Exsessive Holiday Spirit -GC Day One-

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=Gore Warning= (Hopefully le pic works!)

I suppose gorecember starts now, and will be made on here :3 I don't know how many of these I'll do, there could be two in one day! Who knows! Plus they're not that good or anything. Hope everyone enjoys!
Each will have a 'poem' type thing. (Coughcough notapoem cough) For this, I shall go by Zero :3

On the first day of Gorecember, Zero drew for you:

Excessive Holiday Spirit.

Hush little Ty, don't you cry.
Don't bleed out,
don't say goodbye.
Hush little Ty,
Don't scream
Don't shout
Your heart will soon be out
.Hush little Ty, don't you cry.
Don't you die,
don't decay.
Tomorrow is another day,
Who will be the next to pay?

Tenouttaten on dat poem thing XD

The writing says, "Geez, Ty! You really should SMILE more!
you Sparkleshe-catwolf for the Christmas spirit idea!
(Sorry Ty wasn't an elf ;-; that would give him Christmas spirit. And Sky basically murdered him because he had none XD)

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