're the captain! The crew have to follow the captain! I'm with you!" He grinned, "Ah, good. You all could learn from her." He glared at the others. "Fine, Captain." Sky hissed, "I'm in then." Ross and Barney remained there. "Lets go." Jin hissed, leaving with me following.
I didn't want to go. But he is the Captain...
We knelled behind a fallen tree, watching the pirates leave the ship, looking around. They talked about a fire, telling us that they knew. "Find them!" A harsh voice yelled, a man walked in front of them. His brown hair veiled his brown eyes slightly, his hat tilted over slightly. He wore what a captain would, saying he was just that. He walked away from them, "leave NO survivors!" 

"I don't think this will work." I whispered to Jin, looking at the pirates, there were at least fifteen! "Yeah, but attack when I say go, okay?" I nodded. A few walked nearer and nearer, the Captain missing. "NOW!" We both jumped up, easily taking out one. Jin grabbed the sword he dropped, taking out another, before he could react. I grabbed that, stabbing the last one. "Now that wasn't very nice." A voice hissed from behind. I spun around, instantly, the Captain grabbed me. He unarmed me, shoving a dagger against me neck. Jin stopped when he saw that. "Drop it." He hissed. Reluctantly, he did. "Kick it away." He did. "Captain! We have the others!" Another pirate yelled, shoving Ross and Barney to their knees. Fear pulsed threw me, a knife to my neck, the others about to die. "D-don't do this." I whispered. The Captain chuckled lowly, leaning close to my ear, "How bout a deal?" 
"I don't make deals with pirates!" I hissed, trying my best not to hit him. "Oh? Alright!" He turned to the others, "Kill them all." One grabbed Jin, all prepared to slit their throats. "N-NO STOP!" I yelled. "But you don't make deal with pirates!" He laughed. "I..I-I'll make an e-exception." He chuckled, "Good girl. Now here's how we'll do this; You're crew members will go down to the ships cells. And as for you-" He chuckled darkly, "-Lets not discuss that part in front of everyone." That can't be good. I looked at everyone. There eyes screamed for me to say 'No'. I looked at the ground, whispering a small 'okay'. He smirked, "You heard the girl! Take them down!" The pirates dragged them to the ship, Jin put up quiet a fight, three had to handle him. The Captain removed the sword, pressing the tip against my back, "Walk." I reluctantly did, taking steady steps forwards. 
I was shoved into the Captains room, the others in cells as he said. I glared at him as he shut the door, locking it. "Listen, Sweety. You belong to me now. And unless you want your precise Captain killed, I suggest you do as I say." I forced my self to nod. He smiled, "Good." "Why are you doing this?" I hissed, glaring at him. He smirked, "You're...interesting, and I like that. You have a type of innocence...I can see it in you're eyes. You're just a scared little girl." I hated how right he was. I was terrified. My glare stopped, dropping to the ground. He moved closer, "You're just a small, weak, girl....unable to handle these situations." He chuckled and walked around me, examining my every move. I simply staid still, looking at the ground in fear. I didn't bother hiding it now. He stopped in front of me, then, forced my chin up, making me stare into his eyes. His face was only a few centimeters from mine, I could feel his breath on my neck. "What's your name?" I whispered out, "Y-Y/n..." He chuckled, "Beautiful. My name's Nick(?)." I blushed as he moved closer, our lips almost touching. "I wonder..." He smirked, and gently pressed his lips against mine. I blushed darker, and didn't move. I lost control of my body as I kissed back, slightly. He smirked into the kiss, wrapping one arm around my waist. When he pulled away, he whispered, "Why not make another deal?"

I'll let you make up what the deal is! :3
The next few updates on this will be various Zombie youtubers x reader (*Coughcough* Watching le walkin dead play thru! *Cough*)

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