Bodil666 x Troll!reader

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(y/n) pov

I giggled and typed the command. I was currently doing a parkor course with Skydoesminecraft, Deadlox, and Minecraftunivers. I read over the command and pushed enter. /exploded DeadloxMC' I read in the chat, "AAHH (Y/N)!!!" He yelled responding at the start. I laughed and jumped on the next, catching up to Sky, Hehe. He stopped and backed up, preparing to jump. "SURPRISE!!" I yelled pushing him off. "NOO!! I SEEN THE FINISH!!" He screeched. 'Skydoesminecraft fell trying to escape (MC user name)' I rolled around on the platform, laughing my butt off. "You see i'm spacial. (Y/n) won't ki-" He was cut off when I teleprted to him and broke the block he was on. "TrueMu died trying to escape (MC user)' Every one (Except Jason) laughed. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!" "NOT THIS TIME!" I teleported away as he pushed into thin air. I teloported a mountain that was beside the coarse and giggled. I heard someone else giggle, I turned around and saw..Bodil40!? "Your good at trolling." He said standing beside me. Me, being me, only replied with, "Oh my god your Bodil40!" He giggled, "Well not exactly.." I was about to questen him, but stopped. He reached up to his sunglasses and took them off, revealing...blood red pupils. "I'm Bodil40's insane side, Bodil666." He said '666' slowly and in a creepy voice. I couldn't find words, "Don't worry I won't hurt you." I relaxed a little and saw Sky fall. I couldn't help but giggle, I heard him yell all the way up here. We sat and talked for awhile, watching my friends fail at parkor. It started to get dark, "I should be going." I said standing up, so did Bodil. He agreed, smiling for some reason. "What?" He smiled bigger, "Turn around." I turned around, hear...No, I turned and saw TNT!? Bodil laughed and teloported as I exploded, "NOO!"  I responded at the start of the parkor course, I'll get him back.....


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