Enderlox x Angel!reader

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Y/n pov

I starred at the portal, arguing with my self whether to go in, or leave. There's a legend that a demon lives in there and kills anything that enters. Being an angel, it's forbidden to enter the portal, but..rules are made to be broken, right? I walked up to it. I leaned over, I put my hands on it to stay stable, as I looked at it. I yelped as a hand shot out and grabbed my neck. I screamed as I was yanked in. Whoever grabbed me pulled me out and slammed me against the wall, I flinched as my left wing was bent in a painful way. A clawed hand was still around my neck. Glowing purple eyes starred into my (E/c) ones. He had long brown hair that covered his left eye and wore black headphones that had some kind of glowing crystal in the center. He had black and purple dragon wings and a black dragon tail. He growled, showing a pair of sharp fangs. "Why are you here?" He snarled. "I-I-I, Y-you p-pulled m-me i-in!" I stuttered out. He growled again and his grip tightened around my neck, "Why were you near the portal?" "I-I w-was just-t l-l-looking!" I tried to get his hand of my neck, but he only tightened his grasp. I gasped as his claws dug into my neck, drawing blood. "Hasn't anyone ever told you to stay away from it? That a demon would kill you?" He said with a grin. "P-ple-eas-e s-s-t-top I-I-I ca-n-n't  b-bre-eath!" I stuttered, trying to pry him off. He loosened his grip so I could breath, I gasped as air rushed to my lungs. He got close to my face, I could feel his breath on my cheek, "Now, what's an angel doing near a demons portal?" He asked. I blushed at how close he was, "I j-just want-ted to l-look." I stuttered again. He chuckled, "Don't you know it's forbidden to go near one?" I nodded. He grinned again, His other hand/claw reached over my shoulder and he felt my wing. I tried to move it away, but it being pressed against the wall dosn't help that much. "P-please s-stop." He laughed, "Why? Am I making you uncomfortable?" I nodded. "To bad." He giggled and continued to pet my wing. He moved his hand off my neck and to my shoulder. He gently pulled me forward and he fixed my wing into a more comfortable position, instead of it being bent. I took the opportunity to move my wing out of his grasp. He growled and pushed me back onto the wall. He went back to feeling my feathered wings. I didn't want to say it, but it felt kinda good. He rubbed the spot that was bent and the pain seemed to disappear. He smiled, "You like this don't you?" I didn't say anything, I just looked away, a little embarrassed. He giggled, "Do you want me to stop?" "N-no.." I said quietly. He laughed and didn't stop, "What's your name?" He asked. "Y-y/n." I replied, still a little embarrassed. "I'm Enderlox." He stopped and let me go. He started walking to an door, "Follow me." I did and now realized that the portal was in dark room made of obsidian and it had a high roof. He walked into a living room and sat on a dark purple couch, "Sit beside me." I hesitantly sat down and folded my wings. I didn't trust him that much, after all, he did choke me, then pet my wing. "So, Y/n, why did you go near my portal when you've been told a demon lived in it?" He asked. I thought for a moment, "I don't know really, I guess I was curious." He nodded and scooted closer, "Even though it's forbidden? If Notch finds out you were here, you'd be in a lot of trouble...If you get out that is." I shifted a little and pretended I didn't here that, "I guess I would be in trouble." I mumbled, scooting away from him. "Yah, you would, a lot of trouble." He scooted closer again. I moved away again and hit the edge. Enderlox smirked and scooted next to me. I was about to get up, but he wrapped his tail around me and wouldn't let me go, "You know your the first angel to be alive for this long," I looked away from him, "And I might keep you alive." He whispered in my ear. I shuddered and looked at him, "And why would you do keep me alive? Why not kill me like the rest?" I growled. He seemed shocked by my words. He got close to me again and he grabbed my arm roughly, "So you want to die." I flinched in pain and felt a little scared, "I-I d-din't s-say tha-at." His grip tightened, "You said, 'why not kill me like the rest'. That's basically begging me to kill you." I tried to pull my arm back, but he held on tightly. "I, uh..d-didn't mean i-it like that." I said trying to get away from him, I used my other hand to try to yank my arm out of his grasp, his claws started to dig into my arm(Oh my god why does he like to hurt you ;-;?). I yelped as he drew blood. "I should kill you, after all; that's how the legend goes, anything that enters."  He hissed with a smile. I kept trying to get away, "You really should stop struggling, your only making it worse." I stopped and tears threatened to fall, I didn't want to die. (Wait how could an angel die? I just realized this, uh, MAGIC! *throws down magic ball thing and smoke appears, disappears mysteriously) The first tear slid down my cheek and his eyes softened. His grip loosened and he glanced at the blood. He sighed and got up, "Stay here." He sounded sad or regretful. I sat up and fixed my wings into a more comfortable position. I looked at my arm and felt my neck, the blood stopped but it still hurt and there was still blood. He came back holding a wet washcloth and gauze. He sat beside me and gently took my arm. I flinched,  but let him take it. He gently wiped the blood away and wrapped it up. He scooted closer to me and lifted my chin up. I didn't want to let him, because for all I know, he could rip my throught out with his teeth. I let him clean the blood off and wrap that to. "I'm sorry I hurt you." He said quietly. "It's okay." I said looking at my arm. "It's not though!" he said, it looked like he was about to cry, "I won't hurt you anymore, I'm sorry." I looked at him and smiled, "It's okay, you didn't hurt me that badly and i'm fine now." I said holding up my arm. He smiled a little, "Are you sure it's okay?" I nodded. "Now please tell me why you didn't kill me." He blushed a little and looked away, "W-well I thought y-you were kinda c-cute." I blushed to and smiled, "I-I think your c-cute to." He looked at me, "R-really?" I nodded, "And I might like you." I said looking away. "Even though I hurt you." I nodded. He smiled and gently made me look at him with his tail, "I like you to, Y/n." I blushed and smiled. H scooted closer and gently placed a kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed back. he smiled and pulled away. "Did you like it when i rubbed your wing?" I blushed a little and nodded. He smiled and started to pet my wing. I smiled and leaned into his hand. 


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