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Y/n pov

Two people, one grabbing each arm, started dragging my kicking and screaming body towards the 'Murder Mansion'. The 'people', if they even deserve to be called that, terrorized my life since I could remember, always calling me names, hurting me. They were the worst kind. The kind that threaten you with knives. And now...they were taking me to a place where a murderer lived, killing people in brutal ways. They never found him. Only his mangled victims. Many said it was a ghost. That killed any trespassers, disturbing his sleep. One opened the previously boarded up doors, throwing me in. "Have fun!" He snickered, slamming the door. In a few seconds, they blocked the door, making sure I couldn't escape. And I was left alone in the darkness. I tried hard to open the doors, slamming me body against it. Not even a budge. I had tears in my eyes, I finally gave up, slumming against the door. I hugged my knees to my chest, crying into them, waiting for my fate. A door slammed open, making me yelp and cry harder. I looked up into the darkness, trying to find..him. Nothing. Another door slammed open. Another. And another! each time I cried a little harder, terrified. They then all slammed shut with a loud bang. Everything fell silent. Deathly silent. I looked around. Nothing at all. I looked strait to my left. "Boo." I screamed as a face was a mere inch from my face. I scrambled backwards, shaking. He laughed loudly, a wide grin on his face. He had one eye, the iris was white, a black thin border around it. The other was missing. However, both glowed. His brown hair covered his eyes by the slightest bit. His grey cloak was covered in blood. He stood up, sitting beside me before. It was like he came out of no where! I scrambled back as he came closer. "What do we have here?" He chuckled, his eye shining with, almost what seemed like blood-lust. I wanted to scream, but my voice was lost to the fear. (Totally didn't forget the neko part....) "Poor little kitty. Such a horrible place to be trapped in." He smirked, "Tell me your name..I want to know the name of my next victim." I scrambled back farther, not uttering a word. "Aww, don't be like that." He pretended to pout. His eyes,  however, still shown with true horror. A knife seemed to just appear in his hand. "Well since you don't seem to want to talk...I guess I could just cut your tongue out." He instantly jumped on top of me, forcing my head back and mouth open. I screamed and struggled. "NO NO, STOP PLEASE!" I screamed as the knife neared my mouth. "Hm. You don't seem to want to listen...when I'm done I might as well cut your ears off as well!" "NO PLEASE!" I begged, tears streaming from my eyes. "Hmm...I suppose..." He moved the knife away. I shakily sighed and tried calming down. "You still have to die though!" In a flash, the knife was in my shoulder to the hilt. I screamed louder and tried getting out of his grasp. He twisted it roughly, making me scream louder. He seemed amused by my reaction. "STOP STOP!" I begged. He twisted it again, driving it deeper. "Pl-PLEASE!" He ripped it out, blood  gushing from the deep wound. I was sobbing and gripping my shoulder in horrible pain. He chuckled darkly, "Why are you here? No sane person comes here on there own." Threw my sobs, I managed to answer, not wanting my tongue cut out, "I-I was f-forced." He rolled his eyes, "Of course. I'm assuming it's bullies, hm?" I nodded, trying hard not to block out the pain. He twirled the knife in his hands, making it float with a grey light around it, "Those weak creatures. Didn't make it passed the gate. They're locked in the basement. Want to see?" I didn't do anything. How did he get them? He grabbed my arm and jerked me up, dragging me towards a dark, blood red door. I yelped and struggled, trying not to trip. He slammed open the door and threw me down the stairs. I cried out and tumbled to the floor. I looked up once my body finally stilled. Both...were in a cell. One, laid on the floor, his back facing me. i could  see the knife sticking from his knife, blood all around him. The other, was in a corner. Crying...well...making a gasping sound. Both of his eyes were gone. His lips were cut away. I screamed and scrambled backwards, horrified. My back hit something. "Stupid creatures. Wouldn't stop crying. Simply had to kill it. The other...I'll use it later." He chuckled, "I finally found my flamethrower." I was sickened by the sight. He forced me to stand. "Want to end up like them?" He hissed. I shook my head quickly. "Typical. No matter, I have other planes for you." He made me go back up the stairs. He slammed the door shut and locked it with three locks, going up the wall. I glanced at the door. Then at a window. Just barely, it was open. I inched away from him slightly, not noticing that he was literally starring at me. "You're an idiot." He muttered. Instantly, the window slammed shut, black boards slamming against it. "That takes care of that." I  frowned. He walked around me, his eyes watching my every move. He glanced at my twitching tail. "I could chop that off...Hm..maybe not." He murmured. he stopped in front of me and starred into my eyes. "Your're so delicate and fragile....I couldn't possibly brake you..." He growled, "Your're lucky I had already had my daily killing." "Do I get to leave now?" "No." I looked down, my shoulder still throbbing. He grabbed my shoulder roughly and pulled me forward, making me yelp. He sighed and muttered a few words I didn't understand. The same grey light covered the stab wound, and with a strange tingling sensation, the wound was gone. The pain along with it. "Tell  you what."  He hissed, "I'll keep you alive...if you stay here..Forever." I looked down, tearing up again. What choice did I have? No one would even miss me... "O-okay.." I whispered. He smiled, "Don't worry...I'll be nice to you." I calmed down by the slightest bit."My name's Seto, by the way."

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