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I'M SORRY HERE IT IS IT'S LATE AND THE FIRST ONE I MADE WAS SOPPOST TO BE X YANDABAMBAM X READER! DOOONNN KILL E PLESE I SERRY!! I'm okay now, this one's a little diffrent for this h20 wont be insane instead YOU will be :3 I HOPE I IZ GOOD!! (still don't know his neme) i ahall refur to him as H2O ;-; Will someone please tell me his name?

Y/n pov

I knocked on the door and was greeted by H2O, "Hi Y/n!" "Hello!" I said with a smile. He stepped aside, "Come on in. You can meet my girlfriend." My heart dropped, girlfriend? I walked, Guess I have to say hi to his girlfriend. The ugly little thing sat on the couch. We all talked for a while, well I forced my self to talk to her. "I have to use the bathroom be right back." H2O said standing up. "Okay!" Me and the banshee said at the same tine. I smiled, Now I can take care of the little rat!

H2O pov

I shut off the light and walked back to the living room. The girls wern't there. I smelled something, strong and.. metallic? I frowned and followed the smell to the kitchen. I hesitantly opened the door and almost burst into tears. Clara(don't know his girl friends name...or if he has one .>.  ) was laying in a puddle of blood, dead. "Oh hey H2O!" I turned around and saw Y/n, covered in blood, holding a knife. I took a step back, "Wh-what did y-you do?" She laughed, "I just took care of our little problem...Now, we can be together," She raised her knife, "For ever, and ever~" 

 Did I do good? I'm going to be honest I barely know what yandere means, I litterly looked it up on google, I find that sad...OH WELL!

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