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Zombie!Deadlox x reader (New book info aswell)

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First of the multiple!

Y/n pov

The apocalypse started thirty-eight days ago. I've survived with a group. Then...everyone died. They died two days ago. All I have now, is a bottle of water, and a knife. I creeped along the street, avoiding zombies mindlessly walked, the weird limp they do, by. Then...I tripped, slamming into a trashcan, a loud smash sounded threw the whole entire street. I stumbled up and ran, in a matter of seconds, a horde of around thirty were chasing me. I couldn't help but scream, ducking past more zombies. And to my luck, I was cornered against a wall. I held back teas as I pressed my body against it. I couldn't fight, I dropped my knife sometime in the run. I screamed again, for help. However, I knew no one would come. They growled and clawed over each other to get to me. Then they stopped, the just stopped, and waited. I was confused as to why they did this. A figure stepped forward, growling and glaring at the mindless things. It seemed to...be in control? It -he- glared at me, growling and stalking towards me. Fear washed away everything, my body shaking. I was almost in tears. He wasn't human, that's for sure. His skin was pale; his eyes were red, the pupils a grey-ish color; his hair was brown, covering one eye. His arm was torn open, the bone visible, his cheek was also torn, jaw  and flesh being seen, an almost back blood dribbling out of both. He glared at every zombie close, he snarled, and they backed off. When he stepped closer, I almost screamed again. He examined everything I did, the way my body shook, eyes wide with fear, the way I was terrified. He smirked ever so slightly, taking a step closer. I, in return, pressed my body even closer, looking wildly for any way to get away. He seemed to think. He was toying with me, not just attacking. I screamed as he pinned me to the wall. I was shaking badly, and I didn't even think to struggle. His red eyes starred into my e/c ones. "Seems you need a little help." I jumped at his voice, not knowing he could speak. I yelped again as he picked me up. "You're lucky." He hissed, simply strolling threw the horde, "I prefer watching people die, not helping them." Oh boy, that made me feel better! Note the sarcasm. I was struggling to understand what was happening. I kept my arms/hands to my chest, refusing to move at all, and fear kept me from speaking. The other zombies went back to mindlessly shuffling around, avoiding the thing carrying me. It was strange; I always thought zombies just killed and ate without thinking, at all, so what makes him different? He's obviously a zombie, but he can think, and act, and speak! "What's your name?" He asked when we were mostly gone from the horde. I tried speaking, ending up with just a stuttering string of vowels. He rolled his eyes, "Calm down, you're completely fine now." How am I fine!? I thought, You're a zombie! carrying me! I wish I could say that, but, as before, just broken words came out. He sighed, "Lets try again later, alright?" Nothing. He continued to walk, right into the woods. I starred at his chest unconsciously, lost in thought. The sound of a door opening made me snap my head up, I didn't notice him walking to a single house deep in the woods. He walked in and shut the door, then placed me on a couch. I was still terrified, but not as much as before. "Alright, take a minute to calm down, I'll be back." He began to walked away, but stopped, "And don't even bother trying to leave. I've got your scent, I could track you easily, and if it comes to it, I'll snap you're neck in an instant." He smirked and left the room. Muffled speaking came from there, two voices, his, and someone else. I didn't may attention. I took deep breaths, trying to calm my raging heart. I ended up hugging a couch pillow in an attempt to calm my shaking body. This can't be happening, I thought to myself, studying the stitching. "Can we eat her?" That sentence I heard. My head snapped to the door he went into, all the fear previously lost flooded back. "No!" He snapped. I let the breath I was holding out, letting my head drop, I calmed down again. Like before, I was still scared. The front door slammed open, I yelped, once again. A boy, no wait, zombie thing, stood there. He had brown hair. He wore a space themed hoodie and blue jeans. His hoodie was torn at the side, his side itself ripped open, organs and ribs visible, one arm was torn open. He had no eyes. But the most scary part, had to be his mouth. There was no lips, his was just....holes, in the shape of a grin. (Idk how to explained it ;-;) He growled lowly, and seemed to look right at me. Horror filled every sense, washed away every thought, everything. I screamed as he suddenly lept at me. I narrowly dodged as he almost grabbed my neck. Scrambling off the couch, I ran for the door. He jumped in front of it. I skidded to a stop and spun around. The door the zombie thing from before went in slammed open, he ran out, grabbed me, and ran back in. Shutting it just as the thing that attacked me slammed into it. I broke down at that point, bursting into tears and hugging him. He was the only thing I trusted at the moment. "You scared her." He hissed to the door. A loud growl responded that and a gurgle similar to the word 'Human'. "Yeah, I'd be scarred too if I say that. Zombie or not!" A voice laughed. I glanced at who it came from. ANOTHER zombie thing. This one had brown hair -darker then the others- that was pulled back, some fell over his eyes though. His eyes were black with white pupils and irises. He wore a torn black long sleeved shirt; one sleeve was ripped off, reveling nothing but bone of his left arm. It had no skin, muscle, blood, just bone. He had various arrows in his body, one on his leg, one on his shoulder  -that had skin!- and a few in other places. Red cuts ran around his bottom jaw, the sick almost black blood leaking out. He smirked at me, licking his lisp, "This the one?" The red eyed one growled, holding me closer, "Yes. Don't touch her." He rolled his eyes, going back to what he was doing. To my horror, that was cutting up a strange type of meat. I had a feeling it wasn't an animal. "Name?" He asked, not taking his eyes off the meat. The one holding me sat me down on a bed, "I don't know, actually." He turned to me, waiting for a response. "Y..y-Y/n." I managed to whisper threw my tears. He sat beside me, "my name's Ty. That's Sky," He pointed at the one cutting, "And the blind one that attacked you is Jason." Sky, as he said, turned around and walked towards me. Instantly, Ty pulled me onto his lap -Making me get scared again-. Sky rolled his eyes, "I'm just grabbing something. Don't go all Jason on me!" Ty glared at him, and said nothing. Sky pulled something out from under the bed, a cooler type thing. He sat it on the table, pulling something out. I looked away quickly, realizing it was an organ. Ty got up, still holding me, "I'm leaving, I'm sure she doesn't want to watch you do your 'cooking'." Sky mumbled something about making me eat it, which I did NOT like at all! Ty opened the door, instantly I held onto his shirt again. 'Jason' sat against a wall, his head snapping up as soon as the door opened. I flinched at that and moved closer to Ty. "You brought a human here." He growled, the skin around his mouth ripping as he talked. "She would have died." Ty hissed back. "She'll die anyways." He growled lowly, then stopped talking. That....made every ounce of fear hit me like a tidal wave. Ty said nothing, instead, walked past him. He entered a different room, a room empty of more any kind of zombie. He sat me down on a bed again, then wiped the tears away, "Are you alright." I nodded slightly, I was, except for the extreme amount of fear. He smiled and sat beside me, "Good. And don't listen to them, I wont let anything hurt you." I calmed down slightly, but eyed the door, afraid one of them could smash it open at any given moment. "Want me to lock it?" I nodded again, staying silent. He got up and did, making me feel safer. He sat back don beside me. "Wh..wh-what are y-you?" I asked after a moment. He thought for a moment, "I'm a zombie, f course. But, it's complicated. I'm a 'Super Zombie', as people dubbed it.  It only happens to about 2% of any zombie; where we aren't mindless idiots, we can think, feel emotion, feel, everything a human can. Except pain, I suppose. We're still dead, and we can't heal, " he pointed to the tear in his cheek, "Also, lets say, Sky bites you-" I shuddered at the thought, "-you wont die, or turn into any kind of zombie, things like us can't spread the virus. So don't worry about that." He smiled, "Any other questions?" I thought, then asked quietly: "Wh-why did you save me? A-and not just w-watch me die like everyone e-else?" He was quiet for a while, then spoke, "I...I couldn't stand hearing your screams. I just...felt like you needed to live. And not...become like the rest." I smiled slightly, "Thank you." He nodded, then smirked, "I deserve a reward for that!" My smile dropped, "I-I don't have anything." I literally had nothing, except for the clothes I wore! He chuckled, "No, nothing like that." He leaned closer to me, "How about a kiss?" I blushed slightly, "A-a kiss? I-I guess i-it isn't b-" I couldn't finish my sentence as he pressed his lips against mine. I kissed back after a second of shock. He pulled me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist. I blushed darker, and wrapped mine around his neck. A thought range threw my head, I just had my first kiss with a zombie.

Cheesy ending XD
This is sorta a teaser for a book. It's a Zambielox x reader, with Sky and Jason, like this, where Sky wants to num on chu, and Jason wants you dead. But it (MIGHT) have a different plot, that's why this is a teaser-sh

And as for the new book!
Yes, Lil red has ended with a sad ending. The next book will be created right after this, Le Insane Skylox (Ske and Te) x reader, one where Sky's all like 'lemmy cuddle chu', den Ty's like 'lemmy cut chu'
So yeah XD, enjoy it!

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