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Y/n pov

I walked down the quiet streets, they looked almost empty. Almost. Quiet footsteps echoed across the street, a little ways behind me. I paid no attention, I was out at two in the morning, if I'm out, so are other people. Why was I out in the dark so late? I was lost, of course. I could ask the mysterious man for directions, but how awkward would that be? I finally decided against that. Taking a quick glance over my shoulder, I noticed he was cross the street,  to my side. What looked like a baseball bat rested on one shoulder, long, jagged nails sticking out. Okay. Now this was creepy. I sped up slightly, almost running, but not suspicious looking. At least I think. Why would this guy have a bat with nails? Why was he behind me. My mind instantly rushed to the dark side, horrifying thoughts of my blood splattering against the walls. My thoughts were interrupted when the quiet steps turned into pounding running. Instantly, I spun around, seeing whoever it was less then five feet away.  I didn't stop to think, stumbling backwards before running away. But, no matter how much I tried, he was catching up. I screamed when the end of the bat collided with my side, easily knocking me down. Blood poured  from were the spikes impaled my side. Before I could get up, the man hit me again, same spot, but harder. I screamed again, trying to crawl away. The man laughed, a wide grin stretched across his face. I looked up in fear. He wore a red hoodie, the sleeves rolled up, darker red splotches ran all over it, as well as on his jeans. He had blond hair that was brushed to the right slightly. Red eyes glistening with insanity. "S-stop!" I gasped out, just as he raised the bat again. "Why should I?" He grinned, his voice laced with an accent. "P-please!" I begged, crawling backwards, away from him. He followed, clicking the bloody bat against the ground. He smirked, raising it into the air again, "Tell me sweety, how much do you want to live?" "A-a lot!" "Well, I suppose-" He swung the bat towards me. I shut my eyes tightly, prepared for the blow, but it never came. When I opened my eyes, a rather large spike was less then a centimeter from my eye. He continued, "Would you do anything to live?" I nodded quickly. He smiled, putting the bat down and leaning against it like a cane, "You're pretty. Pretty like those sluts I killed. But you don'y look fake. Hmm....are you like them?" I quickly shook my head. He giggled, "People like then don't deserve to be called women. Now, as I said, you are pretty. Beautiful even." I couldn't stop the blush from forming, even though this wasn't  the time for a blushing mess. He examined my every feature, "Hmm, I suppose we could make an agreement?" Hesitantly, I agreed, stuttering a quiet 'o-okay?'. He grinned again, "It gets so lonely in the place I call home. I mean, I bring home a few 'friends' sometimes...but they don't last very long. But you're different." He frowned at my side, "What a shame. That wound wont do any good. Well, come on," He held out his hand, "I'll have to patch you up." I didn't know whether to accept his help, or get up on my own. What I DID know, was that I would probably bleed out if he decided to leave, or he could just hit me a few more times. I reached for his hand, then hesitated, what if this was a trap. "Come on, I wont bite...hard." I hesitated even more. He just grabbed my hand at that point -In which I protested with a terrified yelp- and pulled me up. I attempted to show that I wasn't in pain, but failed. He held my arm in one hand -making sure I couldn't run- and the bat in the other. "Y-you're not going to h-hit me again, are you?" He laughed, "No. Well. Maybe. Depends on how good you are." "A-at what?" He gave a perfected grin, "Batter up, baby." "Please tell me you're talking about baseball." "Hah, nope."

Pffft, I'm just the BEST at endings XD
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