Failed experiment -GC Day Six-

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A science log style, may be long. Also, yes, I realize the lowest arms are awful, don't point it out. 

Log One
Day one

The test subject shows severe signs of aggression. Of course, that would be expected. It'll be a while before he...breaks. That's beside the point though, the first test was conducted today. A simple procedure of adding limbs. Two to be exact. The test subject freaked out when he woke up, however, with a bit o help from medication, he calmed down, testing the new arms out. It was simple, he was to pick up a few things. Nothing special. Certainly not as fun as I'd like. But oh well, that will come later. For now, well start small. Maybe adding another set of arms? How would it end though? Where will we put them?

Log Two
Day Three

When I entered the cell, the test subject, now called 075, screamed and tried running. Clearly, he knew what would come. He begged me not to hurt him. I simply laughed it off, dragging him to the room. The test was successful. Six arms now. 075 clearly doesn't like this. As I'm writing this, he's curled up in a corner, crying. We've clearly made an excellent choice. Once we get into the fun, cracking open his scull and manipulating him, who knows what we can do! Possibly make a creature of war? A fighting machine? Our objective is simply to change the genetic make up of a human, and it could always fail. So the 'big ideas' must come later. Tomorrow we will start adding extra features. 

Log Three
Day Four/Five

The first few house, we simply added two eyes, right above the original ones. In the process, I changed the color, from left to right, top to bottom, Blue, green, purple, grey. The kid freaked out. He started screaming, it was annoying. Very annoying. So I punished 075. If he freaked out about this....wait till he sees his new mouth. I don't know if it can be called that. I put it on his stomach and chest. A vertical line going down. No lips, just a slit that when opened, reviled sharp teeth. I didn't stop there. I felt the inside of it was a little...bland. So I added another eye! And more teeth! It was perfect. And when 075 woke up, it was to watch him freak out. 
I've decided to write the next day on this log as well, for it's the same tests. Adding more eyes and mouths! I got carried away. Two eyes on his upper pair of arms, two mouths on the original. The lowest pair, I simply left alone. I put another eye on his shoulder, and original right arms elbow. It's so fun to see him scream in pain, I couldn't stop. I put a large mouth across his chest, and one running down his arm. All had sharp teeth. I can see him breaking, slowly. 075 stays quiet, he doesn't sleep, and he doesn't eat. We have to force him. Can't allow my toy to die now can I? 

Log Four
Day Seven/Eight/Nine

Today, he cut his head open. With a few slices, I cut away a few things that would...keep him sane, happy, and make him entirely under my control. Something went wrong. He wont listen. He laughs, but doesn't speak. It can be quiet giggles, to loud cackles. This wasn't supposed to happen. He rocks back in fourth in his little corner. He attacks any one who comes close. Screaming with a huge grin and lashing out. He grabbed one of the guards. Followed was a scream. 075 actually bit least me know his extra jaws work...right?
The next day, it got worst. He started whispering to himself. I vaguely heard 'The voice wont go away'. The he started laughing, screaming nonsense. This wasn't apart of my plan. But I got what I wanted, changing genetics. I think we should just shoot him, but I want to know where this is going. When we start tests, he happily follows, asking if he'll bleed. It's interesting, where's the timid young boy I had before go? I simply don't understand how one can go from screaming in fear, to screaming...begging too have his blood spill? Oh...and the whites in the eyes if all the extra eyes turned red, and a strange black liquid is coming from all his eyes and mouths. 
Somebody went missing today. We can't find him anywhere. A janitor, Mark. His job was too clean the area 075 was held in, but there's no blood or evidence he was there. And, well, blood is leaking from 075s stomach mouth thing, we can't tell if it's his or someone else. He keeps laughing and saying 'The food was so good!' ...We didn't feed him that day. 

Log Five
Day Eighteen

No no no NO! This wasn't supposed to happen! The power shuts down for five minutes, and it's gone! We can't find it anywhere! I pray it didn't escape. If a creature like that got out....who knows how many would die. I haven't been writing my logs down. The days happened like this: More and more people started disappearing, upon examining the room, we found every single body crammed into the ceiling. I don't know how that got passed us! When we questioned 075, it replied with, 'The voice told me too, so I did. Would you like to talk to one?' I didn't say anything, I simply walked out. The bodies were missing various things. Limbs, eyes, etc. We believe 075 had been eating them. A just head a noise. A knocking coming from the ceiling. Could it be above us? Could it be near me? Could I be next? The knocking is getting louder. I hear whispering from everywhere in the room. It's maddening. I don't know why I just run...someone needs to know what happe
Something dropped onto the floor. I can hear the whispering get louder, one stands out. 'You've been mean, doctor, I believe you need to be punished'. 
I warrn anyne wo fins thIs: dont trut he vo

The writing ends there, blood splattered on the page. 

Does this count as gore? Oh well, I hope it does.
Anyone want more '075'? 
Coughcough his name's actually Ash Cough

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